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By using our most refined drive unit technologies, developed for reference-standard speakers such as the 800 Series Diamond, we’ve been able to hone the speaker down to its purest essentials.  In its functional perfection and understated elegance, the CM8 is nothing less than a masterpiece. Pure and simple.


  • Lafonte says:

    I am always blown away by your speakers. They are beautiful to look at, delicious to hear, and for a gentleman like myself, a dream to get. B&W should stand for “Breath-taking Wonders” of the audio world.

  • hugh says:

    Beautiful to look at, and I’m sure the sound is just as beautiful. But I need a really strong case to replace my still beautiful sounding CM4s and CM2s.

  • Robert says:

    When plugged years ago column B & W DM 602 to over 314 and-a Yamaha CDX 890 cables Kimber Kable 4PR heard another world.
    I had to opt out of the equipment, because I needed money for law school, where he fell in love with criminology, but despite great reviews from the world-renowned forensics did not get a chance to interview, in her work.
    Currently, I can not afford to purchase modern equivalents of the model DM602, but once I purchase the column and the column will only make Bowers & Wilkins.
    Greetings from Polish

  • W. K. says:

    What a fabulous speaker!
    I´m using my pair of CM8 with components from Pro-Ject´s box design SE series and there´s always just good sound as well with classic music as with jazz, pop or rock.
    You don´t hear the speakers – you just hear the music!
    Good looking workmanship combined with THAT sound and a fair price – what more could one want?

  • SK says:

    Hello, i am planing to buy a CM8, is Marantz pm 15 s2 amplifier and Marantz sa 15 s2 a good combination with them. What would B&W recommend for the CM8 speakers.
    thank you for your answer.

  • Bowers and Wilkins says:

    Dear SK,

    The Marantz PM 15 s2 90w/channel integrated amplifier & Marantz SA 15 s2 Super Audio CD Player appear on paper to be a complementing combination worthy of being used with the CM8’s and should reward very well indeed.

    An alternative combination to consider would be a pre-power combination from Rotel such as the RC-1550 pre-amplifier & the RB-1552 130w/channel power-amplifier which would offer improved control, transparency and authority with the CM8’s together with the RCD-1520 CD player to complete the package.

    Above all, a demonstration at your local retailer is advised prior to purchase, to see that the products meet your requirements and expectations.

    Kind Regards
    Product Support

  • scott vranic says:

    No question the Rotel offers a great combination with the entire CM line. i have first hand experience witht he Marantz and Rotel. To state that the Rotel combination would offer improved control, transparency and authority is biased and irresponsible.

  • David Loh says:

    Scott Vranic : I agree that improved control, transparency and authority are mere qualitative statements which should not be part of the advise given without a proper A – B comparison with any brand in question. I have full respect for B & W speakers as a manufacturer and pretty sure that many reputable component brands will compliment apart from Rotel.

    Hope readers benefit from a fair audition in person to decide what their ears love.

    If a blind test shows that an economic amplifier combo works for you, well and congratulations, you saved some $.

    If your blind ears pick a more expensive set up, I’m sorry that you would have to pay more to feel adequately satisfied.

    Just don’t fall into the Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome.

  • David says:

    Scott, SK asked B&W what components they would recommend, of course they are going to recommend Rotel, I knew that would be their answer before reading the reply.

    I totally agree with David Loh, let your ears determine the best sound, you are the only one that has to be pleased. None of the magazine reviewers or all the on line reviewers are going to be listening to your system in your home daily. I drive B&W CDM9NTs using a Marantz AV7005 with an Outlaw 770 (200 watts per channel) with breathtaking results, I really don’t care what anyone else thinks or their opinions. You see, I don’t go into a show room to listen to equipment, I go in to enjoy the equipment. If I don’t enjoy the session, then I look for something else. I enjoy my home system immensly, so no you can’t listen to my system but you can come over to enjoy it. Using this tactic you won’t get caught up in brand names and costs, and spending countless hours doing research on the internet. So go out and enjoy listening for the components that compliment your speakers the best for what you can afford, and then start enjoying your choices.

  • Bart says:

    Hi I am looking for some advise as the resellers I visted have a lack of options to listen and want me to sell what they have in store.

    I am replacing my almost 25 year old HT 600 series finally and want to replace it for a CM solution with Rotel power amps.
    Over years I started with Onkyo receivers and ended up now for some years with a Marantz sr-7008 which is a big step foreward.
    My room size is 6x7meters what is quite big.

    To save some bugs I want to keep the current receiver for now and upgrade later to a receiver/surround processor which has better audio and stereo performance.

    Speakers I want to buy:
    2x CM10s2
    2 or 4 CM6s2
    1x CM Centre 2 s2

    Power amp to buy and to combine with my current Marantz receiver as prepro
    Rotel RB-1590 to drive the CM10
    Rotel RMB 1585 to drive the center and CM6

    My question is about the subwoofer for HT;
    The Cm series subwoofer ASW10CMs2 I find to small for this set and in this room size.
    I like the DB1 but is out of my budget.

    What alternatives are there in a price range arround € 2000.

    Next question as I have no experience with Atmos setup. What would be the best ceiling speakers to achieve this CM1 or CM5 and drive them with marantz receiver or an additional amp.

    At the moment Rotel has no receiver/processor for my whiches so I stay with a marantz solution, maybe Rotel has in the future.

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Please contact your local distributor who will be able to advise you further.

    B&W Group Benelux
    Godefriduskaai 14
    Tel: 0031(0)20-5602940
    Email us

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