Win tickets to Gadget Show Live 2013

This competition is now closed

Win tickets to Gadget Show Live and hear the new Z2 Wireless Music System for the first time.

We have one pair of tickets to give away for each day of this year’s Gadget Show Live: 3rd April – 7th April.

You will be among the first to experience Bowers & Wilkins new Z2 with Lightning connector, and the rest of the highly regarded Wireless Music System range. You will also be able to listen to the Bowers & Wilkins headphone range, and hear the first Bowers & Wilkins audio system in a Maserati.

Each Bowers & Wilkins new media product benefits from the company’s nearly five decades of speaker design and audio experience. And each one borrows technology and know-how transferred directly from Bowers & Wilkins renowned high-end hi-fi and studio monitor speakers.

  • Simply tell us here why you want to come and which day you are able to attend for a chance to win.
  • Competition ends midnight,  27th March, 2013

This competition is now closed



  • Steve Karmeinsky says:

    Any day.

    Massive gadget/tech geek, write a techie blog.

    Massive fan of B&W – my aim in life is to be able to find a property suitable for owning a pair of Nautilus speakers!


  • Luci Chambers says:

    I would like to come to listen to the Z2 wireless music system plus I love gadgets. Tickets for Wednesday please..

  • Stacey akers says:

    Any Saturday would be great. Would love to win for my hubby he is a big fan of the show and gadgets. Thanks

  • Lynn Fancy says:

    I would love to come on the Saturday

    I would love to bring my son
    to look at all the tech
    we like to listen to talks
    and hear about new spec!
    I am really rather geeky
    and probably a nerd
    I expect the Z2 Wireless Speaker system
    will be the best we’ve ever heard!

  • Evan Newland says:

    I would love to go as I love to see what games are coming out and I like to try all the new toys so I can tell my friends about them!

    I would like Sunday Please :)

  • paulie pope says:

    i want to have a go on all the stuff! i’m a big bloody kid at heart…..

    i’m ok with any day but weekend would be best really…otherwise it’s a work skive!

  • kat p says:

    happy days at the gadget show with loads of people in the know
    i know nothing as manuel said so i’m hoping they will cram my head
    full of stuff and things and tech so here i am…ready….set!

    god, what a crap poem!

    saturday would be a fabbity fabbity fab day, but i’m not that darned fussed….

  • shareen muir says:

    i love gadgets wednesday please

  • cameron munir says:

    love gadgets any day please

  • Ian Britton says:

    Any day – it’s the school holidays – it would shut the kids up and I’d be able to listen to the music or if really lucky the music I’d choose at the time I want!

  • scott orr says:

    Friday tickets please

    Just an out and out gadget freak. So want a Z2 to add to my zepllin Air network for distributed audio round the house

  • Christopher. says:

    Already have a zep mini and m1 surround system so love b&w so would like to listen to the z2, just retired so any day for me.

  • Kenneth Soh says:

    HAve been a fan of B&W and own both headphones and speakers. Most importantly I am a huge gadget geek! I’d love to attend on the Dun 7th but anyday would do me tbh! Thanks!

  • Paul Webster says:

    Any day. Want to see and hear your new systems and search for new gadgets.

  • Hyendaudio says:

    Gadgets are my life. I have built my whole life around gadgets; if it looks cool and does cool things, I gotta have it. B&W is one of my hero companies; they have paved the way for the most innovative and classy design principles in audio in the world. B&W ranks supreme in the world of gadgetry! I can come any day you’ll have me!

  • Lisa Gething says:

    I have been converted to your products this year when i made my first purchase on the speaker side!! loving it and want to be one of the first to sample Z2 wireless music system – gadget mad and looking to up grade a few things!!!
    Available on 6th or 7th of April!!

  • Sam Wright says:

    Any day is great for me. I’m a commercial photography student, and so it would be great for me to go and view products that hopefully I will be able to photograph, and to also meet representatives of companies that one day I could work with.

  • Jaymon Jones says:

    I Love the sound of my P5s so much I had to get two sets!!!! I can’t wait to hear the Z2 and all of the other listing pleasure devices by B&W. I can make any of the days between 3-7th April.

  • Tony W says:

    Would like to come on Saturday because currently looking for new headphones. Cheers

  • kamran says:

    Love gadgets and love music, would love to get tickets for saturday

  • Zoe Campbell says:

    I can attend any day and I would love to come as my husband thinks he knows everything. I would love to impress him with some geeky gadget knowledge.

  • Ed Burtenshaw says:

    Gadget is my middle name! I live, breathe and obsess over all things gadgety.
    Any day would work for me.

  • Grahame Newell says:

    I’ve got the Zeppelin and would love to hear the Z2.
    My daughter and I are fans of the Gadget Show and it would be a treat to go.
    Ideally Wednesday.

  • Chris Mead says:

    I’m good to go any day and would love to go. Watch each episode of the show always wishing I had the money to spend! Make it worse, let me go to the show and let me actually touch them!

    Love tech and gadgets, would love to see the Maserati and listen to the sound system.

  • Steve R says:

    A great opportunity to see and hear the very best in new gadgets , not to be missed.

    Any day is good. Thanks

  • Hannah ITV says:

    Me and my boyfriend have P3 & P5 headsets for our commute, but would love something for the house, Z2 methinks?!
    We adore gadgets and are both engineers, we’ve never been to the Gadget Show though!
    Any day works for us!

