Cathie Pilkington #myzeppelin


London-based sculptor and Royal Academy Professor Cathie Pilkington’s studio is a fascinating and macabre fairy tale world. Body parts line the shelves next to lewd animal sculptures, bundles of fabric limbs and dead-eyed dolls’ heads.


Just as discovering music was vital to Cathie, growing up in Manchester, so it is to the creation of her work:
“It’s that moment where you go ‘I don’t have to join in with everyone’ and that’s what music’s for isn’t it? For a way out.”


Albums frequently inform the aesthetic of the pieces she is working on. The work for her most recent exhibition, Thing-Soul, was made over two years whilst listening, repeatedly, to PJ Harvey’s White Chalk.

“In a way a show is like an album and I quite often find myself listening to one album over and over again while I’m making a body of work….so that music is really embedded in the work for me.”


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