Zeppelin Mini:”shames almost every other dock out there”

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini iPod speaker system

“Looking for a speaker dock for your iDevice that offers excellent sound, beautiful design and a small footprint? Look no further than the Zeppelin Mini.”

Your Tech Report have just reviewed the Zeppelin Mini iPod speaker system. The glowing review concludes:  “at $299, it will shame almost every other speaker dock out there..and in the process, exceed all of your expectations.”

You can read the full review here


  • Nicholas says:

    Hi, Thanks for posting the review.

    Today, the Zeppelin Mini is included in Apple’s 1-day event, and is available for £248.01.

    Is another, AirPlay-enabled, model about to be introduced, or will there be an update available for the current version?

    Kind regards,

  • Jason says:

    Not sure about a new model, but here is a good article which details how to make any zeppelin model airplay compatible for not much money http://deltatangofoxtrot.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/airplaybelkinbluetooth/

  • David Jenkins says:

    To all: DO THE Zeppelin Mini FIRMWARE UPGRADE!!! It made my Zeppelin Mini sound even better! I am not kidding! It sounds even better! Go to the “support” section on the mini and download the firmware upgrade 2.9.19. You will be glad you did!

  • Kent says:

    What do you update with the firmware update? The Zeppelin Mini? The iPod? The iPhone? The MacBok Pro?

  • Kent says:

    So the Zeppelin Mini works with my little tiny iPod Nano? If the firmware update updates the iPod, I guess it will not do anything to the Nano (6 gen) because there is no firmware in the 6 gen Nano. Any help or someone who knows how the update works with the Nano 6 generation? Also, with the Nano, where do it sit on the Zeppelin Mini?


  • micheal angelo says:

    15 inch speakers

  • Kenneth Bang says:


    I am looking into buying 2 Zeppelin Mini to the kids room’s but are you supporting the new iPod Touch, and will you release a new firmware to get support of Apple’s Airplay, or are B&W introduced a new model?

    Please let me know ASAP it is Christmas gifts.


  • New Media Support says:

    Dear Kenneth,

    The Zeppelin Mini supports the iPod Touch. Regarding your Airplay question, we can confirm that Bowers & Wilkins is a launch partner for AirPlay and we will announce details concerning our plans to enable this exciting new technology in a Bowers & Wilkins product very soon.

    Kind regards
    New Media Support Team

  • New Media Support says:

    Dear Nicholas,
    Please see the answer to Kenneth regarding our plans for Airplay.

    Kind regards
    New Media Support

  • New Media Support says:

    Dear Kent,
    the firmware updates the Zeppelin Mini not any other product.
    Kind regards

    New Media Support.

  • Chip says:

    Odd (and disappointing) that apple’s airplay web page: http://www.apple.com/itunes/airplay/ shows a B&W Zeppelin and yet it doesn’t seem to support airplay. (yet?)

  • Scott M. says:

    Why is an adapter for iPhone 4 not included with the Zeppelin Mini? I’ve been told that one would be available soon (within weeks), but that was weeks and weeks ago.

  • Steve says:

    Would it be possible to have a simple yes or no answer to the question

    Will you be offering a firmware update for the Zeppelin Mini so that it supports Airplay

    Thank you

  • Me says:

    I’ve just bought a Zeppelin Mini.
    Does the last firmware supports Apple Airplay ?
    If no, does it will be support by the next one ?

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