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C5 In-Ear Headphones

C5 noise-isolating in-ear headphones bring you amazingly natural acoustics and fit so comfortably and securely you’ll hardly be aware you’re wearing them.


  • David Jenkins says:

    Oh God, what are these stunning earphones going to cost me?? I HAVE to have them of course! WHEN WILL B&W MAKE A PROPER iPod??? That’s what I want!!!! Not another set of headphones, but an audiophile grade iPod, with B&W’s awesome style, and sound that will blow the iPod away!! PLEASE MAKE A B&W iPod!!!! It would sell so well!! What are you guys waiting for???? DO IT!!

  • George Lynn says:

    I agree David. I made a few comments on another C5 blog and I was nearly skinned alive for mentioning a B&W music player. We can always hope.

  • David Jenkins says:

    That’s crazy! I would think ANY B&W fan would LOVE a B&W portable music player! It just makes sense, they make four iPod products, the Zeppelin 1, The Zeppelin Air, the P-5 headphones, the MM-1’s (kind of), and now a new set of ear phones. And EVERYONE knows the iPod is not audiophile grade, it has a $.85 cent DAC in them. Bang and Olufsen makes a stylish, but poorly thought out portable player, why not B&W?????

    Everything they make that has to do with iPods sells, why not come out with a really GOOD player??? With all their resources, design, and R&D, it can’t be that hard. And it would sell! I want one!

  • David Jenkins says:

    I forgot the Zeppelin Mini to the list.

  • George Lynn says:

    Hey David, you try telling that to the people that leave comments here. Not everybody can afford a £10,000 hifi. They said a B&W music player would be too mainstream. There must be more people than us that see the potential of a B&W music player.

  • Peter says:

    B&W are good for two thing-speaker manufacture and the Zeppelin. That is their area of specialisation. Now the moment that specialisation starts getting applied to peripheral items such as iPod type devices, it will be watered down. Ask yourself the question what would B&W do if it made such a device. What would enable it to stand out? Sound quality? Apple wouldn’t take too long to bring out an iPod Pro with a somewhat better DAC. Interface? iPod’s own connector which is the only ‘standard’ connector in the industry-and Apple would want a nice fat fee to use it. Or the only other option is the micro USB-has anybody listened to a good WMA file on an HTC Sensation Smartphone?
    And don’t forget unless B&W buys a product off the shelf such as their P5 headphones(admittedly with a few tweaks) then they will need to stump up vast amounts of money and time on a product where the outcome of them making a runaway Zeppelin style success is by no means certain. And that is something they can ill afford to do.

  • David Jenkins says:

    To: George,
    I agree, I bet either B&W makes one, like B&O, or, they have a problem with angering Apple. B&W is in the business to make a profit, like any Company, and a audiophile grade portable player is SORELY needed in the marketplace. Even Apple could have made one, hell, they have the market to themselves already, but decided not to. B&O’s player, while very nicely made, is a joke is far as it’s user interface, has no capacity, and is very expensive. But B&W started this game of making iPod/iPhone products, and with the now two headphones and Zeppelins, it screams for a B&W player! So, I think they either may make one, or are afraid of what Apple would think.

    By the way, my God Mother, my Mom’s sister passed this morning after a 2 year battle with breast cancer, and I know she is with God now, but today has been a tough day. May she rest in peace in God’s arms.

    Hope everyone appreciates their loved ones, life is so short.

  • David Jenkins says:

