A new idea for (im)personal stereo

We’ve probably all experienced the current trend among younger music lovers to play their favourite tunes out loud for the world, or at least the rest of the bus, to share their enjoyment. As this is normally from the speakers of a mobile phone, its not the best sonic experience, even if you do approve of the choice in music!

That’s why we’re not so sure how we feel this story we read on the Times Technology Blog. The Orbitsound T3 connects to your portable MP3 player just as you would headphones, but then creates a bubble of sound around your head, providing what is claimed to be proper stereo!

The claims for the technology are pretty interesting: the T3 apparently creates a personal sound bubble, uses your own body to reinforce the sound, and also has an ‘infinite stereo sweetspot’.

But, while the idea of the Orbitsound T3 offering apparently better sounding ‘personal’ stereo sound is appealing, does this mean that added to all those people who music you can hear on the phones, you’ll also have to listen to people’s Apple iPod as well!

And anyway, what’s wrong with headphones!

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  • Laurence says:

    Just saw this posting re Orbitsound T3 portable speaker. I have one and it really does work well when worn round the neck -you get a stereo bubble around your head. I don’t use it on public transport but when out and about it’s excellent – you can listed to music and still hear traffic / ringing phone / conversations etc

    It’s just been rated best portable speaker for iPod and iPhone by Macworld in their “Summer Sounds” feature. Oh and it’s pretty good on a flat surface too plugged into laptop as well as with iPod.

    I think you really need to hear one to get this product though as in print doesn’t really explain it.

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