Gadget Show Live

Lucky enough to have tickets for the sold-out Gadget Show Live? Then come along to the Bowers & Wilkins stand where you can stream music to Zeppelin Air, try out our P5 headphones, learn about the new Mini Theatre system and view our Nautilus and 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers.

Bowers & Wilkins stand at Gadget Show Live is a great place to experience our products and learn more about us. As well as getting hands on with Zeppelin Air, you can rest your feet, and have a listen to your own music with our P5 mobile hi-fi headphones.  You can also test out our awarding-winning MM-1 computer speakers and Zeppelin Mini iPod speaker dock.

Also on the stand you will be able to see the flagship Nautilus speakers, a five year research project that led to one of the world’s most highly-regarded audiophile loudspeakers. We also have our 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers on display. This reference-quality model is used in some of the world’s most famous recording studios, including mot famously Abbey Road Studios.

While on the stand don’t forget to enter our competition. In partnership with T3 we are offering you the chance to win a brand new iPad and a pair of P5 headphones. Just fill out a postcard to enter.

The Gadget Show Live runs from 11th – 15th April. We will be in Hall 8, Stand B35 at the NEC, Birmingham.


  • Dale Townsend says:

    Already have the Zep Air, the P5’s and the C5’s, would love to come to the show though and look at some of your home speakers!!

  • Peter sims says:

    Bowers and Wilkins speakers rock! I have owned a zeppelin for around 3 years and nothing similar I’ve heard comes anywhere near it! I would love to visit your stand at the gadget show live and hear the rest of your range, ( especially the nautilus) , I’ll bring my credit card!

  • Iain Black says:

    Hi Guys & Gals at Bowers & Wilkins!
    I would like the free GSL ticket to see if anything in this fantastic world of gadge can come close to my 24 year old Matrix 801 S2’s for looks (that capture their time brilliantly) sound ( can’t wait to hear the Diamonds) and of course drool over the flagship Nautilus (as every lover of music and style does).
    Also to stream a couple of old school tracks to your Zepplin Air to get the crowd shuffling, and swaying.
    If I don’t make it have a great time and share the photos, quotes of exclamation as the crowd see your stand with us all via the Twitterverse!
    Iain Black

  • Mark Bramall says:

    I have been aspiring to B&W for years now, ever since I first saw your Kevlar Coned speakers I have been a massive fan. It has only been the last year that I have been able to afford to splash out and so far I have acquired the P5 Headphones and just last month, a Zeppelin Air, what a piece of kit. I spent time researching and compared the Zep against similarly priced and more expensive competitors, Loewe, B&O etc, but the Zep won hands down. great piece of kit.
    Next stop the Living room. I would love to come and see the stand at the Gadget Show Live to get a taste of the whole range and to talk to those in the know, get a proper insight into what B&W do and the setup I need, it is hard to find a stockist who has all your range to see and listen too. Hope you’ve got a song room setup? Fingers crossed I hope to see you there. Yours, a loyal fan of the brand.

  • Natalie Benjamin says:

    want to give my son a fantastic day out

  • Phil Wilcox says:

    I have never experienced any other company that has offered the level of customer service I have received from B&W. As a proud owner of the 800 series home theatre system (the S versions – 805s (fronts and rears) HTM4s, ASW825) I can clearly say the are some of the best speakers I have heard which I can imagine can only surpassed by the famous 800 series diamond.

    Indeed ‘Listen and you’ll see’ has never been more prevalant.

    As for why I want to go to the Gadget Show Live and visit the B&W stand – I want to audition the 802 diamonds and get the same goose bump feeling I got when I first listened to Patricia Barber on my 805s, or the intense scale of Inception in full 5.1.

  • Ratan Bawrie says:

    Dear Bowers & Wilkins,

    If there is only one reason why I wish to to go and see The Gadget Show Live 2012, it is to make a visit and pilgrimage to one of three audio designs that have changed my life completely and made me an audiophile; The Nautilus loudspeaker.

    I cannot even begin to tell you what kind of impression it left on me, especially since I yearn to become an Audio Engineer, to which end I have successfully graduated in Music Technology (BTEC ND L3) to pursue such a career.

    Back when I was in 6th Form (circa 2002 – 2005)I read about many audio concepts, from the headphone and speaker worlds. I had always wished to purchase great in-ear monitors, either the Shure SE530’s (superseded by SE535), Westone UM2 (latest being UM3 or W3), or Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 Pro’s, as well as purchase (then) the 800D after I graduated from my courses.

