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The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble album Undercurrents was the March release on Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound. The album, recorded at Real World Studios, was recorded live by the ensemble. The layering of sound coming from the multiple players in the room rather than from studio multi-tracking.

Will Gregory had been inspired to form the Moog Ensemble having re-discovered the seminal late 60’s album Switched on Bach by Walter Carlos. It led him to wonder why no-one had attempted to assemble a group of keyboardists to reproduce the effect of the album but in a live performance. So he decided to do it himself.

In this interview you will hear Will discuss the Switched on Bach album and it’s influence on the Moog Ensemble, the elements that make the Moog in particular, and analogue synthesisers in general, so special for him and he explores some of his favourite uses of the Moog synthesiser in both pop music and film soundtracks.

For more information on Undercurrents.
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  • Richard Peddie says:

    Loved Undercuts, really nice to hear it RAW rather than multi-tracked.
    I’ve been an avid Wendy Carlos listener since I first heard it in my music teachers room in 1968.
    I lost touch with it but rediscovered it in the early 80’s and have had it on whatever I’m carrying ever since.
    When I change device it’s the first thing I make sure goes back on.
    Don’t know what it is about it, it just HITS THE SPOT, I listen to some Wendy probably every day
    SAD I know !!

  • Stuart Hallett says:

    I remember listening to Switched on Bach and Kraftwerk on 8 track in the seventies as a young lad and to this day awe inspired by it all – why I had to purchase a Arturia Keylab with True Analog Emulation of classic synths – check ut the link. http://www.arturia.com/products

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