Our favourite AirPlay apps – what are yours?

Zeppelin Air & iPad

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air is the first premium iPod speaker dock to feature Apple’s exciting new AirPlay technology. But while we obviously love the idea of streaming high-quality Apple Lossless files to produce a great stereo, we are also excited by the idea of hearing the apps on our iPhones, iPod touches and iPads in all their glory.

Here’s a selection of our favourite apps that we’ve been using with Zeppelin Air. Click on the headings to view the apps, let us know what you think, and what apps you can’t wait to hear on Zeppelin Air.

Apple iPod App

This pre-installed iOS application allows you to stream music directly from your mobile device to Zeppelin Air.

Apple Remote

Access the iTunes library on your computer with this free, easy to use app, and stream the audio to Zeppelin Air. This app makes your iPod, iPhone or iPad into the ultimate remote control.


Heard about some music that sounds interesting? Spotify is a great way of immediately getting a quick feel. Superb discovery tool that often gets you looking in new musical directions. (Only available in certain countries).

TuneIn Radio

Listen to and record over 40,000 radio stations with this easy to use app.

Dub Siren

Has to be experienced to be believed. Access to 50 dub and dancestep radio stations is only the start of the sound effect fun. And if this isn’t enough, Dub Siren Pro has just been released


StereoMatic is a personal jukebox app designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. Imagine all your music being selectable by a 50s diner jukebox.

Bloom HD

Developed by ambient pioneer Brian Eno Bloom is part instrument, part composition tool, part artwork. It’s available for iPhone and iPad.


Even if you have little in the way of musical ability, you’ll quickly be creating great tunes with this intuitive app.

Real Racing HD

Great racing game. Fantastic sound. What’s not to like.


  • Thomas B says:

    Any chance of your MM-1 speakers supporting AirPlay anytime soon?

  • Johan says:

    An upgrade of the MM-1 speakers to support AirPlay would close the deal for me!

  • Daisy says:

    If you want a real 1950s jukebox experience, get “Diner Jukebox” app. Much much better than stereomatic.

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