Bowers & Wilkins goes back to 1966 at Goodwood Revival

Bowers & Wilkins returned to Goodwood Revival Festival last weekend to celebrate 50 years in the pursuit of sound excellence.

Goodwood Revival is the only historic racing meet to be staged entirely in fancy dress. This year’s festival was themed around the vintage year of 1966. The year England won the World Cup, the year The Beatles released Revolver and the year the BBC started broadcasting in colour. It was also the year that John Bowers, following a bequest from an elderly lady called Miss Knight, founded B&W Electronics Ltd.


Our first appearance at Goodwood Revival was in 2010 where, together with Abbey Road, we created a shop with a wide range of vintage and new speakers, a replica of the legendary Studio 1 recording studio and a full-size reproduction of the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing.


This year we erected a Bowers & Wilkins store front featuring charming replica signage and logos from the early years of the brand. Pride of place in the window were placed two of our classic heritage speakers, the DM70C and the Matrix 801.

The DM70 was the first speaker designed 100% in-house and critics agreed the sound from its 11-module, electrostatic midrange/high-frequency unit was a revelation. With its cool, curved slimline cabinet, the DM70 changed the shape of loudspeaker design for ever.

Equally iconic was the Matrix 801. The original 801 heralded the modern era of high-end speaker design. Superior drive units isolated in separate chambers produced sound of unheard-of-realism and made the 801 a fixture in top studios and audiophiles’ homes – a tradition upheld by later 800 Series loudspeakers. The development of the Matrix – a revolutionary support structure within the cabinet – meant the Matrix 801 pushed speaker development a step further and the speaker was adopted by Abbey Road Studios in 1988.


Alongside the shop was a line of show-stopping full-scale listening booths set up to play classic albums from the era providing visitors with an exclusive high-quality listening experience through Bowers & Wilkins limited edition headphones.


The care and attention to detail in the styling throughout the festival made for an unforgettable experience and the booths were packed all weekend.

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