  • Trevor Porch says:

    Would love to come on Sunday and try my iPod on your music systems to see how great they can sound with my. favourite tracks ,

  • Gareth says:

    I’d love to come along Weds or Sat with my daughter to see who can out geek the other! We’re making the house ultra-streaming and looking out for the final pieces.

  • Bill Cameron says:

    I love Technology, I love Gadgets, I love my Bowers & Wilkins headphones and I’d love to go to ‘The Gadget Show’ on 6th April please! Happy days…

  • Douglas Taylor says:

    I would love to come with my son (11), who is a music buff and great fan of our Zeppelin, (and a drummer), on either the 6th or the 7th of April.
    Thank you.
    Douglas and Ollie taylor

  • Ravi says:

    I would love to go as im a huge gadget fan. Also recently purchased the P3
    Headphones and there are amazing the best i have ever had.. I would love to experience what other amazing gadgets
    you have to offer at the show as it would be my first time. I would like tickets for the Sunday please.

  • John Palmer says:

    I have the B&W sound system in my Jaguar XF and would love to see and hear the advances that you’ve made with your latest tech in the Maserati.

    One thing that’s always confused me is why support for FLAC is missing in the XF B&W system.
    Hopefully this is fixed in the new system.

  • James Smith says:

    I simply have to be there, no other reason. Big B&W fan and love gadgets in general.

    Any date suits me!

  • Mark Galloway says:

    I have a pair of B&W P5 headphones and they are quite simply the best gadget I own. I would be fascinated to hear how good the Z2 sounds and anyone in their right mind would love to hear how a B&W audio system sounds in a car as beautiful as the Maserati Quattroporte. April the 3rd or 4th would be ideal were I to win tickets.
    Many thanks,

    Mark Galloway

  • Renny says:

    I would love to come on Sunday with my lad.

    I am to gadgets what Jeremy Clarkson is to cars. Sorry I mean I am to cars what Jeremy Clarkson is to gadgets!

    Would live to see your new system.

    Thank you

  • Din mohammed says:

    Gadgets are shaping our future!

  • James says:

    Massive fan of B&W for years. Need a new iPod dock and very excited about Z2. Gadgets, tech and science is the blood that runs through my veins and the music that can be heard in pristine quality on by B&W speakers is the heart that pumps. As a filmmaker and writer, music and the tech that allows it to be heard is my life. I’d love to come to Gadget Show Live to see and hear all that is new and wonderful! Any day would suit me. Thanks for the offer ;-)

  • Wayne says:

    I’ve been a fan of B&W kit since my first saturday job in a hi if store. Since then I have become a fan for life and enjoy the escape the kit gives me from the pains and strains of looking after my autistic son. A special day away like this would mean the world to me as they are very rare.

  • Nick Scott says:

    I am a huge hi-fi separates and gadget fan, combining both at the Gadget show is like an Aladdin’s Cave of geekdom for me to delight in!

    Would love to attend on any day!

  • Din mohammed says:

    Mondays is best for me, sent from my iphone5

  • Marie Clegg says:

    I am an absolute gadgeter Like to be ahead of the children(now grown up)or at least equal with them.

  • TRAFF says:

    Would like to bring my 15 y.o. Nevvy, Charlie along,
    Both into gadgets big time
    Still over the moon with my Airplay Zepplin on my narrowboat, if I’m awake, it’s playing
    I found it superb for Internet TV &DVD,s, makes some of the muttering on shows like “The Wire” clear and clean
    Can I take the Maserati home ?
    Any day is FAB

  • Andy Stenhouse says:

    I have a B&W Zepplin which I adore so much. Never listened & enjoyed music so much.
    No this looks & I bet sounds out of this world. I would love to add it to my B&W collection.
    Well done with the design. Gorgeous, totally gorgeous. Love it so much. Looks so well engineered & manufactured & the built quality will be second to none like all B&W equipment. THE BEST EVER.

  • steven Roadknight says:

    Already own the Zeppelin, and have been owner of BW home cinema speakers for many years I am looking forward to looking at the Z2 wireless I just love all Gadgets.

  • Karamjot Singh says:

    I just love messing with tech so much.

    Would love to come any day but weekends will do great!

  • Matt Duffy says:

    I hope I win.

  • Jody demay Davies says:

    I would like to check out what else B&W have new to show off. Sunday the 6th

  • Giovanni says:

    If its anything that sounds like the zepplin air make it you first choice

  • A says:

    Uh tell everyone WHERE the show takes place

  • Andy Stenhouse says:

    Forgot to say any Saturday

  • Kelli Carr says:

    I am gadget mad even my two year old owns an iPad touch and she’s just learning to use my iMac so I need some new ideas for myself seen as she’s stole all my tech any day would be fine :)

  • Kelli Carrc says:

    Oops meant to say iPod touch lol :/

  • paul hart says:

    You bet you baby,would hate to see all the fantastic b*w. New additions.woof woof. Saturday please

  • C. Jones says:

    What self-respecting gadget lover wouldn’t want to go? Sunday the 7th would be great for me. :-)

  • Manj says:

    I love my gadgets, always a fan of quality tech.
    B&W set the standards when it comes to quality undistorted sound and unique designs.
    My Zeppelin sounds just as good today as the day i bought it!

