Win tickets to Gadget Show Live 2013

This competition is now closed

Win tickets to Gadget Show Live and hear the new Z2 Wireless Music System for the first time.

We have one pair of tickets to give away for each day of this year’s Gadget Show Live: 3rd April – 7th April.

You will be among the first to experience Bowers & Wilkins new Z2 with Lightning connector, and the rest of the highly regarded Wireless Music System range. You will also be able to listen to the Bowers & Wilkins headphone range, and hear the first Bowers & Wilkins audio system in a Maserati.

Each Bowers & Wilkins new media product benefits from the company’s nearly five decades of speaker design and audio experience. And each one borrows technology and know-how transferred directly from Bowers & Wilkins renowned high-end hi-fi and studio monitor speakers.

  • Simply tell us here why you want to come and which day you are able to attend for a chance to win.
  • Competition ends midnight,  27th March, 2013

This competition is now closed



  • Lynn Seymour says:

    Wednesday 3rd would bee ideal for me!

  • Mark Stevens says:

    I’ve had one of your zepplin’s since it came out – and would to experience some of your other products!
    I also owe my mate a return trip to the gadget show after he took me last year!!

    Saturday tickets would be mega!


  • James G says:

    oops! Any Saturday would be good.

  • Arthur Spiegel says:

    I have 3 sets of B&W speakers and one of the best sets of headphones ever. I would love to go to the show with my wife. Saturday tickets would be terrific!

  • ANTHONY BARR says:

    Insatiable technophile, love the airplay Zeppelin, looking at the Z2 now, desperate for the Masarati too!

  • Ali Naqvi says:

    I am a loyal B&Wite and have owned 3 of the home theater systems so far. Would love to see the new kit on Sunday 7th April.

  • Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    If I could I would be Mrs. Gadget, absolutely love them, I want to see them in action and take in the heady athmosphere. I can only attend on Saturday, though, so if I win could I please have tickets to Saturday ?

  • Mike Sperrey says:

    Because I’ve just bought my first set of B&W speakers and love them – would be great to meet the team behind them, and see what’s next on my shopping list

  • Ted Su says:

    I have been a fan for B&W speakers for over 20 years, always enjoy listen to my friend’s 801 and thinking of owning ones myself.

  • Graham Keevill says:

    I’d love to come on the Saturday, with my son. Well how else are we ever going to get that close to a Maserati??

  • Alex Cleanthi says:

    Any weekend date would be fab. Gadgets and gismoes are the way to go!

  • Renny says:

    I would love to bring my son to this.

    I am to gadgets what Jeremy Clarkson is to cars. Sorry I mean I am to cars what Jeremy Clarkson is to gadgets.

    Would love tickets for Sunday

  • AMER ZAHEER says:

    I would love to see your new Z2 Wireless Music system live and if I won can I have the Thursday tickets plz

  • Lee Scott says:

    If only I could ,I really would , go to the show , money is tight but this shows right ,on tv is the norm for me ,loving the show ,the gadgets too ,I’d love a ticket just for two , for my son and me , that would make us really happy . Gadgets and tech is the way to go I just hope I’m at the show . Any time is good for us , not wanting to make a fuss , I hope you like this little rime gadgets are my favourite thing I can only dream of a win .

  • David Brisbourne says:

    I live life in mono as I am deaf in on ear, but treat my single listening device to B&W as it makes such a difference to my listening experience. My Gadget happy, gaming & programming crazy 13 year old son however is the future and he has the use of both his ears, so he and I would compliment each other nicely on the Sunday at Gadget Show Live and as car fans look forward to hearing the B&W Maserati!!!

  • Trevor Porch says:

    Would love to come on sunday and bring my ipod loaded with my music to listen to some of the best music systems money can buy .

  • kevin says:

    my suround audio system is just great coupled with my blu-rays. thursday 4 april best. ta.

  • Greg Greatbatch says:

    B&W represents a ‘Love Brand’ for me and have a number of B&W products including an 800 series music room set up as well as earphones for when I am on the move. I am in the market for a new portable player/dock for use with my iphone 5 so would like to hear the Z2 against it’s competitors. Any day would be good for me if that is easier ?

