Moog Sound Lab: Keiji Haino

Last summer, 10 years after the death of Robert Moog, Ace hosted the Moog Sound Lab for one month. A selection of cutting edge electronic artists lived, slept and recorded with the unique setup in an Ace hotel bedroom before previewing the work in basement nightclub venue, Miranda.

Avant-garde Japanese legend Keiji Haino was the final artist to take part in our Moog Soundlab residency at Ace Hotel. One of the most mysterious and intriguing artists to emerge from the Japanese psychedelic underground, Haino has never been one to bother with genres, mixing pyschedelia, noise, blues and rock into cathartic sonic explorations.

With his silver suit, sunglasses and immaculate long hair, Keiji, unsurprisingly, delivered a performance that defied categorisation but received a standing ovation.


Watch more Moog Sound Lab videos here.

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