    I can attend any day. :-)

  • Robert Baldwin says:

    We would like to come to the show as this will help improve our knowledge of your airplay products when we are selling your products in Ghana West Africa.

  • Norbert says:

    It would be a such an honour to go to gadget show,I mean what else you could do on 6th April :D
    Dream to hear B&W in Maserati,it might be my only chance :D

  • Steve says:

    I would like to take my daughter who loves gadgets. She finally got her hands on my old iphone 3GS, so it would be great to watch and hear her beaming her favourite music to the Z2. Saturday or Sunday would be great for us!

  • Handfed says:

    Love gadgets but as to which day preferred agree it depends upon where actually it is but ill go to it no matter what day It is

  • Rich Hogg says:

    Can’t wait to see what you have to share with us :)

  • Ben Wakefield says:

    I thrive off technology !!!!

  • Suaprdi Dermawan says:

    Weekends please. Love to hear and see all the gadget/tech with my son so he can learn and appreciate

  • Maggie says:

    I would love tickets for the Wednesday to take my son. He is a complete Gadget geek and is off to Uni later this year (no doubt will end up designing gadgets). It would be nice to have an outing together before he leaves the nest (Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!).

  • Ajay Singhal says:

    To see, to hear, to feel, to experience tomorrow’s technology – today
    Or preferably on a Saturday

  • vistamar8 says:

    Having worked in the computer industry for 40 years as well as being a gadget addict for the same time. in the early days if I couldn’t find or afford what I wanted, I used to design and build it myself from turntables to Amplifiers and speakers. Now I allow others to take the strain and am able to treat myself to what I need (want). I still am intrigued with technology and where it is going and would dearly love to Join B&W at the Gadget Show 2013. Any weekday will please me greatly.

  • Stuart Ayling says:

    I deserve the tickets as I once got turned down to go on the show Blockbusters (as presented by Bob Holness) as I was too geeky – my application back in 1993 said that I’d like to invent a complete automated home controlled by one single master remote – and even though I got the most answers correct in the quiz test part of the interveiw I wasnt ‘right’ to appear on the show, as surely, I was, I am and always will be a gadget geek ;)

  • Stuart Ayling says:

    I can go any day (how sad is that!)

  • Karil Whetstone says:

    I want to jam to the music and find high quality sound surround me giving me the relaxation I need to relieve my pain
    and the beautiful car

  • Darren Crisp says:

    I wanted to enter to get tickets, however your site doesn’t seam to work with iPhone!!!

  • Simon Hudson says:

    You know, I don’t actually like gadgets. I like tools… things that make my life better, richer, easier through what they do, or which let me achieve things I couldn’t do without them.

    High quality hifi falls into that category, an absence of wires falls into that category. Getting places in comfort, speed and style (*with great music) counts too.

  • Sarah Davies says:

    Wednesday would be great please.

    I’d like the chance to get one step ahead of the kids again, because at the moment they are totally out-teching me.

  • Adam says:

    I would love to hear your new Z2 docking station as I have just bought an iPhone 5 and really need one so would be a great chance to hearit. Am a big fan of your products so I’m sure this won’t dissappoint! Also I would love to your amazing audio in the new Maserati so really would like to go. Thanks

  • Phil B says:

    Name the day and I will be there, with a geeky friend.
    Love my Zep, the quality of the sound is excellent, far better that what I had before which I thought was good until I listen to B&W
    The Maserati makes a nice sound all of its own as well! Any chance of blipping the throttle? – that would bring even more people to the stand!

  • Pete Chisholm says:

    I had to save and save for my Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin but it was worth every penny, beautiful looks, fantastic sound….I would bring my credit card

  • Sanchit says:

    6th or 7th April are the best possible dates for me- which ever is available.

    Looking forward to buy a new music system for another room of min, what else could be better than this event! B&W – my favourite Acourstics brand in the Gadget (playing with my gadgets is my hobby) show!

  • Mark Henry says:

    It’s new technology, its gadgets, it’s chic geeks, why would anyone want to be anywhere else!

    Tickets for Thursday 4th April would be fabulous please…

    Many thanks

  • Pete Chisholm says:

    Any day would be good for such a great opportunity many thanks Pete

  • Jez says:

    My Zeppelin is awesome….the first of my possessions brought into my new home! My Z2 I dream of….it will be next, then for my Panorama 2? It will happen one day…soon I hope! A day out to see them all would be a privilege indeed!

    3rd, 4th or 6th please, thank you ;)

  • Joe Abalos says:

    I have B&W collection of speakers since the 70s. I think they are the best!

  • James G says:

    I will probably never otherwise get to experience the speaker design and audio delights in a Masserati. I also love gadgets and the Gadget Show.

  • Lynn Seymour says:

    Wednesday 3rd would bee ideal for me!

  • Mark Stevens says:

    I’ve had one of your zepplin’s since it came out – and would to experience some of your other products!
    I also owe my mate a return trip to the gadget show after he took me last year!!

    Saturday tickets would be mega!


  • James G says:

    oops! Any Saturday would be good.

