Experiencing the Bowers & Wilkins DB1 subwoofer

There’s something highly rewarding about being there when a key reviewer experiences a Bowers & Wilkins product for the first time.

Especially when that product is something as special as the DB1 subwoofer. And even more so when it’s a demonstration that makes abundantly clear an element of a product that may not be immediately obvious.

In the case of the DB1 it is the subwoofer’s ability to add to the depth of experience in a traditional stereo system. The 805 Diamonds offer a wonderfully rich, incredibly detailed presentation of any kind of music you care to play through them. But adding a DB1 to the mix not only adds – as you would expect – extra depth at the lower end, it also does wonderful things to the clarity of an orchestra, and even the way a female vocal is delivered.

So while we believe the DB1 is the last word in home theatre subwoofers, that’s only half the story. Put it in the audiophile’s dream take on a 2.1 system, and its benefits have to be heard to be believed.


  • Peter Jones says:

    A review on this DB1 is long overdue, launch of this product was over a year ago!

    The question is how would it compare to a Paradigm Sub 1 or 2?

  • Steve Ringler says:

    My system uses Focal Lascala full range loudspeakers which roll off at about 30 Hz. My Db1 subwoofer fills out the last octave perfectly. It is a stunning speaker in both the physical sense and the technological design. The computer aided setup options allow perfect integration with my system. I love it!!

  • lloyd woodall says:

    what cable do i need to hook my zepplin air to my tv

  • Bowers and Wilkins says:

    Hi Lloyd,

    You can use either a 3.5mm to 3.5mm headphone jack cable, one end in Zepps Aux socket the other in the tv headphone out. Or you can use a Toslink to Mini Optical cable if your tv supports it.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • wiliam says:

    I have a DB1, 802 front speakers and HTM2 centre speaker. Generally speaking the DB1 is a lovely sub, however it rumbles a lot once i watch movies, i.e Hanna, Sucker Punch, I run the EQ several times but the rumbles still there and the only thing I missed is the nice sofa shaking.

    Can someone please advise me what should I do, to reduce or element the rumbles and not to lose the momentum or the hard punch from the DB1?

    Many thanks……….

  • Bowers and Wilkins says:

    Dear Wiliam

    Ensure the calibrations are manually performed and that any EQ and room compensation is off.

    Set ALL speakers to “small” in the processor with a crossover of 60Hz, this allows all the speakers to run from 60Hz through the midrange upto infinity, the DB1 will use from <20Hz upto 60Hz gradually attenuating.

    Adjust the level of the subwoofer to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the system. Too loud and you'll know it because of constant droning, too quiet and there'll be very little impact.

    Alternatively, give your local Bowers & Wilkins distributor a call to talk you through the set-up.

    Kind Regards
    Core Product Support

  • wiliam says:

    Dear Stephen,

    Many thanks for your kind support.

    I will follow your instruction and will keep you posted of the outcomes.
    Another point which I did not mention is that my DB1 is connected to the processor by XLR and not RCA connection, will this make a difference?

    Best regards,

  • Duy says:

    Greetings William,

    I took delivery and just installed my DB1 yesterday into a similar 802 Di and HTM2 setup. Unbalanced mono RCA was used. I run the SubApp with Room Correction twice but was underwhelmed by the results. So I left EQ and Room Correction settings flat/out respectively. Speaker settings were large across the fronts with crossover at 80hz. Now the DB1 sounds more impactful than the Supercube Reference it replaced. I will try B&W recommended setup and see how that sounds.



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