    Dear Peter,
    With all due respect, if you think of all the technology in the Zeppelin Air, and Mini for that matter, both bypass the DAC in the iPod/iPhone, and use their own DAC, and sound equalization electronics, they are complex devices indeed! NOT just simple speakers with a fluid filled bypass. I do indeed feel B&W could make a portable player with no problem, and not a lot of R&D. It’s not that dissimilar from what the Zeppelin Air already has under it’s bonnet already. It’s really a big iPod with amplifiers, and speakers. All it’s missing is flash memory, that’s it! That’s really the only difference (and a little screen to see album art). Think about it, or read the spec’s as to what it has inside. It’s already 90% an iPod with speakers, just no memory, as I said. So, I maintain they could make it, but your point about the 30 pin connector is valid, and it might anger Apple. I, in the end, was just expressing what I would LOVE to own! And think would sell. And I contend that Apple could make a audiophile grade player overnight, but choose not to, and cater to the MP3 masses, and not to the TRUE music lover that only has lostless files on their iPods, because they care and are passionate about the sound quality. I believe that’s why they made the P-5 headphones in the first place, and they sold/are selling like hotcakes! So, somebody cares about improved music quality! A MP3 person would not care, the cheap white earphones that come with the player are good enough for them. Since the P-5 headphones ARE selling, I think it gives more evidence I am right and that an audiophile grade portable player WOULD sell! Be it B&W or Apple. I don’t care, I just want one! But I would prefer for it to say B&W on it, rather than Apple. And I LOVE Apple. I would not have a PC if you gave me one. And ALL of my audio equipment is B&W and Rotel, their other Company.


  • David Jenkins says:

    Sorry to all for getting way, way, way off the subject, I am excited to try out the C5’s, but as I own the P-5’s I am not sure, just like why I don’t own an iPad, as I have a MacBook Pro. I like a bigger screen, and I like bigger headphones than the C5’s, but I will try them out, and if I like them, I will buy them. But right now I am in love with my B&W 805D speakers. Best purchase I made in many years! They have opened my ears to what I’ve been missing! They are awesome speakers!!! Diamond tweeters, who’d have thought?? Stunning!!


  • George Lynn says:

    Just why did B&W start the S.O.S. music club? People download the 24bit FLAC albums and most likely listen to them on their PC or Mac. Hooked up to decent speakers of course. The problem is that you can’t sit at home with the four walls around you. A lot of people may not like the idea of B&W making a music player but good business is were you find it. Also B&W really needs to put more effort into its music club.

  • David says:

    There’s a HiFi mp3 playback device already. As a matter of fact, there are several from one company.

    Look up the Head-Direct HiFiMan HM602 Digital Audio Player. It’s the low-end of their spectrum.

  • David says:

    Dear David,
    I saw the HiFiMan, but it has no capacity, and won’t obviously work with my Zeppelins. Also, are they sold in stores? or just on the net? I would like to audition it before I buy it. And also, I have not seen any reviews as to it’s performance. Do you own one?? If so, do you like it? The only other high-end portable is the Bang and Olufsen, but again, no capacity! I think it only has 4 gigs. And it does not work with my Zeppelin either. But I think that Bang and Olufsen will bring out another one as they now have a iPod Dock, which sounds amazing by the way, but $1,000.00!!!! And I do not think it is as well constructed. It has paper drivers for god sake! Just like the stereo drivers in my sister’s Toyota Corolla, and no tweeters. Does look cool though.
    I hope they (B&O) DO come out with a better portable player that works with my Zeppelin, I’d buy it in a second! I will check on the HiFi Man and see if they sell in in a store near me. It’s not pretty. but who cares if it sounds great!


  • Baris says:

    Dear Sir, I am fun of your products and always have great respect, but last item I purchased apple store in Shanghai I had to change 3 times, headphone C5. The last one i got few days ago i realized that on the edges black paint shows steel color it means it came off. I would like to send photo or i can post this also in Facebook as i am always talking positive about your products. if i go apple store again 3rd time i feel shame. is this normal or not.

  • Beef says:

    I’d love a shiney B&W audiophile ipod as much as the rest of you, however as the ipod/pad/phones are so good at everything else, and good enough for 90% of my casual listening and the ubiquity of the docking connector devices, i doubt i’d choose it over the idevices as my shiny one stop gadget shop. For audiophile kicks, just get a digital dock for them like the wadia, or cambridge audio or for ipad only use camera connection kit to link ipad to a USB dac. The latter is what i do. Nice. I also have a tiny FiiO headphone amp and line out dock (LOD) lead which straps to my iphone4s for more serious mobile audiophile sessions. Loving the C5 headphones too, although i did wash my first pair….good job i took out the no quibble insurance on them for 30 quid…;-)

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