  • Arthur Spiegel says:

    I have 3 sets of B&W speakers and one of the best sets of headphones ever. I would love to go to the show with my wife. Saturday tickets would be terrific!

  • ANTHONY BARR says:

    Insatiable technophile, love the airplay Zeppelin, looking at the Z2 now, desperate for the Masarati too!

  • Ali Naqvi says:

    I am a loyal B&Wite and have owned 3 of the home theater systems so far. Would love to see the new kit on Sunday 7th April.

  • Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    If I could I would be Mrs. Gadget, absolutely love them, I want to see them in action and take in the heady athmosphere. I can only attend on Saturday, though, so if I win could I please have tickets to Saturday ?

  • Mike Sperrey says:

    Because I’ve just bought my first set of B&W speakers and love them – would be great to meet the team behind them, and see what’s next on my shopping list

  • Ted Su says:

    I have been a fan for B&W speakers for over 20 years, always enjoy listen to my friend’s 801 and thinking of owning ones myself.

  • Graham Keevill says:

    I’d love to come on the Saturday, with my son. Well how else are we ever going to get that close to a Maserati??

  • Alex Cleanthi says:

    Any weekend date would be fab. Gadgets and gismoes are the way to go!

  • Renny says:

    I would love to bring my son to this.

    I am to gadgets what Jeremy Clarkson is to cars. Sorry I mean I am to cars what Jeremy Clarkson is to gadgets.

    Would love tickets for Sunday

  • AMER ZAHEER says:

    I would love to see your new Z2 Wireless Music system live and if I won can I have the Thursday tickets plz

  • Lee Scott says:

    If only I could ,I really would , go to the show , money is tight but this shows right ,on tv is the norm for me ,loving the show ,the gadgets too ,I’d love a ticket just for two , for my son and me , that would make us really happy . Gadgets and tech is the way to go I just hope I’m at the show . Any time is good for us , not wanting to make a fuss , I hope you like this little rime gadgets are my favourite thing I can only dream of a win .

  • David Brisbourne says:

    I live life in mono as I am deaf in on ear, but treat my single listening device to B&W as it makes such a difference to my listening experience. My Gadget happy, gaming & programming crazy 13 year old son however is the future and he has the use of both his ears, so he and I would compliment each other nicely on the Sunday at Gadget Show Live and as car fans look forward to hearing the B&W Maserati!!!

  • Trevor Porch says:

    Would love to come on sunday and bring my ipod loaded with my music to listen to some of the best music systems money can buy .

  • kevin says:

    my suround audio system is just great coupled with my blu-rays. thursday 4 april best. ta.

  • Greg Greatbatch says:

    B&W represents a ‘Love Brand’ for me and have a number of B&W products including an 800 series music room set up as well as earphones for when I am on the move. I am in the market for a new portable player/dock for use with my iphone 5 so would like to hear the Z2 against it’s competitors. Any day would be good for me if that is easier ?

  • Stewart McClelland says:

    Would love tickets for the Saturday as I am a huge b&w fan

  • Matthew Stephens says:

    I am a huge fan of B&W and all of your products. I currently use the Zeppelin Air to Airplay all of my music, and use my P5s for when i really want to connect with my music, and use my C5s every single day which fit so perfectly. B&W sculpt the most beautiful and best sounding speaker products on the market. I would love to come to the Gadget show live on Saturday 6th and have the opportunity to experience the Z2 before adding it to my B&W collection with it’s lightning connector and Airplay capabilities.

    And maybe one day i will be able to have a Maserati with B&W audio in it, but this is likely the closest I will get!

  • Yameng cao says:

    If I win, Bower Wilkins will get a new order of the speakers from me. Oh yeah I also love the show!

  • Jeremy says:

    I love high tech gadgets, performance cars and listening to high quality music.
    The show is a great way to have an enjoyable day doing what I love most.
    Flexible enough to go any day if you guy’s are kind enough to provide some tickets!
    Keep pushing the forward with great new innovative prducts.

  • Andrew nelson says:

    Always trying to save up for new tech,
    would love to see some new products and just think it would be a cool experience
    Any day is good for me

  • Bimal Mohanan says:

    A true and proud owner of a absolutely wicked pair of headphones P5’s,the 7th of April would be great!!
    Looking forward all of your new products as I’m a vivid fan of B&W

  • Doan says:

    B & W audio in action plus Maserati what more could I say, count me in please. Thanks

  • Steve says:

    I would be a great chance to bring my brother who is a massive gadget fan as I am. Unfortunately he has cancer and is unemployed so cant afford tickets it would be a massive boost for him.. The 3rd or 4th . Would be a great surprise for him.
    I have the VM1s and they are the reason my wife let me get surround speakers. !! thanks

  • Ian Foster says:

    Have had a Zeppelin for 3 or so years and I have had problems with both machines ( sorted out by B&W ) would not like to spend zillions on a Masarati with B&W in it unless I had a lifetime warranty.

  • al says:

    this is as close to a maserati as i’m gonna get.
    thanks for the opportunity

  • Mike Meyer says:

    I’m always impressed with the innovation shown by B&W designers and want to hear the Z2. This would also be a great chance to sit in a Maserati.
    A chance to see the latest gadgets is always exciting and I could come any day except Wednesday.

