Bowers & Wilkins amplifies Intravox

Bowers & Wilkins is excited to be supporting Intravox, a unique
Exhibition by Fred Deakin at The Lethaby Gallery in Central Saint Martins in London’s revitalised Kings Cross.

As half of Mercury nominated electronica band Lemon Jelly and founder / director of digital design studio Airside, Fred Deakin has been making musical and visual content for the last couple of decades. However, increasingly he has become dissatisfied with emerging digital formats, seeing a decline in audience engagement as we progress further into the age of the download. The revival of vinyl as a format and the appetite for innovative live experiences would indicate that the general public agrees that a postage stamp sized image displayed as a reduced quality MP3 is played through a phone’s speaker is not perhaps the best way to experience music in the 21st century. 

Consequently Fred is exploring new ways to deliver music and visuals to his audience by embracing the new opportunities that technology has provided. Intravox is the second of his interactive audio-visual installations. The first, Electricity Comes From Other Planets that was commissioned by Paris’ La Gaite Lyrique in 2012, allowed the audience to create their own composition and animation by moving through a space filled with eight projection-mapped abstract sculptures triggering one of eight instruments represented by each sculpture. Co-ordinating these movements created a unique piece of audio-visual content that could range from ambient to “banging.” A video of the piece can be seen here.

Intravox is the sequel to his Paris piece and here the instrument of voice is being explored. Five large “alien heads” have landed in Central Saint Martins’ Lethaby Gallery: until they are approached they are asleep, but once one of them senses an individual approaching it will awaken. Once awakened each head will sing a phrase, note or word: the exact output, tone and sound will depend on the hand movements of the observer who must conduct their own sculpture and attempt to create unison with other audience members. The five voices are soprano, alto, tenor, bass and beatbox that together will create a complete soundscape from multiple elements, entirely unique every time it is generated.

The sound from each heads is delivered via a discreet AM-1 loudspeaker situated below the head. This incredibly capable device allows the sound to remain true to what Fred envisioned.

All music and visuals have been created from scratch for this exhibition: this is a world premiere and the music has never been released in any other format. The interaction utilises Intel’s new RealSense technology and they have generously supported the exhibition.

You can experience Intravox at The Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA
Friday 30th October – Thursday 12th November 2015

10 – 6 Mon – Fri, 12 – 5 Sat, Closed Sun

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