P3 wins Home Theater Review’s Best of 2012 Awards

Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphone won a coveted Home Theater Review Best of 2012 Award.

The awards changed this year  with Home Theater Review deciding not to break up the exemplary products by category explaining that “after all, a great product is a grat product regardless of its target market or category”.

Here’s what they had to say:

 ” The new P3 may just be [our] best yet. More affordable than the P5s and just as aurally pleasing, the P3s manage to be both utilitarian and stylish thanks to their collapsible design and high-end looking materials. For the audiophile or headphone enthusiast on the go, few do it better right now than Bowers & Wilkins.”

Read the full review and find out about the other winners.


  • Simon Trott says:

    I am only an occasional ‘cans’ wearer, but over the years I have never found a pair that were suitable for both home and ‘on to go’ listening.
    In-ear or small over-ear ‘phones’ were uncomfotable (for me at least) to use with my home based audio and to be honest, their rather puny looks didn’t add to the overall experience after all, ‘proper listening’ needs proper headphones (read size/substance).
    Macho, audiophile headphones whilst great in the comfort and privacy of one’s home, make you look a bit of a cock or a footballer (tricky to separate thse), when worn outside.
    The P3′s I have are a happy, brilliant-sounding multi-purpose alternative.
    11/10 B&W!!

  • George Lynn says:

    B&W AirPlay WiFi headphones.
    Just an idea because everybody seems to be using airplay. The wireless headphones that I have seen are Bluetooth. So why not over ear airplay headphones for the home.

  • Thomas says:

    Good headphones. How do I clean the ear-pads though?

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