  • Kaos says:

    This competition sounds fantastic, nearly as fantastic as the B&W sound systems themselves. Plus I’m in the market for some new headphones so would be great to test your new ones out.
    Saturday for me please.

  • Tom says:

    I own a zeppelin, I wanna try your headphones and see your new gear. Would like to come 6th or 7th. thanks

  • Henry Mandzuk says:

    I’m a gadget man and a gadget fan so any day at the show would be great .

  • Amit Panchal says:

    I would love to come just to listen to how b&w create a symphony with there awesome kit that would make any humble citizen feel like they are at the heart of the sound machine.

    Saturday or Sunday would be great for me.

  • r franklin says:

    for one of life’s experiences, too good to miss and best things in life are rarely free.
    any day is Ok.

  • Jon Dodd says:

    I would love to go to the gadget show live, for a few reasons, but knowing that B&W will be there showing off new tech. As going wireless is very interesting development within HiFi and it will be intersting to see the furture within this also how it compares in quality to a wired system. Also I do like a lot of gadgets so would be nice to see them all!
    Available any day as I woluld take time off work, if you need me to say a day then Thursday.

  • John Englert says:

    You can pick the day; I love gadgets and my dance card is un(ful)filled.

  • Trevor Stewart says:

    Currently own the zeppelin , it’s pure sound quality has reinvigorated my passion for music,
    No other sound like it, would love to visit the gadget show to explore the new gadgets and b&w tech
    Tickets for Saturday/ Sunday pleas

  • martin parry says:


  • Nick Miller says:

    Quite simple i love the show it is awesome. Any day is good for me.

  • charlie says:

    From my first experience of stereo in a ’55 Chevy at the Boston auto show through last night around 11:30, I’ve enjoyed the full spectrum of music and of sound.( Fortunately both of my musician sons have also picked up on that appreciation.)
    As a retiree my bags can be packed for any day of the week.

  • Ian Hallett says:

    I’d love to go on the Saturday if I won the tickets. I have a B&W surround system with DM602 s3 as mains. Absolutely love them. I’d love the chance to hear new products especially the Z2.

  • Andy says:

    I have tried for years to get tickets to the show and failed. I really want to go!!!! I love my Zeppelin,Thanks to B&W for all my great party nights we have had…. and other nights with the wife.. nudge nudge wink wink……

  • Steve says:

    Any day for the tickets, would love to come to the show as I need to update my surround sound speaker system, plus I love my zeppelin and I’m looking at the Air for another room!!

  • Asif Rashid says:

    Love the gadget show, love gadgets. What more do I need to say.

  • Asif Rashid says:

    Sorry forgot to mention the day Anyday I’m there !

  • Paul Wright says:

    Love Tech, love Maserati, love B&W, love free stuff, and Saturday is my favourite day of the week!!!

  • Derek Walters says:

    I have the MM-1 and the P3’s I now need the Z2 to make up my set.
    Saturday would be great Thank You

  • Neil B says:

    Simple- I simply love gadgets and am a B&W fan !
    Saturday would be good.

  • Mark Murrin says:

    B&W – Sublime speakers, I love the style, get absorbed in the sound. Love my Zeppelin :-)

    Gadgets are so hard to resist and I want to see if i have the will power! – I hope not!

    I’d love to go on Tuesday 2nd April.

    Thank you B&W


  • Sally Hay says:

    Would love to listen to the Z2 and also just be awestruck by some of the other gadgetry on offer. Friday is the best day for me please.

  • Smon says:

    B&W in a Maserati – why wouldn’t I want to go!!

    Thursday, Friday or Sat would work well – taking my 15 year old son who is gadget mad would give a great opportunity for a father and son road trip :-)

    Thanks for enriching my life

  • Steve Freedman says:

    I want to see, hear, touch and smell all the Badgets & Wadgets :)
    Any day works for me :)

  • Nigel Greenstreet says:

    B&W are just great
    their stuff just doesn’t date
    Amazing looks and built to last
    For all the years and years gone past
    its their technical innovations
    that make the best creations
    I’d love a wireless Z2
    Well lets face it wouldn’t you?

    The Gadget show rocks, just like the music on a B&W nautilus

    Any day available would be the greatest thing ever.

  • michael howarth says:

    iv got gadgets coming out of my ears and i want to fill my eyes with them

  • Paul Harty says:

    I would please like Thursday 4th April.
    I can’t wait to see hear experience the Z2 & A5 just to mention a few
    B & W equipment is such great quality I know once I’ve
    Heard them I shall be reaching for my wallet & convincing my pals &
    Family to do the same…having said that when they see how effortlessly
    The equipment compliments my stylish pad & hear it…that will be enough
    convince them anyway!

  • Anthony says:

    For every gadget fan this is the coolest place to be and thanks to Bowers & Wilkins I can go on Saturday for free!

  • peter barclay says:

    2 awesome experiences at once, everyone should get to sit in the maserati at least once.
    wed would do me.

  • Parker says:

    I love the gadget live show!!! I am a big fan of B&W!

    Tickets for any days works for me.

  • marie doerrman says:

    would love to win!!

