The Apples Playlist

The Apples

The Apples, whose new album Dragonz is the March release on Society of Sound deliver a playlist of some of their favourite music entitled; Influences, role models, and favourites.

“New Orleans to Yemen, New York to Tel Aviv. A soul anthem, a traditional vocal melody, 90’s electronica, gentle arrangements and psychedelia. In The Apples, we incorporate them all (and more…), whether it’s throughout a track, or a momentary flash of sound. We believe you’ll find musical successors to these selections in ‘Dragonz’, and hope you are as inspired by them as we are.”

Smokey Johnson – It Ain’t My Fault

Marlena Shaw – California Soul

Jay Z- Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)…

Elysian Fields – Can’t Tell My Friends

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

Arik Einstein – Ma Shehaya Haya

The Churchill’s – When You’re Gone

Las Grecas – Te Estoy Amando Locamente

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