Zeppelin Wireless Top 10

Zeppelin Wireless delivers exceptional performance from a single unit, and is the best sounding Zeppelin yet. While tuning and then demonstrating Zeppelin Wireless, we at Bowers & Wilkins obviously listen to a lot of music, and we feel that this eclectic selection show off just what Zeppelin Wireless is capable of.

Bjork – Stonemaker

The tricky combination of strings, female vocals and deep, deep drums in the middle section really show how coherent the Zeppelin Wireless can be. Not only does it deliver each element wonderfully in their own way, but it also brings them together in a very musical whole.

Nine Inch Nails – Into the void
The Fragile

This rhythmically interesting and very dynamic track not only sounds excellent, it also delivers a fine test for the Hi-Fi capabilities of Zeppelin Wireless – a test Zeppelin Wireless passes with flying colours. It fills the room with exuberant, yet nicely controlled sound – never letting the music get out of hand, but also not restraining it with too heavy a hand.

Jeff Buckley – Lilac Wine

This track is all about the combination of the midrange’s FST equipped drivers and the Double Dome tweeters. The simple opening is delivered in a highly convincing soundstage, with plenty of space around the vocal and guitar – you can really hear the room – but also plenty of headroom for a truly engaging listening experience.

Hot Chip – How do you do?
In our heads

This is all about the bass. Not just big room-filling bottom end (of which there is plenty) but the tight, controlled upper bass that drive the track along. And thanks to Zeppelin Wireless’ Dynamic EQ processing, even at lower volumes the track loses very little of its drive and power.

Muddy Waters – Long Distance Call
The Folk Singer

The detail Zeppelin Wireless delivers in this track is astonishing. Whether it’s Waters’ deep, sonorous voice or the intricate guitar work that grabs your attention, something definitely will and then you’ll be hooked. Can a single box speaker do Hi-Fi? On the evidence of this track, that’s a big yes.

Laura Mvula – She (Robin Hannibal /Rhye Rework)
She (Remixes)

The midrange is vitally important to the delivery of music – because while treble and bass can demand you attention (in lesser systems) vocals and the vast majority of instruments do all their work in the mid band. Which is why the Zeppelin Wireless has FST equipped midrange drivers, which as on this track, not only deliver pristine vocals and instruments, but allow more people to enjoy them at the same time with an incredibly open presentation.

Zara McFarlane – Mama Done
Until Tomorrow

This wonderful jazz piece works on many levels. The vocals themselves are engaging and incredibly fluid – more like another instrument in fact. Elsewhere the well-recorded piano is delivered with incredibly accuracy and competence. Very engaging stuff.

Ryan Adams – Strawberry Wine

Adam’s melancholic country-fused troubadour style is delivered at its simplest in this exceptional track. Stripped back and bare, his vocals are brim full of yearning – a fact incredibly well articulated by the Zeppelin Wireless. The supporting acoustic guitar is rendered naturally, and sits centre stage in a clear soundstage.

Fink – Trouble’s What You’re In
Wheels Turn Beneath My Feat

This stunning live recording is full of atmosphere – you can genuinely hear the vaulted ceilings of London’s Union Chapel on it. Set amid that is just a voice and an acoustic guitar – centre stage and perfectly rendered. This track really raises goose bumps when played on Zeppelin Wireless.

Tinariwen – Tenere Taqqim Tossam

This band hail from the Sahara Desert, and you get a real sense of that in this amazing recording. There’s a fair bit going on his this song, but Zeppelin Wireless does a grand job of separating out all the different threads, and making the grouped backing vocals rhythmic while also providing enough detail to pick out the individual strands. Well worth tracking down.

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  • Alain Choisy says:

    When are you going to offer Zeppelin owners an AirPlay system adapter ???
    Best wishes

  • Göran B says:

    I don´t have the Zeppelin speaker but listened to the tracks using my B&W MM-1 pc speakers. Sounded great on them too. Still a cable guy.

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    The original Zeppelin can be used with an Apple AirPort Express to enable AirPlay streaming.

  • Jul says:

    My zeppelin speakers did not work as a wifi after update ;(

  • Bowers & Wilkins says:

    Please get in touch with our technical support team via the link below. They will be able to advise you on how to resolve your Zeppelin issue.


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