  • Robert says:

    I am mr gadget so I need to be there to see newest items

  • Tanvir Rayatt says:

    I love Bowers & Wilkins and their ethos and products! I have owned a B&W Zeppelin for years and anybody who knows me knows I am a massive audiophile and if there was a fire that would be the one thing I would grab out the house! My aim is to buy multiple Zepplins and B&W wireless systems for around my house to have luscious perfect beautiful sound in every room!
    Any day :)

  • Outdoors Nerd says:

    Looking forward to seeing the precision and style of your new headphones. My P5s are a piece of art.

    I can go any day

  • Petra Hora says:

    I would love to visit the show as I never been to.

  • Lee Hancox says:

    Would love to take my 11 year old daughter to the April 7th gig. She absolutely loves the Gadget Show and watches them back to back on her BT Vision box. She loves all things gadgety and it would be great to share a day out and geek out together at all the shiny things whilst soaking up the blissful B&W tones and beats. Fingers crossed 40yr Old dad that still thinks he’s a 20 something.

  • Lynn Fancy says:

    Can I change my option to Sunday please? If I were to be lucky enough….my entry is above :)

  • Gary P says:

    Can’t wait to hear the Z2, can it be even better than the Zeppelin we have?????!!!!

    Saturday or Sunday, please.

  • elizabeth coleman says:

    i would free samples

  • Paul Wiles says:

    Want to have a listen to some of the B&W headphones and checknout the latest gadgets

    For free tickets I can make any of the days :-)

  • Steve Armstrong says:

    Love the Quality Gadgets, And any day will do.

  • Lisa Lesley says:

    I love gadgets! Would pref Thurs or Fri if possible please…

  • Steve says:

    After hearing B&W speakers many years ago at Abbey Road studios, I bought and used a pair of B&W speakers in my personal studio until, that is, a faulty Rotel amp caused them to break well beyond economic repair! :-(

    Unfortunately, funds meant that I had to resort to a DIY speaker kit which, whilst not at all bad, never quite sounded as convincing. How could they!!!? However, the ability to listen to the best AND tell everyone it was “Made and designed in Britain” is simply a pleasure hard to surpass; so, whilst I may ever be able to afford a pair of B&W Nautilus 802 Diamonds, one day I just know I’ll own a pair of Nautilus 805’s. For now, this show will have to suffice.

    Regardless, as I’m now in the market for a new pair of headphones, I would simply relish being able to listen to what B&W have done in this arena, as I glance across at a piece of sublime Italian automotive design coupled to British aural know-how.

    Any day suits, as I shall be bringing my daughter – who is off school this week – and also needs some new headphones to replace the JVC kiddy ones she’s had since she was a toddler! Who knows…

    Nevertheless, thank you for the opportunity; good luck at the show.

  • Eddy Hyde says:

    Am a big audio fan with a few of your speakers in my setup, and also work for jaguar, so keen to find out if you found a way to make the Maserati install better than the xj, which is still the best install have ever experienced, including the replacement!

  • Mike says:

    Because in the immortal words of Aaron Neville
    I don’t know much
    But I know I love you
    And that may be
    All I need to know

  • Joel Adler says:

    I love Gadgets, music , Maserati, and B&W. Saturday please. Go, Go , Gadget !

  • George Colmer says:

    Any day for tickets,

    Would love to come and check out some of the bowers and Wilkins products that me and my grandad have both not been able to listen to, both massive fans between us owning 7 in wall speakers the zeppelin c5 and p3s!!

    Also huge gadget show fans so would be a great experience and something I’d love to treat him too!!

    Thanks and good luck to all


  • Brian F says:

    Wireless speakers and pair of decent monitors will do me just fine.

  • Alicia Zemer says:

    The Debate Team.

  • J says:

    either sat or sun

  • JH says:

    either sat or sun

    I really like your products since my first speakers MM-1
    In fact I am still using it
    And I am impressed with your soundbar!!
    want to see what new products are coming

  • Alex Wood says:

    Mr & Mrs Gadget would love to apply for two positions at the gadget show.
    We are both audiovisual gadget fans.
    Saturday would be super, but we will take any day otherwise.
    Excited and Eager

  • Steve says:

    I am addicted to black gadgets, particularly those with a B&W badge!! Around 4 years ago I sold my Granny into white slavery to by my first zeppelin. Free tickets for any weekend day would be great…… and would reduce the chances of my dear children suffering their Grandmother’s plight.

  • Damian S says:

    I’m slowly managing to bring my good lady into the realms of the 22nd century. The power, design and pure pleasure gained from B&W makes life so much simpler to do this.

    Any day for tickets please, thanks.

  • Hannah says:

    We are massive gadget fans and I would love to treat my husband to a day out with gadgets rather than small children as we don’t get much chance anymore! Either Friday, Saturday or Sunday would be great!

  • Mike Fiddler says:

    Thursday April 4th….its my 50th Birthday and would love to spend the day with younger interesting people looking at technology that was science fiction when I was their age…..and telling my 13 year old son how lucky he is!! :-)

  • Peter Brear says:

    I am already an owner of a pair of P5 Headphones and would like to come to listen to the Z2 wireless music system plus I love gadgets. Tickets for Saturday or Sunday please

  • Stuart moulden says:

    I would love to come, to get ideas for my next bowers and Wilkins purchase, love your products they are a different class. Would love to go on a Saturday please.

  • James P says:

    Having just got a set of p3 headphones. Would love a listen to the z2. To add to my b&w collection.

