GQ takes the new Bowers & Wilkins equipped Maserati Quattroporte for a test drive

Maserati Quattroporte with Bowers & Wilkins audio

Definitive men’s magazine GQ took  the new Bowers & Wilkins equipped Maserati Quattroporte for a test drive, and loved every minute of it.

The magazine took the car on a four-hour road trip from Nice to Avignon where they meet with Bowers & Wilkins Automotive Progamme Manager Robert Emmanuel who explained what was so extraordinary about the sound system:

“The speakers are all timed slightly differently, so that wherever you are in the car, the music hits you at the same time,” says Emmanuel. “Whereas in most cars, you hear different instruments and vocals from each individual speaker, we’ve created a system where the sound you hear is identical, no matter where you’re sitting.

“We first tested the system on a Marcus Miller track. Because of how intricate this system is, it literally sounds as though there is a piano in your car when you listen to classical music. I love listening to John Lennon on it; you can genuinely hear the reverb on his voice when he stretches it. The controls on the system allow you to choose whether you’d like it to sound as though you’re in the audience of a music concert or on the stage with the musicians.”

Read the full review here.


  • Tom says:

    Great, I’m sure it sounds fantastic. But…the comment that they’ve created a system “so that wherever you are in the car, the music hits you at the same time” is a bit unbelievable. Actually….impossible.

  • blair says:

    Why this car ? I mean, its incredibly beautiful but
    . . . maybe an Audi A8L ? for fun ?

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