Win tickets to Gadget Show Live 2013

This competition is now closed

Win tickets to Gadget Show Live and hear the new Z2 Wireless Music System for the first time.

We have one pair of tickets to give away for each day of this year’s Gadget Show Live: 3rd April – 7th April.

You will be among the first to experience Bowers & Wilkins new Z2 with Lightning connector, and the rest of the highly regarded Wireless Music System range. You will also be able to listen to the Bowers & Wilkins headphone range, and hear the first Bowers & Wilkins audio system in a Maserati.

Each Bowers & Wilkins new media product benefits from the company’s nearly five decades of speaker design and audio experience. And each one borrows technology and know-how transferred directly from Bowers & Wilkins renowned high-end hi-fi and studio monitor speakers.

  • Simply tell us here why you want to come and which day you are able to attend for a chance to win.
  • Competition ends midnight,  27th March, 2013

This competition is now closed



  • Michael C. says:

    Imagine a guy who loves tech,
    And once designed his own speakers (a wreck!),
    As you’ll guess, that’s me,
    An audio nerd* all at sea,
    In desperate need of a hi-spec sound check :-)

    *Actually I’m not just an audio nerd,
    Specially as audio and computers become blurred
    But out here in the sticks
    Getting a gadgety fix
    Relies too much on a twit of a bird ;-)

    Oh, and Saturday please,… if you choose me.

  • helen says:

    segways! i so loved going on them last time! want to have another go….

    i don’t mind which day really. can make any

  • David Hughes says:

    Love the Gadget show – love B&W products, would be great to see & hear the new kit at the Gadget show as I’ve never been to one.

  • Eleanor Powell says:

    any day would be good with me!

  • Dave Martin says:

    I have just got into hi-fi and BW 685 are my first choice and the main speakers for the house audio system so added to that the opportunity to learn so much at the gadget show would be part of a dream come true..I’ll just have to finance the rest of the dream!

  • Matthew Smith says:

    I’m a huge gadget fan and I’m an even bigger B&W Fan. I Recommend B&W to all of my friends and even give them a short background to the company as a selling point. British HI-FI engineering is the greatest in the world. B&W are among those who made it that way. Two former sound engineers can’t be wrong.

  • Steve Lambe says:

    You must want me there because you sent me this invitation to take part, don’t disappoint yourself by not having me there!

  • Rob lovitt says:

    P5 simply the best headphones I have had. Now I need to learn more about BW and how they do it. It would be fantastic to be there on the 5th April.

  • Tom says:

    Just got an A7, love it and looking for a nice set of stereo speakers + gadget mad!

  • Birju Ravaliya says:

    Since I bought my CM7 B&W has been the diamond standard I compare all loudspeakers to. Still yet to find something that I would prefer to listen to. It would be great to see the latest from B&W and all rest of the tech goodness.

    would love to go on the 6th

  • Tom says:

    I want to see the latest wireless technology including the new B&W system for music streaming – it looks superb!

  • shane says:

    after having 2 zeppelin air’s in my life i think its time to have a a7 or 2!! what better venue than the gatget show live and the B&W stand to get your A7 fix! Fingers crossed ill see you there

    anyday would be great :)

  • Andy says:

    Would be a first for me to see the complete range (for real) of B&W, rather than just dreaming on having them and at looking at them on-line
    6th April

  • Inspector Gadget says:

    Always interested in new gadgets for my alter ego role

  • Ian Dunn says:

    Have loved my B&W bookshelf speakers for years, pure quality, but it maybe time to upgrade to newer models. Where better to do my research than at the Gadget Show? And listening to B&Ws in a Maserati is definitely on my Bucket List…

    Thursday or Friday if selected please!

  • David Stooke says:

    Highlight & Shadow? What a glorious emotional contrast!

    For yours truly to experience a B&W Z2 Wireless Music System it would certainly be a mighty musical Highlight (I just adore my Zeppelin and P5′s after-all).

    However, if I’m really honest the prospect of having to attend the Gadget Show Live would be a somewhat dark Shadow of an experience.

    Whilst I appreciate that my many fellow (honest – I’m quite a TV fan – even post Suzi Perry) Gadget Show enthusiasts would not share my less than enthusiastic feelings about the Gadget Show Live event, if I were lucky enough to win, I’d happily donate the tickets to a truly wonderful charity – Iain Rennie Hospice at Home, who cared for my Mother as she passed away peacefully this last Christmas – and for them to do as they feel (give to staff/volunteers/re-auction/whatever).

    BTW: as your competition requires I specify what days I’d be interested in attending, I’m sure that tickets for any of the days would suit…

    Just love B&W and just love your after sales service.

    To all your Worthing Audio Engineers Par Excellence, please keep up the great work as it is most appreciated.

  • manfai tang says:

    Sometimes a Luddite, sometimes a nerd but love gadgets.

    Friday 5 April please.

  • Simon Wallace says:

    I need to re-instate my position of best dad ever by winning weekend tickets…..

  • Andy Armstrong says:

    I’m just a gadget freak. I admit I don’t always understand them and rely on my 11 year old son to show me, but I am addicted, nonetheless. I would love to take him to the Gadget Show.

  • Duncan Holland says:

    I love gadgets.Gadgets love me. I need to know about more new gadgets and technologies. I must attend and you must make me the winner and I will attend any day. Remember I know where you live( I have the gadgets on my side)

  • Neil Wood says:

    Pollyanna rocks any day of the week!

  • Dave Wisker says:

    I Love Gadgets and Masarati’s for that matter. The Quatroporte is my Favourite car. I cant afford one of those but I could stretch to a few gadgets.

  • Ian Simmons says:

    Thursday works for me!

    People say we live in the past, but what choice do we have? We’re surrounded by it!

    TGS is a glimpse of the future, a chance for us all to recalibrate and recalculate our route forwards. To grow, to improve, to become better people!

    Come one, come all – every journey begins with the first step. Let that step be at the NEC!

    See you there….

  • Susanna Grant says:

    Congratulations to the winners, Duncan Holland (Wednesday), Ian Simmons (Thursday), Nigel Greenstreet (Friday), Douglas Taylor (Saturday), Annaloa Hilmarsdottir (Sunday).

    Congratulations and enjoy the show!

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