Your chance to experience PJ Harvey’s ‘Recording in Progress’

Ground-breaking musician PJ Harvey has joined forces with
Artangel, Somerset House and Bowers & Wilkins to create
Recording in Progress‘, an artistic project where visitors can experience Harvey, her band and regular collaborators as they record her new album.

Each week we will be offering you the chance to experience ‘Recording in Progress’.

Recording in Progress’ is a project conceived by PJ Harvey, in collaboration with Artangel and Somerset House. From 16th January, PJ Harvey will be recording her new album an architectural installation in the New Wing at Somerset House, with her band, engineers and regular producers Flood and John Parish.

Lucky ticket holders will be able to watch and listen to exactly what is happening at a particular moment in the studio.

Bowers & Wilkins award-winning 805 Diamond, AM-1 and CM10 speakers will be used throughout the
‘Recording in Progress’ ensuring absolute fidelity and accuracy for the audience.

“From Abbey Road studios to the London Symphony Orchestra, and now Somerset House, Bowers & Wilkins collaborates with cultural partners who push the boundaries of sound,” said Bowers & Wilkins
Brand Director Danny Haikin.

Bowers & Wilkins have secured one pair of tickets per week to this already sold out event.
For your chance to experience ‘Recording in Progress, simply follow us on Twitter and send this tweet:

I would like to see #PJHarvey Recording in Progress with @bowerswilkins @somersethouse

We will pick a winner at random each week and contact you within 24 hours to arrange dates and times.

More information about Recording in Progress.

See you there!

Competition terms and conditions


  • Stephen Duffy says:

    Yes please!

  • NickP says:

    Sounds good… Pity it’s only practicable for those living within the M25 or thereabouts…

  • Chris Hodgson says:

    So to make sure this is taken seriously – you’ve restricted it to twitter users ?

    Well done marketing!

  • Robert Nawrocki says:

    can i see her majesty of alternative music?

  • Max Mockett says:

    I work at Somerset House and didn’t get tickets! Please. I beg of you.

  • Andres Pachon says:

    I would like to say that for personal reasons I am not a Twitter User, nevertheless I would love to be part of this exclusive recording experience,

    As a Sound Engineer this would be a unique opportunity to learn from a great Studio environment with the best professionals and High Fidelity equipment.

    As a B&W user it would be a High Fidelity Pleasure.


    Andres Pachon
    Sound Engineer
    M: 07412032183

  • Dave jones says:

    Why does everything have to be via Twitter ? Not all people want to “tweet”, i certainly don’t and it shouldn’t be that a competition is limited to this

  • BudHudson says:

    Hello there – would love to enter this competition but cant – i don’t have a twitter account – any other way to put my name in the hat for the draw please?

  • Jon Merritt says:

    Hear hear Mr Jones. I don’t want to be on Twitter either, and competitions like this shouldn’t be restricted in this way.

  • Kevin says:

    i agree. What’s wrong with just sending your details etc etc

  • Sam says:

    I haven’t got Twitter

  • HG says:

    Tweeting and Facebook are for people without a real purpose in their lives – feel free to disagree! Like others I would have hoped that B&W would have had more interest in reaching a more discerning customer base.

  • milan says:

    I agree with the above comments, have you any idea who your core audience is. does not seem like it.

  • Darren says:

    Agree with previous posts – love PJ, hate twitter. Come on B&W, open it up.

  • Keene says:

    Yes,I agree not allot us use twitter . Good old email address worked fine for me.

  • Clive Davis says:

    Me too. I’ve got quite enough junk coming in. I’m interested in music; I’m not interested in Twitter.

  • Alan says:

    I’d like to enter the competition but don’t want to join the twitterers to do so. Shame.

  • Les says:

    Another vote for broader methods of being in the draw. Why not consider those of us who don’t use Twitter but clearly are on your mailing list and many of us good customers.

  • Paul says:

    Totally agree. There used to be a Sales Promotion Code of Practice with which anyone running a competition had to comply. If such a code is still in existence, one of the stipulations should be that a competition should be open to entrants via post and email, not limited to entry via Twitter or Facebook.

  • John Bassett says:

    Yep, stops me doing it. Increases the odds for those who don’t mind adding to the ‘information’ pollution traffic…

  • Edward Leach says:

    Thanks for the gift of music!

  • Steve says:

    I think you’ll find that the whole point is to drive awareness to social media via twitter – its called marketing……. it’s not a loyalty scheme!

  • Trevor says:

    Twitter, Facebook – why do companies expect people who have bought their products to do their marketing for them ?
    If you wanted to show appreciation to your customers for choosing your products, you could just have a random draw, but that isn’t what this is about, is it ?

  • gavin says:

    I also do not want to publically apply for the chance to see this. I resent your attempts to engage me in this project in this way, I suggest those responsible consider that many of us value our privacy and reconsider your approach to those of us who already pay a subscription for access to these opportunities.

  • Nik. says:

    Totally agree with Dave & Milan, Twitter is for info & gossip ….( A40 is closed due to a crash or Bill is having toast for tea) HASHTAG SAD FACE

  • Chris Bidmead says:

    Prefab tweets + a lottery.

    What an absolutely mindless use of social media.

    PJ needs to find new friends.

  • Spanish Guitarist says:

    Why the association with an outdated social media company. To write this comment I had to submit my email addy –so why not just use email for your promotion? Social media is for Beats cans not B&W. Isn’t it?

  • Spanish guitarist says:

    Why was my previous comment deleted? It was neither offensive or even indiscreet. I simply don’t understand your affiliation with Twitter. Simple.

  • Kate says:

    I totally agree – I hate it when a company emails me about an offer/competition, only to find that I have to ‘like’ them on Facebook, or re-tweet something. I am NOT a Twit-book user, and do not intend to be (and certainly not just to enter a competition).
    What was the point of emailing me about this? If you want to reach out to Twitter users, surely you should be using Twitter to publicise the competition – oh, you have. Two tweets in response, compared with 28 comments here (29 now, including mine). Mmmm, effective, that Twitter thing, isn’t it?
    (Rant over)

  • Richard says:

    Just want to say I agree with everyone who says that it is wrong to restrict competition entry to twitter users.

  • milan says:

    Well, B&W, you seem to have truck quite a chord, Any chance of a reply to the above comments?

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