Win tickets to Gadget Show Live 2013

This competition is now closed

Win tickets to Gadget Show Live and hear the new Z2 Wireless Music System for the first time.

We have one pair of tickets to give away for each day of this year’s Gadget Show Live: 3rd April – 7th April.

You will be among the first to experience Bowers & Wilkins new Z2 with Lightning connector, and the rest of the highly regarded Wireless Music System range. You will also be able to listen to the Bowers & Wilkins headphone range, and hear the first Bowers & Wilkins audio system in a Maserati.

Each Bowers & Wilkins new media product benefits from the company’s nearly five decades of speaker design and audio experience. And each one borrows technology and know-how transferred directly from Bowers & Wilkins renowned high-end hi-fi and studio monitor speakers.

  • Simply tell us here why you want to come and which day you are able to attend for a chance to win.
  • Competition ends midnight,  27th March, 2013

This competition is now closed



  • Ian Hallett says:

    I’d love to go on the Saturday if I won the tickets. I have a B&W surround system with DM602 s3 as mains. Absolutely love them. I’d love the chance to hear new products especially the Z2.

  • Andy says:

    I have tried for years to get tickets to the show and failed. I really want to go!!!! I love my Zeppelin,Thanks to B&W for all my great party nights we have had…. and other nights with the wife.. nudge nudge wink wink……

  • Steve says:

    Any day for the tickets, would love to come to the show as I need to update my surround sound speaker system, plus I love my zeppelin and I’m looking at the Air for another room!!

  • Asif Rashid says:

    Love the gadget show, love gadgets. What more do I need to say.

  • Asif Rashid says:

    Sorry forgot to mention the day Anyday I’m there !

  • Paul Wright says:

    Love Tech, love Maserati, love B&W, love free stuff, and Saturday is my favourite day of the week!!!

  • Derek Walters says:

    I have the MM-1 and the P3’s I now need the Z2 to make up my set.
    Saturday would be great Thank You

  • Neil B says:

    Simple- I simply love gadgets and am a B&W fan !
    Saturday would be good.

  • Mark Murrin says:

    B&W – Sublime speakers, I love the style, get absorbed in the sound. Love my Zeppelin :-)

    Gadgets are so hard to resist and I want to see if i have the will power! – I hope not!

    I’d love to go on Tuesday 2nd April.

    Thank you B&W


  • Sally Hay says:

    Would love to listen to the Z2 and also just be awestruck by some of the other gadgetry on offer. Friday is the best day for me please.

  • Smon says:

    B&W in a Maserati – why wouldn’t I want to go!!

    Thursday, Friday or Sat would work well – taking my 15 year old son who is gadget mad would give a great opportunity for a father and son road trip :-)

    Thanks for enriching my life

  • Steve Freedman says:

    I want to see, hear, touch and smell all the Badgets & Wadgets :)
    Any day works for me :)

  • Nigel Greenstreet says:

    B&W are just great
    their stuff just doesn’t date
    Amazing looks and built to last
    For all the years and years gone past
    its their technical innovations
    that make the best creations
    I’d love a wireless Z2
    Well lets face it wouldn’t you?

    The Gadget show rocks, just like the music on a B&W nautilus

    Any day available would be the greatest thing ever.

  • michael howarth says:

    iv got gadgets coming out of my ears and i want to fill my eyes with them

  • Paul Harty says:

    I would please like Thursday 4th April.
    I can’t wait to see hear experience the Z2 & A5 just to mention a few
    B & W equipment is such great quality I know once I’ve
    Heard them I shall be reaching for my wallet & convincing my pals &
    Family to do the same…having said that when they see how effortlessly
    The equipment compliments my stylish pad & hear it…that will be enough
    convince them anyway!

  • Anthony says:

    For every gadget fan this is the coolest place to be and thanks to Bowers & Wilkins I can go on Saturday for free!

  • peter barclay says:

    2 awesome experiences at once, everyone should get to sit in the maserati at least once.
    wed would do me.

  • Parker says:

    I love the gadget live show!!! I am a big fan of B&W!

    Tickets for any days works for me.

  • marie doerrman says:

    would love to win!!