    Saturday. Please.

  • claire woods says:

    I would like to send my hubby and my son on 3rd April. They love gadgets and will be very happy. Whilst they are gone I intend to have the day to myself!

  • Nigel Jones says:

    Now that I am retired I now have the time to catch up with Technology, what better place to start.
    Any day would be good.

  • mike rice says:

    I dont get it.
    I want to get it. One day I will.
    I want someone to help me get it.
    I Look forward to learning from you.
    Thank you.

  • rohini says:

    I love B&W products and their customer service. I have 5 x B&W 600 series speakers and was hoping to invest in the Panorama 2 for another room but would love to see the Z2 in action before I buy anything else. Plus I never win anything so change that for me please…pretty please. Love Gadgets, Love B&W and want /need more! 7th April would be ideal. thanks!

  • Grant McCulloch says:

    It would be great to see all the new gear
    see the fruits of the boffins year
    Have a listen to the Z2, banging out tunes clear as a bell
    Thinking how the idea of new speakers to the Mrs. you can sell
    A Beats advisor says
    ‘Try these, they are changing the game’
    give him a grin and say
    ‘I’ll stick to my B&W…if it’s all the same’

    Rubbish I know….I would just love to go…LOADS. How is that?

  • Grant McCulloch says:

    oh yeah..Saturday would be great..but I can make it work either way!!

  • A Sheikh says:

    My wife is making me buy the Z2

  • ericthered says:

    well to be quite frank about it, i want to sit in the driving seat polly next to me and jason in the back, then crank up the juice in that big boy massaratti and blow are heads of with the awesome sound system…. yeaaaaah..

  • David says:

    I love B&W speakers, docks and headphones. I need some more speakers so it would be an ideal opportunity to decide which ones.
    Either the Wednesday or Friday please..
    See you there…hopefully…!!

  • Roger Brown says:

    I would like to see and hear the new B&W Z2 on Thursday 4th.April 2013 to compare it to my Zeppelin

  • John Gardner says:

    Great music and fast cars, what could be better?

    I can adjust my schedule for any day…

  • Glyn Postle says:

    I would love to go to the the Gadget show as I love watching the show and would love to experience being able to be part of the atmosphere, also I have never been to anything like this. If possible and I win would like to go on the 6th April

  • Colin B says:

    Love B&W kit and love the gadget show. Would love to see and hear all the new tech that will be there.
    Any day would be great.

  • Laurie Turner says:

    I use b&w speakers with my cinema system and would like to hear the latest ones to know what to upgrade to.

  • Laurie Turner says:

    I use b&w speakers with my cinema system and would like to hear the latest ones to know what to upgrade to.
    The 3rd of April would be nice cheers

  • Greig spencer says:

    sunday please

  • Devon Liles says:


  • Paul B says:

    Bought my first B&W product at Christmas and if I’m honest, I don’t know an awful lot about gadgets so winning this competition would give me the chance to hopefully learn a thing or two.

    Could do the 3rd or 4th only.

  • lynn seymour says:

    Wednesday the 3rd would be great as my son loves every gadget there is.

  • Maciej Mike Werszner says:

    I would like to be there any day. I have experienced the way that some speakers of yours sound, and what can I say… It would be a great opportunity to hear the new Maserati equipped with B&W sound system! If I will have that luck to get the tickets, I shall have the occasion to compare it with the sound of my P3 headphones. I also hope to see some of your floorstand speakers at this year’s Gadget Show Live! Best regards!

  • Devon Liles says:

    it is a

  • Sanjay Parekh says:

    Can’t wait for the Gadgets Show. : )

  • john linkson says:

    Would love to take my 15year old son Ryan , a mad gadget show fan, l have a b&w zeplin & would like to check out latest
    B&W gear , the 5th or 6th would be grate but any day would do meny thanks.

  • Karen Richards says:

    Would love to win for my partner. Saturday is best. He’s been before and really enjoyed it.

  • Mac says:

    I have been listing to b&w I have the cm serie, they are amazing. I’m looking forward to hear the z series. I’m absolutely sure it sounds amazing

  • Mac says:

    Any week days would do :)

  • Maciej Werszner says:

    I would like to be there any day. I have experienced the way some of your speakers sound, and what can I say… It would be a great opportunity to hear the new Maserati equipped with B&W sound! If I get the tickets, I shall have the occasion to compare it with the sound of my P3 headphones. I also hope to see some of your home speakers at this year’s Gadget Show Live! Best regards!

  • Pete Belcher says:

    Its the gadget show, who wouldn’t want to be there, Friday/Saturday or Sunday would be good

  • Julie Cook says:

    I’m a geek chic and love new technology and new experiences, fingers crossed Saturday would be good but happy any day :)

  • Daniel says:

    I am a big fan of Bowers & Wilkins and a proud owner of Zeppelin. I would love to hear the new Z2 and the Bowers & Wilkins audio system in Maserati. Tickets preferred for April 6 please ;-)

  • Mark says:

    Just because I’m worth it..

  • Frank DeGraauw says:

    Amazing show! Always cutting edge.