    Far too many things have happened since then, but I have gotten closer to my dreams of getting great audio replication at home.
    I currently use JohnBlue AudioArt JB3 speakers, AKG K 701 headphones, and my recently acquired the UE TF10’s, but I am currently saving up for some custom in-ear monitors (JH Audio), a new DAC (exaSound e18 DAC), and headphone amplifier (Auralic Taurus) but as for speakers, I have never, ever, forgotten what I still, to this very day, wish to own.

    No one can deny the lustre and beauty of the B&W Nautilus; it was and still is a design/audio innovation/engineering icon, from the massively innovate cabinet design to diminish as much cabinet resonances as possible and preserve the audio quality from a source, to the beautifully crafted drivers made of aluminium, to the gorgeous design (for me, not even the MBL 101 X-treme or Magico Q7’s can better the Nautilus).

    I have always read, and read, and read some more about these speakers, but I have never seen one in real life, let alone heard one.

    It would be a dream to see the speakers, and hopefully I can also enjoy it’s sound in a more appropriate setting (read as either ‘at a well crafted audio review room’, or, better, ‘in my home’…one day! :p).

    Kind regards.


  • Colin says:

    Dear Bowers and Wilkins,

    I didn’t have the slightest clue about the world of audio until 2010 when I started working in the A/V field. I was given an lengthy course of all the different companies by the seniors in my department and then left to formulate my own opinion. I brought in my Adele CD and then my favorite movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and tested them out using the CM9’s for the CD and the 9’s 5’s and CMC2 for the movie. Until that moment I really had never experienced the emotional power of top notch audio. It was from that moment on that I was hooked and become an avid fan and appreciator of both audio and the B&W name.

    Having demoed the CM9’s in a showroom for almost 2 years, I finally saved up to buy my own set and I am currently laying down listening to the Legend of Zelda soundtrack as I type this. I would very much like to hear the speakers in the presence of some of their creators and to hopefully have the honor of meeting them in person.

    Very respectfully

  • Daniel Ryan says:


    Your Speakers are amazing that is all ! Have a couple of dj friends which use your equipment, Clarity that is the word we have sound clashes with your gear and it is amazing. Me and the wife have had a baby don’t get out much ! So this would be Christmas come early..

  • Sam says:

    Since the age of about 15 I’ve been a massive fan of tech, reading every article I could on current, and future tech. Not only was I the first to know about the new iPhone, for example, I was also one of the first to get my hands on one – always being the envy of my less tech-savvy friends! They all come to me for advice on what tech they should buy (and I always put in a good word for B&W!). Being able to go to the Gadget Show Live would give me a grater access to all this technology, without having to read about it – just get my little hands on it!
    Sadly, when I go to B&W resellers in my town, for health and safety reasons they don’t let you try out the headphones so you have to buy blind (or deaf as it were!?) Thankfully I put my trust in B&W and came out on top. I had read about the C5 headphones months before their release, and even when I went to the reseller to try and pre-order a pair, they said C5s don’t even exist! How wrong they were. Previously, I had opted for a lesser quality of ‘phones by Dre Beats, and they were underwhelming to say the least so I couldn’t wait for the arrival of your new ones. I’ve never looked back; instead I look forward, to hopefully seeing you at TGSL where I’ll get to test run all of your fabulous other creations and maybe even buy a few…

    Hope to see you there,

  • Claire Toplis says:

    I have the cash to splash for some awesome technology so yes please I would love to go !

  • Gerard Smith says:

    I have just bought the Beatles USB stick with their whole catalogue and I’d love to have the chance to hear it streamed to a Zeppelin Air.


  • Casper says:

    I’ve been a B&W fan for 30 years and wouldn’t buy any other speakers. I would love to come and see the stand and try out your new products. Will you have your Nautilus speakers on display as well?

  • juliette says:

    To be up to date with all the latest gadgets would be a dream come true and for once I would know more than my kids – what a result

  • Bowers and Wilkins says:

    Hi Sam,

    Karen, our Marketing Manager, has picked your name out of the hat to win tickets to the Gadget Show Live, so congratulations and please let us know how you get on.

  • Simon says:

    Hi Folks, I made the GSL, the B&W stand was awesome, and I have to thank one of the young ladies on the stand for pointing me in the direction of where I could buy a pair of P5s, they are awsome.

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