P5 Review: “How do they sound? In a word – brilliant”

P5 Review: “How do they sound? In a word – brilliant”

Home Theater Review.com review our P5 headphones with glowing results.

Bowled over by the sound quality, the reviewer concludes:

“The P5’s look better, sound better and simply feel better than any headphone I’ve had the privilege of owning.”

You can read the full review here.


  • Ivan Zidek says:

    Recently, I was lucky enough to be shown round the B&W training facility in the UK. As well as seeing their amazing range of speakers (I have started saving for the Nautilus) including the new MM-1 PC speakers (wow – must get a pair for my iMac) I tried the P-5 headphones. The quality is incredible, and that’s not just the sound, which was crisp and full, as I have come to expect of B&W, but I was particularly impressed with just how well made they were. The real leather head strap and brushed metal backs have a good, well-constructed feel to them and they have a reassuring amount of weight, that you know they’ll be good when you pick them up.

  • Gonzalo Sanchez says:

    Having moved for studying abroad, I had to leave behind my old DM630i’s powered by a rotel pre+power amps, MkII status – superb combination, which I enjoyed for years, and was reluctant to part with.

    Therefore, as a surrogate audio system, I have recently bought a pair of P5’s, and am listening from a MacBook Pro through an external USB DAC (NuForce’s uDAC-2, well worth checking IMHO) and the result is as pleasing -and way more datailed- than my previous setup. True is that I have never had the chance to audition those esoteric headphones that cost as much as a pair of floorstanders, but I doubt that they can improve that much over the P5’s, which come in at a fraction of the cost, and don’t require costly headphone amplifiers to be driven – the MacBook’s audio system outputs a quite decent sound for what you could expect in a computer, and my mp3 player is also capable of competently driving the P5’s.

    The difference between standard CD quaity files (ripped with ‘cdparanoia’ to ensure as good a copy as you can get from a computed CD drive) and 24-bit FLAC files downloaded from Society of Sound site is immediately audible through the P5’s, which I believe sets them squarely in Hi-Fi class.

    Design and build quality are astounding.

    That said, I cannot truly express how satisfied I am with the P5’s – I am redescovering my CD collection with them.

  • Alex Wang says:

    The first sight of P5 was in one of the Apple store in Shanghai, China. The impact by metal cover was shock and the weight was impressive. However when I put it on, none of the weight nor metal distract me. I was purely fall in the fluent music with comfort feeling from the real-leather strap.
    Even run by simple small Iphone, the sound effect is not effect.
    The price is fairly expensive, however when comapre with similar bose or sennheiser HD250, I think it is still worth of the price and even better.
    I will buy it as soon as I back to London

  • Eric Nino says:

    Man, how I love these cans, I was looking for a pair of good headphones back in March, went to Best Buy, Fry’s, I tried a couple from Senheiser to Yamaha, Denon to Monster until I finally settled with in ear headphones, Monster Turbine Pro Gold, they’re pretty good, at least better than the Monster Dr Dre Studio which I liked but the bass was overwhelming, cheap built plastic material, (go to your nearest Best Buy, they have to keep ex-chanching the demo pair because they always brake in half).

    Its been 6 months and I have visited the Apple store quite a lot this past month, looking around I met the P5’s, It was love at first sight, the leather, the brushed metal, it pairs with apple uniqueness and style, I tried the headphones, it was a comfortable fit, I played my music and the sound was very nice, very clear it did not sacrifice the midrange, and the lows are not overwhelming.

    Today I decided to buy them, just came back from the store, I am happy I thought I would need 14 days to try them and find any defaults but cant find nothing, unlike the other brands that I tried.

    Nice job B&W team, I love these headphones.

  • Key says:

    Why would anyone go for the xe?The Galaxy Nexus has More RamThe Display on nexus uses covainteonnl RGB which is way better than the pathetic Pentile Matrix used on xe, and S amoled features darker black, better contrast and less saturation than SLCD1.2ghz oamp processor is much faster than old scorpion processor even though its 1,5 ghzThe beats audio ain’t that great, the one with the phone arent those high end beatsThe nexus has wayy more phone memoryThe nexus will recieve updates first

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