Mira Calix’s Moving Museum 35 on a Chinese public bus

Composer, sound artist and Bowers & Wilkins regular collaborator Mira Calix has turned a bus into a moving Soundart installation in China using T7 wireless speakers

Rather than travelling to a museum, Mira wanted to create a museum space that you can travel with. And her Museum is a Chinese public bus on Nanjing’s no 35 route.

Working with Chinese art students, Mira curated a collection of Colourfield paintings – highly abstract, graphic and colourful in style – and the Museum 35 exhibition consists of 21 musical responses to these artworks. Her intention being that travelers will hear rather than see the collection. It’s intended to be a shared experience, with visitors listening, dreaming and absorbing the world around them as they travel, participating and collaborating in the work.


Mira explains why she chose to work with T7 speakers:

“I used the T7’s, as I’ve now used them in several projects, because they are so compact, lightweight and, most importantly, sound great.

In the bus environment size, reliability and quality were all essential to my needs.  The speakers are set up in a quadrophonic system, with two further speakers at the rear of the bus working as a stereo fill pair working more discreetly to create a complete and compelling environment.

As the bus is on the road for three months with the installation running throughout, 7 days a week, I chose to hardwire the system and use the line input, creating custom cabling running from the installation computer and soundcard to the T7’s.  Power comes from the electric bus generator system recharging the speakers over night.”


The Moving Museum 35 is open daily from 7th January – 7th April on the autobus route 35, Nanjing, China.

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