Bowers & Wilkins at Station to Station

Station to Station recording studio, Barbican, London. Photography: Nicholas Triantafyllou

Bowers & Wilkins P7 and P3 headphones played a key part in the pop-up recording studio as part of the extraordinary Station to Station 30-day happening at the Barbican this month.

The legendary multi-disciplinary project, devised by Doug Aitken, was an inspiring and diverse fusion of leading international and UK-based artists, drawn from the worlds of contemporary art, music, dance, graphic design and film in a jam-packed programme of unmissable events.

The recording studio also incorporated the Moog Sound Lab, powered by 802 Diamond Series, as part of its unique set up. Artists as diverse as James Lavelle, Terry Riley, Mica Levi and Jamie Lidell set up camp in the studio with producer Justin Stanley (Prince, Eric Clapton, Beck) using P7 headphones.

Spectators could watch the artists at work and listen in using P3 headphones through the glass wall of the studio.

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