CNET’s Audiophiliac loves the P5 headphone


We’re always proud when CNET’s Steve Guttenberg reviews our products and we’re very pleased to say that he gave our P5 headphone an excellent review claiming it is

“a handsome luxury design, on par with B&W’s high-end speakers.”

He goes on to give it a thorough work-out and comes to the conclusion that “The P5 is beautifully made and sounds great. It’s a B&W after all.”

You can read the full review here.

Another excellent site for all things audiophile is Anthony Kershaw’s Audiophilia. Again, we’re very proud that our headphones have impressed Anthony so much he awarded them The Audiophilia Star Component Award- the first time a  pair  of headphones have won this – and states that the P5s are the best $300 headphones I’ve tried. Highly Recommended.”

You can read the full review here.


  • Sir Moses Wellington says:

    I can’t wait until I can either save up enough money to get a pair of these, or until I can get lucky on eBay and get them for a low(er) price. These easily look like the kind of headphones I could enjoy for the next few years, or until they break, whichever comes first. Not only that, but they also look and seem too be the best, especially noise-dampaning without batteries.

  • dalethorn says:

    Go to the soup kitchen and get some free meals so you can buy the P5 now. You’ll be glad you did. Food, sleep, taking a bath – all of those can wait, but your soul needs nourishment now (i.e. get the P5 and nourish your soul).

  • David Boulet says:

    Just purchased the Fostex HP-P1, which is (the first) portable one-box outboard d/a converter and headphone amp for iDevices like the iPod classic etc. Before that, I tried to pretend that the line-out of my iPod into my portable headroom amp sounded listenable… but even with an outboard amp, the P5’s accuracy was too unforgiving for the iPod’s native d/a section and analog output stage… I packed my P5’s away after a few frustrating hours of brittle, flat highs.

    Now with the Fostex acting as intermediary between my lossless audio on my iPod, providing it’s own state-of-the-art d/a conversion (I use filter setting 2) and analog amplification, the P5s phones are a revelation. I’m literally stunned by the dimension in the music… rich, layered, feathery, silky highs. Textures are realistic and you can just keeping hearing “into” and “into” the music as if the detail goes on endlessly all the way down the the last microscopic subtle drop. B&W, thank-you for making such fine headphones. Audiophiles out there with an iPod who’ve faithfully compressed all your music losslessly… go forth and by the Fostex HP-P1 and pair it with the B&W P5’s, and experience sonic purity and bliss from your iPod music collection.

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