Bowers & Wilkins at Gadget Show Live

Bowers and Wilkins will be demonstrating Zeppelin Air to the sold out crowds at the UK’s Gadget Show Live. The Bowers & Wilkins stand will also allow visitors to the show a chance to listen to the luxurious P5 mobile hi-fi headphones, and discover a wide selection of our portfolio.

Zeppelin Air is the ultimate wireless AirPlay speaker system. And the many thousands of visitors to April’s Gadget Show Live will experience it first hand when they visit the Bowers & Wilkins stand. Zeppelin Air not only provides the best sound yet heard from a docked iPod or iPhone, it also features Apple’s new AirPlay technology to allow you to stream your entire iTunes music library from your Mac or PC. AirPlay even lets you stream directly from an iPod, iPhone or iPad to Zeppelin Air, for instant wireless music.

The Bowers & Wilkins stand will also feature the award-winning P5 headphones, which provide our trademark high-quality audio performance on the move for the first time. Bring your iPod to have a listen for yourself, as members of staff will be wearing headphones for you to experience.

As well as these demonstrations, you will also be able to see the legendary Nautilus loudspeaker – much loved by the Gadget Show for it’s amazing sound quality, and it’s breathtaking design.

The 802 Diamond loudspeakers used in Abbey Road Studios will also be on display, along with other key products including the award-winning CM9 and MT-30 home cinema system, and the Panorama soundbar.

The Bowers & Wilkins stand at Gadget Show Live is in association with T3, and we are the proud sponsors of the T3 Hot 100.

Gadget Show Live takes place at the Birmingham NEC, from 13th to 17th April 2011.

Bowers & Wilkins is exhibiting at stand M25 in Hall 11.

Bowers & Wilkins retailer Superfi will also have a stand at the show, and will be selling Bowers & Wilkins products if you would like to make a purchase on site.


  • Lin says:

    please make dock detachable. With Airplay, there is no need for unsightly dock. Please!

  • dave says:

    ^^ what he said

  • stelios says:

    I really like the idea of zeppelin air,hope to get one soon,but i’d like to make a proposition to b&w.Could it be possible that you made a connection ( interlink connection maybe idont know the technical staff) between two zeppelins so one acts as a left channel and the other as a right channel in stereo mode?I believe that would make the zeppelin unique and would add true stereo separation(not to mention that you would benefit for the double sales)It would be like studio active monitors!

  • stelios says:

    ..and yes please make that dock removable!

  • stelios says:

    I listened zeppelin air yesterday,it sounds better than the 1st generation,full bodied sound better bass and benefits the extra watts,but as far as stereo separation and imaging it leaves a lot to be desired.Thats sad,i thought going active and new dsp management would make the difference but no..I believe a width control(like meridian m80)along with inbuilt bass and tilt control would help.I dont own any ipod product(so no bass management control),i use my 1st gen zeppelin with squeezbox touch via optical input and hoping to replace it with the new one but i’ll wait,hoping for a firmware update any time soon.Nice effort thought b&w!

  • Andreas says:

    What is the difference between
    Zeppelin Air

    a) technical
    b) sound-performance?

    Thanks for your support,

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