Win tickets to see Roddy Woomble at Kings Place

Familiar to many thousands of music fans as the front man in Scottish rock band Idlewild, Roddy Woomble is also a celebrated songwriter and performer, whose naturally poetic writing and consistent touring have won huge numbers of fans all over the world.

Packed with memorable melodies and powerful, artistic expression, his latest solo album, Listen to Keep (2013; Reveal Records), features 11 new songs written and recorded with his band at An Tobar on the Isle of Mull. The new band featuring Hannah Fisher (violin, vocals), Craig Ainslie (bass) and Sorren Maclean (guitar, vocals) help to create the perfect backdrop for Roddy’s poetic lyrics, adding touches of country and folk to a set of poignant songs.

We are very excited to be working alongside Kings Place, an iconic independently funded arts venue housed in an award-winning building in the heart of King’s Cross. With intimate concert halls and world-class acoustics, its vibrant artistic programme offers specially curated series across a range of genres including classical, jazz, contemporary, folk, world, Americana, spoken word and comedy.

Roddy will be playing Kings Place on Thursday 7th May. We will be recording the gig and it will be available from  Society of Sound as a high-quality download.

We have three pairs of tickets to give away. If you’d like to win a pair, simply let us know here, with which Scottish rock band is Roddy the lead singer.

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  • Jack Daniels says:


  • Graeme says:


  • Chris Morgan says:


    Lving my new C5s and would love to see Roddy live!


  • Lee Mansfield says:

    Roddy Woomble is the lead singer of the rock band Idlewild

  • Anton Steurer says:

    good thing, keep it coming. Love to win

  • Rory says:


  • Stuart says:

    There’s no link to the competition!

  • Tony says:


  • Roger Higgins says:


    Can’t wait.

  • Ian Anderson says:


  • Chris Morgan says:

    Idlewild (my first post doesn’t seem to have registered so here it is again!)

  • Lee says:


  • Alex says:


  • Chris Dixon says:


  • Wayne says:


  • Lee Forf says:


  • Kit Withnail says:


  • roy lloyd says says:


  • Ed McElroy says:


  • James Gbadamosi says:


  • Peter Sykes says:


  • Ben says:


  • Zby says:


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