Moog on Vinyl – Richard Norris Top 10

Richard Norris

To celebrate the launch of the P5 Wireless headphone we asked some of our favourite artists to give us 10 tracks they’d never interrupt while listening on headphones.

Second up, Richard Norris.

Donna Summer – I Feel Love
Georgio Moroder’s quintessential Munich Machine robo trance, performed on the mighty Moog Modular, one of the greatest electronic discoteque records of all time.

Kraftwerk – Autobahn
Allegedly a teutonic response to the ‘Fun Fun Fun’ of the Beach Boys California, this side long Moog workout made an everlasting impression. The swooshes and sweeps were made using an Arp, but the warmth of Moog underpins it.

New Order – Blue Monday
The biggest selling 12 inch record of all time. The distinctive Klein and MBO ‘Dirty Talk’ referencing bass line was recorded on a Moog Source.

Parliament – Flashlight
Bootsy Collins’ P-Funk heroes scored big with this slice of futuristic R&B in 1978, thanks to Bernie Worrell’s elastic bass line, played on three connected Minimoogs. A massive influence on hip hop and urban dance of all flavours.

Tangerine Dream – Rubycon
Two seventeen minutes plus tracks that, with the aid of Christopher Franke’s double Moog parts, develop and establish Tangerine Dream’s hypnotic sequencer sound, as first heard on the title track of Phaedra.

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun
George Harrison brought his new Moog system into Abbey Road Studios in August 1969, which made it onto four tracks on the Abbey Road album. Hear the solo’ed Moog on Here Comes The Sun

Stevie Wonder – Living For The City
The Tonto duo of Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff were the backbone of Stevie Wonder’s sound on the classic albums Innervisions, Music Of My Mind and Talking Book. Moog got soul. See also – Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – ‘Zero Time’.

Blow Your Head – Fred Wesley and the JB’s
This much sampled worm wigglin’ Moog intro-ed track is funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter, which is what you’d expect from James brown’s wreckin’ crew. See also – The Peppers, ‘Pepper Box’ and countless other 70’s workouts.

U-Roy – King Tubby’s Skank
Moog goes to Jamaica. See also – The Vulcans – ‘Journey Into Space’ and ‘In The Moog Bush’, The All Stars ‘Dream In The Moog’.

Richard Norris will be performing with the Moog Sound Lab on the Bowers & Wilkins stage at WOMAD on Friday 24th July.

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