Bowers & Wilkins factory video tour: cabinet manufacturing

In the first of a series of video tours around the Bowers & Wilkins UK factory, we take a look at 800 Series Diamond cabinet manufacturing. These exclusive videos provide customers and members of the public with a rarely seen insight into the attention to detail, advanced technology and craftsmanship that are combined to produce the world’s best loudspeakers.

Introduced by Product Manager Mike Gough, this unique video looks at the wood bending and machining processes that create the instantly recognizable cabinets of the 800 Series Diamond. Each curved cabinet is formed from a piece of 35mm ply, and both pressure and microwave energy is used to get it into shape.

It also shows the Matrix construction process. This is a vital element in the performance of the 800 Series Diamond, and is a proprietary Bowers & Wilkins technology.

The video also deals with the logistics of operating a cabinet manufacturing plant, and details the lengths Bowers & Wilkins goes to in order to ensure consistency, and the best possible end results. This includes regulating not only the temperature, but also the humidity of the working environment.

All of these vital elements are the first steps in the construction of these high-end, high-quality loudspeakers.



  • Simon Jones says:

    It would be nice if the video was an 1 – 2 hours long to see each of the 800 series including the DB1 manufactured. From design development to manufacture and test. Maybe even sell this Blu Ray / DVD? I’m sure there will be a lot of B&W buffs interested.

  • Keith Rogers says:

    Yes, Simon is spot on – let’s have more.
    All aspects of the construction of these speakers is quite fascinating.
    I continue to enjoy my 804s model.

  • danfoy says:

    I’m with Simon Jones – I’d love to see much longer videos documenting the creation of your speakers. I appreciate that you’re bound to have manufacturing secrets, but I imagine that stuff like this is an excellent marketing tool for the sorts of people that are likely to buy your products: people who appreciate quality, and people who do their research.

    I ‘only’ own a pair of your 685s, but when the time comes to upgrade, I imagine that more videos like this will give me a strong incentive to stick with B&W. Obviously the speakers themselves sound terrific, but it was in no small part due to an informative A4 booklet on the series that I picked up at Superfi that gave me the confidence to invest in them.

  • Ian Tonge says:

    I would love to see other process’ around speaker building, perhaps on You Tube or as requested a DVD?

  • Dean Thompson says:

    I agree with Simon & Keith. I’d like to see more videos about the manufacturing process. I own a pair of 800 Diamond Series and the center channel and absolutely love them.

  • Dave Arnold says:

    Vid Far too short,

  • Dave Gilden says:

    Got a pair of 804 nautilus back in 2000 with a Krell integrated amp.
    I like forward firing port and their sleek look. They are now currently part
    of the home theater system as I upgraded to the 802d(s) 3 three years ago.

    The 802d(s) complement the rest of my 2-ch system nicely (Chord / BAT / Esoteric).
    B&W represent brilliant design and outstanding value. Did I mention you see the 802s being utilized in mastering studios and even Abbey Road!
    Long live British Hi-Fi!

  • Walter says:

    Fully agreed to all writers before. I just ordered a pair of 804 D (rather long delivery time in Germany) and an important impact had some “you tube” videos. However, selling a DVD would be a great marketing tool in many circumstances. Or offering a download with acceptable quality, presenting development, production and testing of your speakers, including detailed interviews with your people – highly effective in customer relationship building.

  • Eric says:

    it would be interesting to see the conditions of B&W factory in China, where the rest of the products are manufactured.

  • Chrys Gough says:

    That’s my Dad, Top Bloke

  • P5 headphones says:

    I bought a used pair of P5’s and then i saw made in china on the headset. Was wondering if they were authentic. I thought everything was made in UK.

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Dear Edson

    Some of our products are made in our Chinese factory which has been set up to mirror the UK facilities with the same lines and machinery and exacting standards. Our components are sourced from all over the world and all products are tested in the UK before being shipped out.

    Kind regards
    Bowers & Wilkins

  • WJS says:

    Which of your speakers are not made in China? I wish to replace an original pair of B&W Matrix 1 Series 2 speakers I bought new in ’89. I would prefer my purchase to be of B&W Speakers made in the UK. Which are those?


  • Vatroslav says:

    After about 10 years I decide to upgrade my system with new B&W speakers (I own B&W 602.5 S3 Made in England).
    When I saw sign on CM10 etc. Made in China I felt greatly disappointed.
    Goodbye forever.

  • Vatroslav says:

    BTW I saw your quality. Kevlar looks awful on the ends of the speakers. (CM9, CM10 etc. – store in Zagreb Croatia).

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