First expert A7 reviews coming in and it’s good news.

Reviews have started coming in for A7 Wireless Music System and we’re pleased to say it’s good news.

A7 is optimised to handle the broadest range of frequencies, from the deepest bass upwards. You can play music wirelessly from your computer, iPhone or iPad, or even from your favourite apps and its discreet design works brilliantly in out-of the-way spaces such as bookshelves or against walls. and Beatweek Magazine have praised the A7 Wireless Music System and What Hi-Fi? have awarded it five stars:

“If you want AirPlay and want awesome sound, the A7 demands your attention. But in a subtly styled way.”  What Hi-Fi?

“Extremely powerful audio performance with rich lows and articulate clear highs.”

“A7 left me wondering how such pristine, expansive audio could come from a single speaker housing.”         Beatweek



  • Bernardo says:

    You should ask more video reviews.

  • Craig Renwick says:

    Just when you thought things couldn’t better, well they have with the release of the new A7 from bowers&wilkins. I have recently purchased one of these & i am inclined to agree with the critics on this one, this little box of tricks is shear class.

    If you are wanting quality sound at an affordable price with the added simplistic look to go with it, then this little beauty is for you. I cannot believe the sound that comes out of this little box, it has all of the punch of a much larger system & the crisp detail to accompany it.

    It is like a new listening experience every time i turn this little box on, i also find that i am starting to listen to broader spectrum of music purely down to the crystal clear sound quality as the A7 emphasises every last detail. I would strongly recommend this little box of tricks to any one who loves music the way I do.

    This little beauty can also be hooked up to your Tv giving your viewing experience a whole new dimension adding detail & depth never heard before, well done b&w for the totally mesmerizing listening experience you have given me, you certainly get 5* out of me.

  • K says:

    Too much bass!! I don’t understand how a audiophile company like B&W would manufacture a bassy speakers. If you are basshead this is for you.

    I wish if B&W releases a firmware for the A7 to control the bass.

  • james thompson says:

    I agree 100% with ‘K’ – the A7 is far, far too bassy. I have tried it in an number of rooms, positions etc, and it’s very bassy, to the extreme detriment of the hi end and upper mids. It is as though the bass driver gain is at least 6db higher than the other drivers. I would love to see this corrected by firmware, if that is indeed possible.
    I am disappointed with the sound of this unit – I expected something crisp and balanced, not thudding and dull.

  • Jack says:

    when I first go this unit, I connect it to my iPhone through 35mm connection, and played lossless music files,…. the sound was disappointing,… the bass was really boomy, far too much bass (with EQ flat), the only place that sounded okay was outdoor where bass doesn’t get bounced back, but the sound quality is very “cheap”. My room is about 15 meter square….. and I thought my is too small for A7. I just couldn’t understand how A7 got all the wonderful comments about its sound quality.

    After one week of playing this unit, and a lot of “research” as to why people say this unit sound really good…. one article advised that to get the best sound of A7, you must use A7’s own DSP to process the music file instead of the DSP on the iPhone, or your A7 will just sound like no other ordinary computer speakers. And so I bought a high quality USB cable , cost me about USD80…. and connect A7 to computer via USB. There was big difference in the sound, the bass now sounded much nicer, highs are clear and vocals are very touching….. I am glad that I figured this out, and I hope this will help K and James, I am sure not sure if they are already doing the right thing.

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