  • Stephen M. says:

    I am keen to see how bowers & wilkins are going to stay on top of their competition

  • Michael C. says:

    Imagine a guy who loves tech,
    And once designed his own speakers (a wreck!),
    As you’ll guess, that’s me,
    An audio nerd* all at sea,
    In desperate need of a hi-spec sound check :-)

    *Actually I’m not just an audio nerd,
    Specially as audio and computers become blurred
    But out here in the sticks
    Getting a gadgety fix
    Relies too much on a twit of a bird ;-)

    Oh, and Saturday please,… if you choose me.

  • helen says:

    segways! i so loved going on them last time! want to have another go….

    i don’t mind which day really. can make any

  • David Hughes says:

    Love the Gadget show – love B&W products, would be great to see & hear the new kit at the Gadget show as I’ve never been to one.

  • Eleanor Powell says:

    any day would be good with me!

  • Dave Martin says:

    I have just got into hi-fi and BW 685 are my first choice and the main speakers for the house audio system so added to that the opportunity to learn so much at the gadget show would be part of a dream come true..I’ll just have to finance the rest of the dream!

  • Matthew Smith says:

    I’m a huge gadget fan and I’m an even bigger B&W Fan. I Recommend B&W to all of my friends and even give them a short background to the company as a selling point. British HI-FI engineering is the greatest in the world. B&W are among those who made it that way. Two former sound engineers can’t be wrong.

  • Steve Lambe says:

    You must want me there because you sent me this invitation to take part, don’t disappoint yourself by not having me there!

  • Rob lovitt says:

    P5 simply the best headphones I have had. Now I need to learn more about BW and how they do it. It would be fantastic to be there on the 5th April.

  • Tom says:

    Just got an A7, love it and looking for a nice set of stereo speakers + gadget mad!

  • Birju Ravaliya says:

    Since I bought my CM7 B&W has been the diamond standard I compare all loudspeakers to. Still yet to find something that I would prefer to listen to. It would be great to see the latest from B&W and all rest of the tech goodness.

    would love to go on the 6th

  • Tom says:

    I want to see the latest wireless technology including the new B&W system for music streaming – it looks superb!

  • shane says:

    after having 2 zeppelin air’s in my life i think its time to have a a7 or 2!! what better venue than the gatget show live and the B&W stand to get your A7 fix! Fingers crossed ill see you there

    anyday would be great :)

  • Andy says:

    Would be a first for me to see the complete range (for real) of B&W, rather than just dreaming on having them and at looking at them on-line
    6th April

  • Inspector Gadget says:

    Always interested in new gadgets for my alter ego role

  • Ian Dunn says:

    Have loved my B&W bookshelf speakers for years, pure quality, but it maybe time to upgrade to newer models. Where better to do my research than at the Gadget Show? And listening to B&Ws in a Maserati is definitely on my Bucket List…

    Thursday or Friday if selected please!

  • David Stooke says:

    Highlight & Shadow? What a glorious emotional contrast!

    For yours truly to experience a B&W Z2 Wireless Music System it would certainly be a mighty musical Highlight (I just adore my Zeppelin and P5′s after-all).

    However, if I’m really honest the prospect of having to attend the Gadget Show Live would be a somewhat dark Shadow of an experience.

    Whilst I appreciate that my many fellow (honest – I’m quite a TV fan – even post Suzi Perry) Gadget Show enthusiasts would not share my less than enthusiastic feelings about the Gadget Show Live event, if I were lucky enough to win, I’d happily donate the tickets to a truly wonderful charity – Iain Rennie Hospice at Home, who cared for my Mother as she passed away peacefully this last Christmas – and for them to do as they feel (give to staff/volunteers/re-auction/whatever).

    BTW: as your competition requires I specify what days I’d be interested in attending, I’m sure that tickets for any of the days would suit…

    Just love B&W and just love your after sales service.

    To all your Worthing Audio Engineers Par Excellence, please keep up the great work as it is most appreciated.

  • manfai tang says:

    Sometimes a Luddite, sometimes a nerd but love gadgets.

    Friday 5 April please.

  • Simon Wallace says:

    I need to re-instate my position of best dad ever by winning weekend tickets…..

  • Andy Armstrong says:

    I’m just a gadget freak. I admit I don’t always understand them and rely on my 11 year old son to show me, but I am addicted, nonetheless. I would love to take him to the Gadget Show.

  • Duncan Holland says:

    I love gadgets.Gadgets love me. I need to know about more new gadgets and technologies. I must attend and you must make me the winner and I will attend any day. Remember I know where you live( I have the gadgets on my side)

  • Neil Wood says:

    Pollyanna rocks any day of the week!

  • Dave Wisker says:

    I Love Gadgets and Masarati’s for that matter. The Quatroporte is my Favourite car. I cant afford one of those but I could stretch to a few gadgets.

  • Ian Simmons says:

    Thursday works for me!

    People say we live in the past, but what choice do we have? We’re surrounded by it!

    TGS is a glimpse of the future, a chance for us all to recalibrate and recalculate our route forwards. To grow, to improve, to become better people!

    Come one, come all – every journey begins with the first step. Let that step be at the NEC!

    See you there….

  • Susanna Grant says:

    Congratulations to the winners, Duncan Holland (Wednesday), Ian Simmons (Thursday), Nigel Greenstreet (Friday), Douglas Taylor (Saturday), Annaloa Hilmarsdottir (Sunday).

    Congratulations and enjoy the show!

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