Cathie Pilkington #myzeppelin

London-based sculptor and Royal Academy Professor Cathie Pilkington’s studio is a fascinating and macabre fairy tale world. Body parts line the shelves next to lewd animal sculptures, bundles of fabric limbs and dead-eyed dolls’ heads.


Just as discovering music was vital to Cathie, growing up in Manchester, so it is to the creation of her work:
“It’s that moment where you go ‘I don’t have to join in with everyone’ and that’s what music’s for isn’t it? For a way out.”


Albums frequently inform the aesthetic of the pieces she is working on. The work for her most recent exhibition, Thing-Soul, was made over two years whilst listening, repeatedly, to PJ Harvey’s White Chalk.

“In a way a show is like an album and I quite often find myself listening to one album over and over again while I’m making a body of work….so that music is really embedded in the work for me.”


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  • Paul Tingle says:

    I hope this note will be received with you in a good mood. I am curious – how does my Zeppelin stand up to the more recent editions. I can’t really afford to replace my Zeppelin. I am curious to find out if this recent incarnations compare. My Zeppelin was purchased on Amazon. I am guessing I purchased my Zeppelin close to 2009.

    I hope you can create a great day. Peace, paul

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Hi Paul,

    The Zeppelin family now has three models, with every model release there have been improvements made. From the Zeppelin Classic model to the latest Zeppelin Wireless model every single component has been upgraded, from the drive units, amplifier, cabinet, DAC etc. therefore the difference in performance is big.

    The Zeppelin Wireless also features wireless audio streaming capabilities that the Zeppelin Classic does not, three methods of streaming music; AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect.

    If you wish to discuss the Zeppelin Wireless further please get in touch with our sales team using this link;

    Kind regards,
    Bowers & Wilkins

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