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B&W Zeppelin Mini

B&W Zeppelin Mini

US customers can now pre-order  Zeppelin Mini from

Two years and an unprecedented collection of glowing reviews and prestigious awards later, the classic B&W Zeppelin iPod speaker is joined by Zeppelin Mini. Zeppelin Mini attains the same high standards in sound quality and design set by Zeppelin, but in a more compact form.

There are major design advances, too, including an updated version of the docking arm. On Zeppelin Mini it rotates 90 degrees, allowing you even easier access to your music through the Cover Flow menu system. You can also watch videos and enhanced podcasts in this manner.


  • Lisa S says:

    When will this be available to buy in the UK.

  • Andy B says:

    I’d also like to know the UK availability as I’m in two minds to whether it’s the zeppelin or the mini I get.


  • Joel says:

    When will bowers and wilkins make a zeppelin compatible with the new Zune HD.

  • RM says:


    Any idea if Australian residents can buy the unit from the US site?
    We are 240V 50-55Hz, so is the US unit different from that standpoint?

    Also when can we get it in Aus????


  • Shaun: B&W says:

    Hello everyone,

    Shaun from Bowers & Wilkins here. Thanks for all your interest in the Zeppelin Mini. The latest information I have is that it will begin rolling out to all markets in the first week of November.

    Some areas of the world may receive it slightly earlier than others, due to the logistics of shipping units around the globe. But more details on your region can be obtained from your local dealer.

    I’ll continue to keep you posted on developments as I receive them.

    Many thanks


  • Shaun: B&W says:

    Hello RM

    In answer to your power question. Zeppelin Mini comes with a universal power supply unit – only the cable that goes from the PSU to the plug changes from region to region. So, in theory a US model would work – but you would need to get a new power cable.

    However, units will be available in Australia very soon, so we would recommend that you get one from a local dealer.

    Many thanks


  • Tim says:

    Will it be available thru the Apple store as well in the US?

  • Ron says:

    Just a quick question, does the USB cable allow connection to PC for normal gaming purposes?

  • Jsw says:

    I am one of the first in NYC to get a Zeppelin Mini.
    It is soniclly very impressive. (a bit smaller then I had expected)
    I was wondering if their is a known brake-in period for the two speakers to achive optimal sound from them?

  • Shaun: B&W says:

    Hi Tim

    Yes, Zeppelin Mini will be available through Apple Stores in the US.



  • Shaun: B&W says:

    Hi JSW

    Congratulations on being one of the first people to own a Zeppelin Mini, not just in NYC but anywhere!

    As for run in times, there’s no set recommended time I can suggest. However, I left one running in the office over the weekend before delivering it to a magazine for review, and felt it sounded all the better for it.

    I’d be really interested to hear how you think the sound changes over time.

    Many thanks


  • Shaun: B&W says:

    Hi Ron
    In answer to your question is, yes you can use a Zeppelin Mini to boost the sound of games. Your computer will simply see the Zeppelin Mini as an external soundcard, so you can stream the audio directly to it.

    I hope that helps, and enjoy your gaming!


  • Jennifer says:

    I am interested in the Zeppelin Mini but worried about the power the system will have. In your introductory ads you indicate that it is good for a kitchen or study; is that the size of room that this device should be used?


  • Shaun: B&W says:

    Hi Jennifer

    Thanks a lot for your question. The Zeppelin Mini is very powerful considering its very compact size. The reason we suggest you can use it in a study etc is because it is designed to complement the uses that people put the original Zeppelin too – which is often used in larger rooms.

    Both Zeppelin and Zeppelin Mini are suitable for both large and small rooms, although because of the differences between the sizes of the actual units, most people will opt to use the Zeppelin Mini in smaller rooms. While the larger scale offered by Zeppelin means it will often find its way into larger rooms. There is nothing to stop you being very happy with the performance of the Zeppelin Mini in your living room.

    I hope that answers your question, and addresses your concerns.

    Many thanks


  • Bala says:

    I live in India in the city of Bangalore. Wonder if you have any dealers in India.
    Apple operates stores (not directly owned; they have a tie up with a local company), would you be able to confirm if these stores will carry your product.
    Thanks a bunch for your response.

  • SusannaGrant says:

    Dear Bala,
    Please contact Mr Burge Cooper at AudioVision. His email is:
    Many thanks,

  • Bala says:

    Thanks a bunch for your response. I have sent Burge an email rg availability in Bangalore.

  • D says:

    I listened to the mini in the store today and was impressed so I bought one, brought it home only to find out it doesn’t work with my 30GB Ipod. Are there Ipods it is not compatible with?

  • shaun says:

    Hello D,

    The Zeppelin Mini is compatible with a wide variety of iPods, including the very latest models Apple has launched. However, there are several iPods that the Zeppelin Mini isn’t compatible with.

    You can see a full list of compatible iPods on the Zeppelin Mini’s packaging, but you can also check out a full list of suitable partners on the Zeppelin Mini area of our website here.

    I hope that helps explain things.



  • Lise says:

    Hello D

    I have the same problem as D. At first sight they don’t mention the compatibility (also not in the Apple Store). It is rather unbelevable that in this modern times an “old” iPod (2006) is not compatible with un ultrasofisticated docking station. Is this only a commercial tric ?

  • Richard says:

    I have just brought the zepplin mini’s speakers but have an ipod classic 30g which doesnt work, is there an adpater out to make the two compatable?



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