CNET’s Audiophiliac calls C5 in-ear headphone a winner

C5 In-Ear Headphones

CNET’s Audiophiliac, aka Steve Guttenberg, has given the C5 a glowing review. Calling the headphone’s design “stunning” , he describes it as the “prettiest in-ear design I’ve seen to date.”

He goes on to talk about the “clear and clean sound…remarkably it’s more open and less stuck inside my head.. in that sense more like full-size headphones.”

You can read the full review here.

PCMag also gave the C5s an excellent review, describing them as offering

“beautiful, rich bass and fantastic audio-performance inside the most  secure-fitting earphone design in its under $200 price”

You can read the full review here

The New York Post has described the C5s as “literally the best buy for your money” going on to state that “the sound [they] produce is astounding”.

“Bowers & Wilkins have taken their world-class,  pro-tier studio speakers and shrunk them into two little ear buds. Like you’re listening to a full room of sound rather than just headphones.”

You can read the full review here.


  • Peter says:

    The third review (“literally the best buy for your money”) is from the New York Post, not the New York Times.

  • Austin says:

    The NY Post is not the NY Times and does not carry the same gravitas as an endorsement.

  • Bowers and Wilkins says:

    Our apologies for the typo, it has now been corrected.

    Many thanks for pointing it out.

    Bowers & Wilkins

  • Johnathan says:

    The sound is amazing but the mic when used for the iPhone is a little buggy. One day voice sounds pristine and the next people can hardly hear. A great headset has features that enhance bot voice and music and I have yet to find one that does a great job at both functions. By the way, where is the mic anyway?

  • GustavSpeed says:

    “does not carry the same gravitas as an endorsement” I agree, I would never buy anything endorsed or favorably reviewed by the New York Times.

  • New Media Support says:

    Hi there Johnathan,

    Thank you for your comment about the C5’s.

    I can confirm that the mic for the Bowers & Wilkins C5’s is within the Remote section of the cable. Where the remote is joined at each side is where the voice travel’s through, instead of there being an obvious hole or marking to indicate where the mic is located.

    I hope this clears things up for you!

    Kind regards

    New Media Product Support
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • Andy says:

    Nice looking headphones – it’s a pity you don’t make them for Android as well, as there’s a whole big gap in the market waiting to be filled.

  • peter says:

    Had these headphones for a couple of days and they sounded amazing after approx 50 hrs burn in time. Couple of negatives (biggest first), they hurt my ears so bad after approx 20mins listening. Everybody’s ear shape / concha is shaped differently so they might work for you but not me. Secondly, the cord is too short and third, the in-line remote wouldn’t work with my iPhone 3GS but would with my macbook (B&W help line puzzled as even the supplied apple would work ! ).
    Brought them back for a pair of P5`s which sound very recessed even after 50+ hrs run in so might cut my losses. Dont get me wrong I love B&W gear (running a pair of 805s using Cyrus equipment) but they should stick to docks and speakers.
    Definitely didn’t have a good feel factor after these 2 purchases, will stick to my Grado SR80`s

  • Cheryl says:

    I am a new user for the in-ear headphone and I can say that I am impressed with the C5’s. The sound is excellent and are comfortable and secure loop I don’t feel like they will fall out. I have been using the traditional headphone but find that the design of the C5 works for me. I would definitely recommend these to my family and friends.
    Thanks B&W for a great product.

  • Kent says:

    Bowers and Wilkins,

    Your headphones are amazing! The sound quality is well deserving for what you’re asking ($). My only complaint is that after about 45-60 minutes of listening to music, the earbuds begin to hurt my ears, do you have any recommendations for more comfort? Perhaps a third party rubber piece that provides more padding? As stated above, quality of these earbuds are outstanding. What I have done in the intrim is reversing the Right and Left ear bud putting them in the opposite ear, this seems to bring some relief. Thank you in advance.

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