Seven Notes Dubai: DJ Raxon’s Top 10

First event of the Seven Notes Tour takes place in Dubai and features local DJ legend, DJ Raxon.

We asked him for his top 10 favourite tracks of the moment:

1. EdOne & Bodden – Soundness

Its the latest release on our audio tonic Records, killer vocals and always gets everyone in the right mood


2. Raxon – Stanton (Kolombo Remix)

Kolombo really nailed this remix, very simple yet effective on the dancefloor, always get great reactions from it


3. Nick Curly – Undeground (Raxon Remix)

This remix is very special to me, it was released last year on Nick Curly’s own label Cecille and got it in the top 30 on Beatport’s tech house charts and was supported by Solomun for a few month over the summer of 2012


4. Raxon – Be Right There (Original Mix)

One of my first singles of 2013 also got many great reactions more than expected, just humbling..


5. Amine Edge & DANCE – Gimme Tha Fonky (Raxon Remix)

Its always an honour to remix a huge name in the dance music industry such as Amine Edge & DANCE


6. Turntablerocker – Promise (Original Mix)

You can’t resist the late 70’s discofunk feel in this tune. Flashing lights, ping pong your hips and freak out.



7. Baher – Come On (Original Mix)

This track was sent to me as demo from a new up and coming producer from my home town in cairo, i was honestly not expecting much but as soon as i heard it i was blown away and immediately signed to our label as part of our Miami Sampler 2013


8. Going Deeper & Biatlone – Maybe (Original Mix)

really amazed witht he amount of talent that is coming out of russia these days, cold weather but such warm music


9. Kruse & Nuernberg – Dont Hold Back (Original Mix)

This german duo from hamburg have been exploding for the past few years, and we were luck enough to sign an ep with them on audio tonic Records, they always deliver the deep house goodness


10. Sasse & Raxon – The Day Before Tomorrow (Original Mix)

its very difficult to collaborate with someone when it comes to music, one the other hand there are some that just work perfectly.. it was when sasse came over to mu studio in Dubai when i had an already started this track and he had instantly was feeling it, then the magic happened.







  • Andre says:

    Hello, just a hint: the first link to DJ Raxon’s Soundcloud is broken, i.e. clicking on “DJ Raxon” in the title/headline leads to an error page.

  • Susanna Grant says:

    Many thanks, we’ve repaired the link so working now.

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