Trusted Reviews give our MM-1 computer speakers 10/10

Trusted Reviews have given our MM-1 computer speaker 10 out of 10:

“Bowers & Wilkins is on something of a roll. With the Zeppelin and Zeppelin mini iPod speaker docks, the P5 headphones and now the MM-1 PC speakers adding to the company’s already enviable legacy we’re starting to wonder whether they’ll ever build a bad piece of audio equipment.”

You can read the full review here.


  • William Scott says:

    I bought these speakers based on the above and similar reviews. I feel a bit let down because of the following:

    1. The DAC is limited to 16-bit; I’d like to be able to listen to 24-bit music. $200 car stereos can do this nicely. Why can’t the MM-1?

    2. DSP cannot be avoided. Classical music in particular sounds far too boomy, presumably overcompensation for small speakers. This is especially noticeable in a home-office environment.

    3. The right speaker runs extremely hot. I could cook an egg on this thing.

    4. The flashing LED when on standby is exceptionally annoying; I wind up unplugging the power source just so I don’t have to look at it.

    5. I could swear it sounds better with the analogue out from my iMac. The sad reality is the iMac must have a better DAC.

    I have a Zeppelin, a Zeppelin mini, and two CM7R speakers. All of these sound great. This is the first time B&W have disappointed me.

    I will end on a positive note: Using the iPad camera adapter, you can hook up a USB connection to an iPad and the remote control will do the right thing.

  • Sam Inman says:

    If you hook your iPad into the MM-1’s via USB, over the AUX port, will you notice a difference in sound quality?

    Does this allow the MM-1’s to bypass the iPad’s DAC chip?

  • Bartek Zawadzki says:

    In my opinion these speakers are great. The sound is amazing. They are not that good for movies if you like very low bass but for music they are perfect. You must sit close to them like you normally sit close to you computer, then you will hear their beauty. The sound is so detailed that I haven’t heard before (maybe I’m not the right person, I’m not an audiophile, I just like to listen music, music is my life). They are expensive, yes but I think they are worth of it.

  • Chia says:

    I would like to purchase the MM1, but i found out that Focal XS is impressive too, any idea/advice?

  • Geoff says:

    Fellow Audio Fans,
    I have been a fan of B&W speakers since I found them 10-15 years ago and currently still love my 602 s3’s and complimentary B&W’s that make up my home theater. Let’s Keep this fair and a little more realistic. First, These are COMPUTER speakers. Not to be confused with the true audio speakers found in B&W’s other lines. In my understanding they are meant to provide us with an upgrade in the category and best possible sound from a normal computer speaker, and in my opinion exceed that. How many PC speakers do you know that even start by having a DAC? No true audiophile will listen to their music intentionally from these or the zeppelin minis when they can opt for something else. I personally route my music away from the PC via fiber optic and into my amp/ preamp so that I can listen to my music on my real speakers and love this set-up. Obviously not everyone can do this or wants to do it and as such these are an excellent option. This also opens up a very large new market and field of target customers for B&W. I think this will allow the company to grow and continue to focus on their research in providing the best speaker technology. This process is not something that can be done on a computer and when done truly right can cost a lot of money because it matters what real people think and products must be tested and retested and fine tuned by real people. Congratulations B&W; keep up the core concepts of quality and I will accompany you down this beautiful road of harmony between technology and true music reproduction.

  • Aydins says:

    I have a pair of MM1’s and think they are really great, I also have a Zeppelin and they are a much higher quality in terms of separation and mid-range and considering how small they are I’m satisfied with the bass.

    I do have a question and not sure if anyone can help? I was thinking of buying a dedicated DAC or even using a redundant DacMagic I have. As the MMi’s have an internal DAC and are connected by USB was not sure if there was anyway of by passing the MM1 DAC? I was hoping to go MAC to DAC to MM1’s is this possible or desirable?

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