Underworld gig with Bowers & Wilkins headphones

‘Silent’ rooftop gig to 200 lucky fans in Japan uses Bowers & Wilkins P7 and P5 headphones

Underworld are known for their technical innovation, and the duo cemented that reputation playing a rooftop gig in Shibuya to a euphoric crowd of 200 passionate fans wearing Bowers & Wilkins P7 and P5 headphones.


The intimate concert celebrated both the 25th anniversary of the design collective Tomato (of which Underworld’s Rick Smith and Karl Hyde were founder members) and the release of their acclaimed new album ‘Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future’. The gig took place on the roof of Parco Shibuya, in the Shibuya ward smack in the heart of Tokyo.

Underworld’s performance was also broadcast live via Shibuyanoradio (87.6 FM), Shibuya’s street-speaker network and on the famous Q Front screen, taking the show to the streets of Shibuya. Plus, in a world-first, the concert was streamed as a live 360-degree visual experience to viewers in a satellite venue using Galaxy Gear VR powered by Samsung Oculus.


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Purchase an exclusive high-resolution edition of ‘Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future’ featuring a bonus track here.


  • Chris says:

    Going to a concert and interaction with other people in the crowd is the paramount of technology helping people become unsocial. Sad.

  • Jonathan Bruce says:

    Marvilous . . . Just fabulously well performed.
    Enjoyed !

  • Walter says:

    Nice sound, but i’m a classical & jazz lover

  • Chrys Gough says:

    Very Proud Son!!! My Father…recently retired, helped and was in charge of many of the designs at B and W over the last 27 years! He’s a humble and shy man at times… But was, and still is a massive part of why B and W Speakers/Headphones/Moniters/I pod docks (Zepplin) and… Abbey Road, Real World Studios (Peter Gabriel) and Skywalker Studios have the quality Speakers they needed and still use.

  • An says:

    Wow, I bought a pair of B&W P5s in Tokyo and live in Tokyo, but did not get any information about this. Uncool.
    Even find out about this later on the mailing list.

  • Robert says:

    The future’s so bright I gotta wear Galaxy shades…..and headphones. Bye bye reality.

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