Moog Sound Lab: Iain and Jane’s top 5 Moog tracks

Last summer, 10 years after the death of Robert Moog, Ace hosted the Moog Sound Lab for one month. A selection of cutting edge electronic artists lived, slept and recorded with the unique setup in an Ace hotel bedroom before previewing the work in basement nightclub venue, Miranda.

The second artists to take part in this project were directors and artists Iain and Jane – perhaps best known for their award-winning film about Nick Cave, 20,000 Days on Earth.

Not really music makers, their performance featured actors reading tales of a perfect nights sleep as they wove sounds around the narratives creating a richly cinematic experience.


Here, in their own inimitable way, they choose their top five Moog tracks:

“We’re the sort of dicks that before entering into a ‘Desert island discs’ kind of discussion need to set some parameters. Our five tracks don’t….. can’t include scores. They’re bigger, they’re whole worlds. In fact, the first time we both (independent of each other) looked into Moog Synthesizers was when we heard A Clockwork Orange. We couldn’t just bung Wendy Carlos’ Clockwork Orange or The Shining scores into a list of tracks. Its in scores that we’ve most enjoyed hearing Moogs. And when we got to experiment in the Soundlab we set out to make a score.

OK, so caveat over. Here’s our top 5 TRACKS:”

1. When Giorgio Moroder worked on ‘I Feel Love’ with Donna Summer it feels like he made a fuck-off massive trojan horse and rode the Moog into town.

2. Years earlier Mororder co-wrote our next choice ‘Son of my Father’ with his former assistant Pete Bellotte. But the version we love was covered by Chicory Tip. 

3. Devo’s ‘Whip It’ – the song is brilliant, made all the better by the most incredible futuristic (on a budget) video.

4. There’s something about a Moog bass-line. Something epic and solid, warped and buzzing. Hence, Parliament’s ‘Flashlight’

5.  Remember once reading that Eno said, after hearing ‘I Feel Love’ that the future of music was in that track. So to round off we wanted to include Roxy Music with ‘Re-Make/Re-Model’

Watch the Moog Sound Lab performances here.

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