Win P3 headphones in red, white, black and blue on Instagram


This competition is now finished.


  • David Gluba says:

    I love quality and that’s why I Love Bowers an Wilkens

  • Heinz-Hermann Hashagen says:

    Supercool, i like the black one

  • Marnie Doucette says:

    Would love to win the P3 headphones.

  • Thobile Mkize says:

    I like the white one and the sound is the sound

  • Don Rector says:


  • Caroline says:

    Love the colour white!!

  • Danixxxis says:

    would like to win the P3. Perfect sound. Perfekt Brand

  • Herb says:

    The sweetest things for fine Music!

  • OGenius says:

    I’d love to win the red one! Your headphones are truly art pieces!

  • Markus Cologne says:

    No slogans, just fact’s! Don’t wait enjoy it!

  • bernadette Kluyskens says:

    blue sound
    klank blauw
    bleu son
    azul sonido
    blu suono

    colors and sounds are on the same wavelengths !
    (I choose de blue one)

  • Cecilia says:

    I and my family we like B&W sound, either from l-s and h-p. would like to win the blue one!

  • Joshua Pennebaker says:

    Love all bw products!!

  • Susanne says:

    Got my first ever pair of BOWERS-WILKINS earbuds!
    In love with the sound! No more Bose for me. Can’t wait to get a pair of these!

  • Norman says:

    I’m truly not a fan of these P3. I guess it’s caused by the great sound coming out of the 804 connected to a Classè. Nothing beats that sound

  • Herm says:

    Blue is my favorite color

  • Bsmrao says:

    I love B&w. For their open sound in all the frequences iam already using b&wzepplinair and interested in getting their famous p3 headphones

  • Frits Wip says:

    My B&W is beter then live

  • diego says:

    Dear B&W. I’ve noticed sth about your competition. In my opinion you are discriminating many people. All winners uploaded their pics many weeks ago. You never chose a photo from user, who uploaded pic while the competition was on. And to support my argument, there Was a lot of better pics than blue chairs in arena, black pinguins, red shoes…. And don’t even tell me, that was Your taste to choose them – because no one will belive. One and only possible way is the judges was blind. It’s really unfair saying “please upload your best photos” and then You ignore every new pics, choosing older than few weeks.

  • Peter says:

    I was introduced to Bowers and Wilkins today, I am hooked for life!!! Never heard music sound like that before!! I like the black headphones.

  • Gx says:

    I bought MM-1 due to the clear pitch of low/high tone, as well as its sleek design.
    it was the best decision made on speaker purchasing of mine so far…

  • Paul Farrell says:

    You just Cannot beat quality and bowers and Wilkins have that in abundance

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Hi Diego,
    I’m sorry you are disappointed in the competition. The choices of photograph were chosen by our London office in a very democratic fashion. We created a shortlist each time and then voted on the winner.
    We thought the standard of photography throughout was excellent.

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