P5 Wireless make their debut at the
Royal Academy of Arts, London

Earlier this month, P5 Wireless headphones were part of a landmark multi-sensory experience at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, commissioned as part of Open House London.

The queue of people outside the exquisite John Madejski Fine Rooms, opened especially for this occasion, were guided, blindfolded, by performers and accompanied by classical musicians through a sensory-enhanced representation of some of the extraordinary details in the Fine Rooms’ architectural design and history. 


Incredible tastes were created by Chef Adam Thomason who used elements of the space to influence his culinary choices, bespoke scents from perfumier Sarah McCartney enhanced the experience further allowing the guests to be immersed in sound, smell and taste.


Personal accounts from key Royal Academicians such as Sir Norman Rosenthal and architect Spencer de Grey were listened to through Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless headphones. The sound quality and headset design providing full immersion into the storytelling:

“Using the P5 wireless headphones allowed an unprecedented level of quality and freedom to each visitor at the Royal Academy during our installation. Not only did we have the superb sound quality associated with Bowers & Wilkins, but as each visitor listened they could move through the Fine Rooms, connecting with the dynamic descriptions provided by our distinguished interviewees.” – Eugene Feygelson, Creative Producer, BitterSuite


Seeking to prompt a different sort of engagement with, and understanding of, architectural spaces as well as classical music, these sensory interventions allowed visitors to remain powerfully within the moment as they were waltzed around the final room, still blindfolded, in a joyous finale.

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