  • Stewart McClelland says:

    Would love tickets for the Saturday as I am a huge b&w fan

  • Matthew Stephens says:

    I am a huge fan of B&W and all of your products. I currently use the Zeppelin Air to Airplay all of my music, and use my P5s for when i really want to connect with my music, and use my C5s every single day which fit so perfectly. B&W sculpt the most beautiful and best sounding speaker products on the market. I would love to come to the Gadget show live on Saturday 6th and have the opportunity to experience the Z2 before adding it to my B&W collection with it’s lightning connector and Airplay capabilities.

    And maybe one day i will be able to have a Maserati with B&W audio in it, but this is likely the closest I will get!

  • Yameng cao says:

    If I win, Bower Wilkins will get a new order of the speakers from me. Oh yeah I also love the show!

  • Jeremy says:

    I love high tech gadgets, performance cars and listening to high quality music.
    The show is a great way to have an enjoyable day doing what I love most.
    Flexible enough to go any day if you guy’s are kind enough to provide some tickets!
    Keep pushing the forward with great new innovative prducts.

  • Andrew nelson says:

    Always trying to save up for new tech,
    would love to see some new products and just think it would be a cool experience
    Any day is good for me

  • Bimal Mohanan says:

    A true and proud owner of a absolutely wicked pair of headphones P5’s,the 7th of April would be great!!
    Looking forward all of your new products as I’m a vivid fan of B&W

  • Doan says:

    B & W audio in action plus Maserati what more could I say, count me in please. Thanks

  • Steve says:

    I would be a great chance to bring my brother who is a massive gadget fan as I am. Unfortunately he has cancer and is unemployed so cant afford tickets it would be a massive boost for him.. The 3rd or 4th . Would be a great surprise for him.
    I have the VM1s and they are the reason my wife let me get surround speakers. !! thanks

  • Ian Foster says:

    Have had a Zeppelin for 3 or so years and I have had problems with both machines ( sorted out by B&W ) would not like to spend zillions on a Masarati with B&W in it unless I had a lifetime warranty.

  • al says:

    this is as close to a maserati as i’m gonna get.
    thanks for the opportunity

  • Mike Meyer says:

    I’m always impressed with the innovation shown by B&W designers and want to hear the Z2. This would also be a great chance to sit in a Maserati.
    A chance to see the latest gadgets is always exciting and I could come any day except Wednesday.

  • Kaos says:

    This competition sounds fantastic, nearly as fantastic as the B&W sound systems themselves. Plus I’m in the market for some new headphones so would be great to test your new ones out.
    Saturday for me please.

  • Tom says:

    I own a zeppelin, I wanna try your headphones and see your new gear. Would like to come 6th or 7th. thanks

  • Henry Mandzuk says:

    I’m a gadget man and a gadget fan so any day at the show would be great .

  • Amit Panchal says:

    I would love to come just to listen to how b&w create a symphony with there awesome kit that would make any humble citizen feel like they are at the heart of the sound machine.

    Saturday or Sunday would be great for me.

  • r franklin says:

    for one of life’s experiences, too good to miss and best things in life are rarely free.
    any day is Ok.

  • Jon Dodd says:

    I would love to go to the gadget show live, for a few reasons, but knowing that B&W will be there showing off new tech. As going wireless is very interesting development within HiFi and it will be intersting to see the furture within this also how it compares in quality to a wired system. Also I do like a lot of gadgets so would be nice to see them all!
    Available any day as I woluld take time off work, if you need me to say a day then Thursday.

  • John Englert says:

    You can pick the day; I love gadgets and my dance card is un(ful)filled.

  • Trevor Stewart says:

    Currently own the zeppelin , it’s pure sound quality has reinvigorated my passion for music,
    No other sound like it, would love to visit the gadget show to explore the new gadgets and b&w tech
    Tickets for Saturday/ Sunday pleas

  • martin parry says:


  • Nick Miller says:

    Quite simple i love the show it is awesome. Any day is good for me.

  • charlie says:

    From my first experience of stereo in a ’55 Chevy at the Boston auto show through last night around 11:30, I’ve enjoyed the full spectrum of music and of sound.( Fortunately both of my musician sons have also picked up on that appreciation.)
    As a retiree my bags can be packed for any day of the week.

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