P3 headphones first reviews

The recently launched P3 headphones have been received exceptionally well by the press. Here is a selection of the first reviews.

What Hi-Fi? 5 star review:

How do the P3s sound? Brilliant. They’re a punchy, exciting listen, brimming with vigour and keen to please. Low frequencies have a remarkable sense of not only weight but depth too. The P3s display a Messi-like sense of control: delivery is as precise as you could wish
for in a headphone at this price. You can read the full review here

T3  5 star review:

The Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones follow on from the popular P5s and, like their predecessor, need to be heard to be believed. As with all Bowers & Wilkins products, the finish is superb. Well crafted, engineered and a joy to use. Read the full review here.


“There are differences between the P3 and P5, to be sure, and there’s little doubt that the original model remains B&W’s flagship, but they have so much in common that users looking for a more budget-conscious alternative will certainly feel well-served by P3 —
and the new model has unique assets of its own that merit attention.
You can read the full review here

 CNET review:

The P3 headphones’ impressive combination of design, sound quality, and features put it near the top of the class for portable headphones in its price range.  You can read the full review here.

Sound + Vision:

 B&W really nailed the design of the P3 — it’s comfortable, practical, and looks terrific. We also dig the sound; I’m sure I’ll be using these a lot just ’cause they’re so easy to listen to for long periods of time. You can read the full review here


  • Frances Lilley says:

    The only headphones for me have been P5’s as they are Real New Zealand Leather – really comfortable for long sessions! I have an allergy to all man made covers – what fabric are the P3’s please. Also love the sound quality of my P5’s.

  • Rolando Garcia says:

    Someone know when P3 will become available ?
    Next week June will be gone..

  • jim says:

    Try sevenoaks audio , they’ve had them for 2 weeks. Doug Brady hifi too

  • Servé says:

    I wonder how the noise cancelling is on the P3 (and P5). How do they perform in a plane, train or metro. Today I have a Sennheiser HD555 but they are too open for me. Any thoughts or input about this? Any experiences?

  • Steve K says:

    I bought mine at Dixons Travel heathrow two weeks ago and I love them! Great sound and a good size for a regular traveller like me. 10/10!

  • Joel S. Moskowitz says:

    We bought our P3s at an Apple store.

  • j D Charlwood says:

    There are only a few things that I own that I would immediately replace if they were lost stolen or broken. My B&W headphones belong to that list.

  • Gary says:

    How much at Dixons Heathrow?

  • Rick says:

    Been waiting and waiting for these…please ship them to the Apple stores now! =)

  • Brian F says:

    John Lewis should have them at most stores however due to demand stock is low! For the small investment these make a great purchase in comparison to many other “so called” rival brands made from plastic that pear to be nothing more than a fashion statement! If you love quality sound reproduction, you’ll love these.

  • Steve K says:

    £153 tax free

  • Richard says:

    I Was interested in the P3 for the fact that it is delivered in a hardcase and the compacter size, but the better sound quality of the P5 convinced me.
    I bought the P5

  • Mike C says:

    I have owned the P5’s for a year now. I like them but they could use a little more bass punch….but that’s just my preference when listening to rock style music. With acoustic well recored jazz they sound perfect.
    What is the sound difference between the P5 and P3?

  • Dale Thorn says:

    I’ve had the P3 for a couple of weeks and it’s amazingly good. I have had 30 or so headphones including the Sennheiser HD800, so I’m no stranger to good sound. My wife uses the P5 and prefers it, but I’m willing to massage the sound a bit to bring out the most perfect response, and I get that from the P3. I use it with the iPhone sometimes which is good, but when connected to a USB DAC and headphone amp – whoa – it really sparkles. Highly recommended.

  • Justin Whitaker says:

    New review of the P3 headphones on TopReviewShop.com:

  • Jawaid says:

    @overlord3069 Bass is not what makes headphones sudnos muffly, just the cheap once, good headphones have solid bass with good bass detail and texture, most cheap headphones will have what we call bass bleed into the mids which will create a V-shaped sound which makes the mids recessed and sound muffled.

  • Kevin Cheung says:

    I’ve had mine P3 yesterday,, listened a couple of times, bass wasn’t as powerful – to my previous purchase of the Klipsch Image One – which is $50 less ( it has excellent lows, mids, highs ) very very powerful bass, I must say – but I need to return them for refund cz, i’m getting a headache and my ears start to hurt in a few minutes of use and unable to disconnected the cable cord – Which P3 could, and it is a big plus for me. Much lighter and more compact size, excellent lows, mids, highs ( bass actually a well balance – over all ) headset. As for the P5, its more detailed and more bass then the P3, but it’s too pricey for me, does worth $100 more, but my own preference and opinion on the P5’s design is : Bigger, carry case sucks, couldn’t be folded as compact as the P3 , those wires going around the head band to the other side of the ear pad and somehow not all covered – easy to break the cord, which is a big no no for me. If you guys are looking for a Powerful bass headset – go for the Klipsch Image One, For more music lovers go for P5, For Travellers, like me ,, go for P3. Highly recommended and never go for the Beats, they suck and over priced

  • Henrik says:

    Could confirm the comment from Kevin, great headset with great sound, but the strap is to small so got headache after a time, sold on ebay.

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