Film: The making of an 800 Series Diamond speaker

This is the first time the extraordinary and time-consuming process of creating an 800 Series Diamond speaker has been captured on film in its entirety. From the formation of the outer shell of the cabinet, through the painstaking painting and polishing process, right up to the final test that makes sure the loudspeaker meets our – and our customers’ – exacting standards, each stage is carefully monitored, and consistently applied.

In 1979 we redefined what is possible in sound reproduction with the very first 800 Series speaker – the Matrix 800. In 1998, we re-wrote the rulebook all over again with the Nautilus 800 Series. But we didn’t stop there. We continued to refine and experiment, and now we’ve raised the benchmark again. The 800 Series Diamond harnesses the unique properties of diamond throughout the range, producing a sound of unheard-of accuracy and realism

Listen and you’ll see.


  • Dario says:

    Oh My God, this is AMAZING!!! I want it!!!

  • Lucas says:

    Great video!!!

  • Kahlil says:

    Amazing speakers and great video. Congratulations!!!

  • Bruno Naggi says:

    Interesting video but enough detailed on final test performance check.Very extended on cosmetics finishing but what about of consistency of quality?Do we are assured that two loudspeakers have the same performance? How b&w can give proof of that?

  • Adrian says:

    This is really cool. I love the geometric camera angles where it is either over head or straight on. I had a wonderful tour of the factory a year or so ago while I was visiting Worthing and it remains the finest factory I have ever visited.

  • Dale says:

    cool video but wish there was more info on components of speakers like where and what type of internal wire. we spend tons of money on interconnects and speaker cables. are speaker manufacturers using quality wire or stuff from the local hardware stores

  • Remco Lingsma says:

    Nicely done guys :) I am proud of you ;) Speaker is of course still amazing

  • maduras says:

    you got to love the spate connectors to wire your drive units.Nothing like a corroded and loose connection down the road

  • Brian says:

    Makes me want to upgrade my 803′s more than the demo did! lol

    They are very beautiful and so is the construction, nice vid B&W :)

  • Stuart Morgan says:

    One day! for now I’m happy to own a set of CDM 1NT’s :D

  • Hal says:

    Awesome. The photography itself is great, but the content gives a renewed appreciation for the quality and effort behind a B&W speaker.

  • Jason says:

    Very Impressive but is the sound impressive. Love to upgrade my B&W Matrix 802.3′s That have custom upgraded Xovers. Does the sound justify the price.

  • Peter Simon says:

    Hello, as an owner of a pair of 802D in black, it was wonderful to see how these beauties were built.

    The sound is always thrilling, a true emotional trip!

    When are you bringing back some electrostatics? Many years ago, I had a pair of B&W with a big sub underneath and a ES grid curved on top. I miss that ES sound…..

    Peter Simon
    Big Sur, CA

  • Cliff says:

    Im an engineer and love detail and quality with outright preformance that can stand up tp any task without failure.

    Care to send me a couple speakers???? lol Wish i had some. I love my music!

    Luv to build cool things!


  • @ maduras says:

    It’s “spade” not “spate”. Second how is the connector going to corrode? If you have that much moisture in the location of your speaker, the last thing I would worry about is the spade connector. Finally they do not just “come loose down the road”. As one who has take apart and repaired/replaced several B&W 800 series speakers, owned more than I can count on 2 hands, some over 20 years old, I can say neither of these “points” you tried to make are an issue.

    Great video, great speakers. B&W puts absolute quality into their 800′s.


    in my language


  • umesh j says:

    looks great i need one for my home theatre. can you please let me know when it be on sale in australia

  • William says:

    That flowport under the 802 is humungous.

  • Mikael Nilsson says:

    Really Cool. I am a big fan of B&W Speakers….

  • dwayne says:


  • Britton Ruebush says:

    What about listening tests? Does anyone listen carefully before packing?

  • Sonny says:

    I’ve just noted at time 2.02 of the video clip where it is clearly shown that out of 187 or so 802 speakers being tested for the day, only 65 speakers passed. It suggests that the pass standard is very high and this ensures that every speaker going out to the shop will have the same performance. Great clip that explains things behind the scene!

  • JohnD says:

    Nice video! Nice speakers, too :-)
    Does someone know the music track used in this video?

  • JohnD says:

    Nice video! Nice speakers, too :-)
    Does someone know the music track used in this video?

  • Jon says:

    Are you going to use the tear drop through the 800 range?

  • Gustavo Lima says:

    Thank you for sharing the manufacturing of the 800. I resentley discovered B&W and have been changing all our speakers to B&W. Next on the agenda: 800.

  • corrective_unconscious says:

    What an invigorating industrial film, propaganda or no.

  • Bowers and Wilkins says:

    Hi John,

    The music is called The Darkling Plains by Spiro. You can find out more about the band here:

    Bowers & Wilkins

  • JB1t says:

    Fabulous insight to creativity, craft, engineering and cosmetic finishing. I wouldn’t be worried about the quality and or cost of the internal wiring and connectors. In fact there’s a plain and simple message to all those with too much money easily parted for esoteric non-sense.

  • Bowers and Wilkins says:

    Please go to in order to find your nearest retailer.

  • michael says:

    Saving for a new car? Forget it – by a pair of 802Ds instead. Just did myself and they are tuely fantastic!

  • michael says:

    I mean buy….

  • ha says:

    very impressive..i am using 802diamond and may be next year i will upgrade 800 diamond

  • Roy Julian says:

    Ooohhh………. My God
    The Bowers & Wilkins speakers is my life, I Want It and I Like It

  • Mark says:

    As a person who owns a pair of the 800′s it was good to see the film and how they are made. They are works of art and items of beauty but above all they sound magnificent.

  • Manson says:

    If Dec 2012 was the end of the world, it would be a pity to me not having owned a pair of 800 diamond!

  • Dinaldo Campos says:

    B & W faz a gente compreender o som sem fronteira aos ouvidos!

    Abs. Dinaldo

  • Ben Hagens says:

    Great video, but it really doesn’t do justice to the process, having been down to the factory to witness it firsthand. excellent product line, and a great facility.

    Now if only they’ll have my stuff in the Society of Sound! :p

  • linda holland says:

    is there going to be a newer model of the panorama soundbar or something equivalent in the near future.

  • Bowers and Wilkins says:

    Dear Linda,
    There are no immediate intentions to our knowledge to replace the existing Panorama.
    Kind regards
    Bowers & Wilkins

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