Moog Sound Lab: Jimi Tenor

Last summer, 10 years after the death of Robert Moog, Ace hosted the Moog Sound Lab for one month. A selection of cutting edge electronic artists lived, slept and recorded with the unique setup in an Ace hotel bedroom before previewing the work in basement nightclub venue, Miranda.

The penultimate artist to take part in this project was Finnish saxophonist and warped popster Jimi Tenor. A multi-instrumentalist who has released a genre-defying clutch of albums on a variety of discerning labels including Warp and Kitty-yo, his performance did not disappoint.

Resplendent in a pink suit, the enigmatic Tenor’s set mixed waves of electronic drones from the immense bank of Moog synths with his flute playing to create a psychedelic sonic adventure.


Watch more Moog Sound Lab videos here.

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