Unleash your inner Dalek: Radiophonic Workshop talk and performance on Society of Sound stage

Clearly we couldn’t put together a lineup celebrating sonic pioneers without including the legendary Radiophonic Workshop.

In a rare public performance the collective will appear twice on our Society of Sound stage on Sunday 27th July to really put our Sound System through it’s paces.

The first will be a talk/workshop at 2pm chaired by The Observer’s Joe Muggs featuring some of their most famous monster sound effects including Daleks and Cyberman and includes the chance for audience members to create some monster sounds of their own. Expect tape loops, door keys, string and wobbulators, the Tardis, Daleks and much sonic strangeness.

The live performance at 6.15pm will include some of their best-known compositions and radiophonica live alongside new tracks from their forthcoming album ‘Electricity’. From The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Timewatch, Newsround and Quatermass to their evocative recreation of Delia Derbyshire’s timeless theme from Doctor Who – still the high water mark of British electronica.

Dr Dick Mills joined the Workshop in 1958:

“As the senior player in this Radiophonic band I’ve travelled through time and space with a certain well-known Doctor many times. But this is a real journey into the unknown. Bringing the music out of the Workshop means being seen as musicians in our own right. And, of course, there’s the huge rush of it all being live! You never quite know if it’s all those machines are going to work or not.”

The Workshop’s recent Glastonbury performance was included in Fact Magazines’ Five acts who Glastonbury performances deserved more hype:

“The RWS are not just doing the nostalgia thing, rehashing something kitschy for the retromania generation: they’ve formed the band they all secretly longed to be in, and are making the very most of all musical toys available. Musically, it was like watching the greatest prog-rock-cosmic-disco act ever, with the added Proustian rush of blasts of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and Dr Who visuals. Utterly celebratory: the audience applause after the ‘Dr. Who’ finale went on for an insanely long time, the old guys on stage looking bemused but relishing every second.”

This is not one to be missed, if you are not lucky enough to be attending WOMAD, we will be filming the talk and posting it later next month. Find out more more about Society of Sound stage at WOMAD

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  • Jeremy Green says:

    Was at both the WOMAD talk and performance with my 6 year old son. Both were utterly fantastic and the lengthy applause after the performance throughly deserved. i only wish the set could have gone on longer. I can’t wait for the promised album and the chance to hear them live again. Thank you so much B & W. By the way the sound system is great as well; it has been a long time since I felt that much Bass.

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