Dan Wheldon 1978-2011

Dan Wheldon, Indy car driver

Below is a statement from Joe Atkins, owner of Bowers & Wilkins, the major sponsor of the No 77 IndyCar team, about driver Dan Wheldon, who suffered fatal injuries in a crash during the IndyCar Series season finale Oct. 16 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

“The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Bowers & Wilkins are with Dan Wheldon’s family. We were very proud to support Dan, a tremendous young man and true professional and are deeply saddened by this tragic loss.”


  • Stephen L J Hoffman says:

    As on owner of many of your fine products at Bowers and Wilkins I was interested in your venture into IndyCar. I am a very big fan of IndyCar Racing and its people. Dan was a true Champion and has been for years. It was quite horrifying yesterday to watch the events play out live on TV. When the announcement came you really already knew it in your gut. It is a very sad day for all of us.

    Being from Northern Kentucky I was excited to watch the Kentucky 300 at Kentucky Speedway on October 2nd. I am a big fan and follower for years of Sarah Fisher Racing-the little company that stood tall that day. Dan was there that day and did a great job and all of the fans were very happy to see him there. 33 cars started that day and the racing was unbelievable. Sarah Fisher Racings Ed Carpenter won the race-his first, Here is a quote from Kentucky Speedway about Dan and his carreer at the Speedway:

    “He made his ninth career Kentucky Speedway start on Oct. 2 and placed 14th. He collected five top-five
    finishes, including third-place showings in 2010, 2005 and 2004, and a total of six top-10 finishes in his
    Kentucky Speedway appearances. ”

    Thank You Bowers and Wilkins for sponsoring a good guy like Dan Wheldon! He will be missed over here in Kentucky. Best of luck to all of you.

  • Greg Nettles says:

    A coworker and I were attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this weekend and were in one of the Bowers & Wilkins sound rooms when we heard about this tragedy. The loss of someone’s life, even if you are a few degrees of separation from knowing them, is still something that makes you stop and realize just how fleeting our time on this earth can be.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Dan Wheldon as well as the Bowers and Wilkins family for the tragic loss you all have endured.
    Greg Nettles
    The Stereo Shoppe
    Boise, Idaho

  • Jerry says:

    Requiescat in pace. Amen.

  • Rob Nelson says:

    Dan is a great man and a great champion and he shall be remembered as such. He will be missed by Indycar and race fans the world over. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. He took a brief moment to speak to me at the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma as I snapped his picture sitting on a couple of tires. It seems he was worried that he had “helmet hair”, I told him about as public as that picture would get was my on my Facebook page and he got quite a laugh out of it. I am saddened by our loss.

  • Arlie Patton says:

    A great driver and family man was lost:) definately a very sad day!

  • David says:

    Very nice touch B&W…indeed a real shame and sad loss.

  • John Bundner says:

    I would like to express my sincere condolences to the entire Wheldon family for their loss. I really will miss his style and class on and off the track. May he rest in peace,
    John L. Bundner
    Cudahy, Wisconsin

  • Alberto says:

    Thank you for your sponsorship of the 77 car these past seasons. God bless Dan’s family, he will be missed. A true champion.

  • brandon says:

    It is unfortunate that events like this one is what it will take to make a dangerous sport safer for the drivers. Dale Earnhardt’s death did so much for nascar, and he will be remembered for that and all the things he did for the sport prior to his death. Let’s hope that Dan Wheldon will have the same effect for all the drivers in IZOD, and perhaps many other racing sanctions. Let’s not forget that in his short life, Mr. Wheldon was able to earn a living doing the thing he loved the most, we should all be so fortunate. That his life ended doing the thing he loved the most is not the most tragic way to leave this life. Let us hope his young children will have some memory of their father, and live their lives respecfully, as their father did.

  • bobby.jones10... says:

    …on ward & upward… all the best to you & yours & your company… thanks for supporting the indy car guys & girls…

  • Brent says:

    With so many prima donna’s in sports these days it is nice to find an athlete who always had a true appreciation for his sport and the fans who supported it. I applaud B&W for supporting such a rich tradition as the IndyCar series and a class individual in Dan Wheldon. He always seem to take time for everyone in virtually any circumstance and many of us could learn a lesson from this. Thank you for your support of Dan and may God bless his family.

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