  • Robert says:

    I am mr gadget so I need to be there to see newest items

  • Tanvir Rayatt says:

    I love Bowers & Wilkins and their ethos and products! I have owned a B&W Zeppelin for years and anybody who knows me knows I am a massive audiophile and if there was a fire that would be the one thing I would grab out the house! My aim is to buy multiple Zepplins and B&W wireless systems for around my house to have luscious perfect beautiful sound in every room!
    Any day :)

  • Outdoors Nerd says:

    Looking forward to seeing the precision and style of your new headphones. My P5s are a piece of art.

    I can go any day

  • Petra Hora says:

    I would love to visit the show as I never been to.

  • Lee Hancox says:

    Would love to take my 11 year old daughter to the April 7th gig. She absolutely loves the Gadget Show and watches them back to back on her BT Vision box. She loves all things gadgety and it would be great to share a day out and geek out together at all the shiny things whilst soaking up the blissful B&W tones and beats. Fingers crossed 40yr Old dad that still thinks he’s a 20 something.

  • Lynn Fancy says:

    Can I change my option to Sunday please? If I were to be lucky enough….my entry is above :)

  • Gary P says:

    Can’t wait to hear the Z2, can it be even better than the Zeppelin we have?????!!!!

    Saturday or Sunday, please.

  • elizabeth coleman says:

    i would free samples

  • Paul Wiles says:

    Want to have a listen to some of the B&W headphones and checknout the latest gadgets

    For free tickets I can make any of the days :-)

  • Steve Armstrong says:

    Love the Quality Gadgets, And any day will do.

  • Lisa Lesley says:

    I love gadgets! Would pref Thurs or Fri if possible please…

  • Steve says:

    After hearing B&W speakers many years ago at Abbey Road studios, I bought and used a pair of B&W speakers in my personal studio until, that is, a faulty Rotel amp caused them to break well beyond economic repair! :-(

    Unfortunately, funds meant that I had to resort to a DIY speaker kit which, whilst not at all bad, never quite sounded as convincing. How could they!!!? However, the ability to listen to the best AND tell everyone it was “Made and designed in Britain” is simply a pleasure hard to surpass; so, whilst I may ever be able to afford a pair of B&W Nautilus 802 Diamonds, one day I just know I’ll own a pair of Nautilus 805’s. For now, this show will have to suffice.

    Regardless, as I’m now in the market for a new pair of headphones, I would simply relish being able to listen to what B&W have done in this arena, as I glance across at a piece of sublime Italian automotive design coupled to British aural know-how.

    Any day suits, as I shall be bringing my daughter – who is off school this week – and also needs some new headphones to replace the JVC kiddy ones she’s had since she was a toddler! Who knows…

    Nevertheless, thank you for the opportunity; good luck at the show.

  • Eddy Hyde says:

    Am a big audio fan with a few of your speakers in my setup, and also work for jaguar, so keen to find out if you found a way to make the Maserati install better than the xj, which is still the best install have ever experienced, including the replacement!

  • Mike says:

    Because in the immortal words of Aaron Neville
    I don’t know much
    But I know I love you
    And that may be
    All I need to know

  • Joel Adler says:

    I love Gadgets, music , Maserati, and B&W. Saturday please. Go, Go , Gadget !

  • George Colmer says:

    Any day for tickets,

    Would love to come and check out some of the bowers and Wilkins products that me and my grandad have both not been able to listen to, both massive fans between us owning 7 in wall speakers the zeppelin c5 and p3s!!

    Also huge gadget show fans so would be a great experience and something I’d love to treat him too!!

    Thanks and good luck to all


  • Brian F says:

    Wireless speakers and pair of decent monitors will do me just fine.

  • Alicia Zemer says:

    The Debate Team.

  • J says:

    either sat or sun

  • JH says:

    either sat or sun

    I really like your products since my first speakers MM-1
    In fact I am still using it
    And I am impressed with your soundbar!!
    want to see what new products are coming

  • Alex Wood says:

    Mr & Mrs Gadget would love to apply for two positions at the gadget show.
    We are both audiovisual gadget fans.
    Saturday would be super, but we will take any day otherwise.
    Excited and Eager

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