Ten tracks that sound wonderful on T7 Wireless

As summer nears its end we thought we would take the new
T7 Wireless out into the sun for a final hurrah before it is confined to household duties for the duration of the autumn and winter.

We choose ten tracks that sounds great on the T7 Wireless outdoors (and inside) and show off the special abilities of this diminutive portable Bluetooth loudspeaker.

Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog – Your Turn
Marc Ribot is best known for his guitar work with the likes of Tom Waits and John Zorn, but his multitude of solo projects is more diverse, eclectic and wonderful than you could possible imagine. This rocky jazz freak-out sounds sensational on T7 Wireless, which is a testament to the wireless speaker’s incredibly capability. (Your Turn is actually the third song in this video, but please do watch the whole thing!)

Tanya Donnelly – Mass Ave
The wonderful Tanya Donnelly proves the music industry is harder to get away from than she thought. Originally conceived as her ‘exit strategy’, the Swan Song Series is a clutch of intimate EPs recorded with friends and family. This great track sounds great on T7 Wireless, with natural-sounding acoustic guitars and Donnelly’s country-tinged voice centre stage.

The Jam – Carnation
Maybe not one of The Jam’s best known tracks, but it is wonderful in its simplicity – and sounds excellent on a high-quality download (or on LP, obviously). T7 Wireless does a grand job of delivering a fully rounded performance even out of doors. In particular, the excellent organ peice is full of detail and resolution.

Wedding Present – Blonde
This slow-builder takes a little while to pick up but then explodes! The impeccable Steve Albini production means that drums and vocals are dead centre, and the whole effect is incredibly clean. And that’s exactly how T7 Wireless delivers it, even when things get rather hectic.

Bonnie Prince Billy – I See A Darkness
This crystal-clear recording sounds deceptively simple, but there is tons of detail to be unearthed here that really adds to your enjoyment of the track. For such a compact, portable wireless speaker T7 Wireless does a great job of revealing the details of the space around the artists and Will Oldham’s voice in particular,

Johnny Cash – I won’t Back Down
Johnny Cash is a great test of audio. Yes, his voice always sounds great, but on kit with good resolution he sounds simply amazing. And with this well-recorded track, T7 Wireless does a miraculous job of revealing each and every inflection.

Portishead – SOS
This is possibly one of the more unusual Abba cover versions you will hear, but the timeless Portishead manage to pull it off. Beth Gibbons vocals sound pristine, while the synth and drum machine backing are full of portent throughout.

Joni Mitchell – River
This beautiful track from the classic album Blue sounds amazing on T7. There is a clarity to Mitchell’s distinctive vocals, while the solo piano accompaniment is full of detail and resolution. T7 Wireless even does a good job with the occasional overly high-note – which fans love, but others can find a little grating at times!

Daniel Barenboim – Beethoven Piano Sonata No.1 in F Minor, Op. 2, No1: 1, Allegro
Making a piano sound like a piano is a fine art in the world of Hi-Fi. We all know what a piano sounds like, and can generally tell when we are in a room with one rather than listening to one on a pair of loudspeakers. But with this wonderful opening sonata T7 Wireless does a great job of making you believe you really are listening to a piano – no mean feat.

Dennis Wilson – River Song
Denis was the only real surfer in the Beach Boys and his amazing solo work truly stands the test of time. This multi-layered track is a thing of beauty, and T7 Wireless does a great job of separating out all the instruments and massed vocals while retaining its truly epic musicality.

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