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Mario Caldato Jr

Renowned producer Mario Caldato Jr has worked extensively with Beastie Boys and Beck as well as producing all of Day One’s recorded output to date – including their new album “Intellectual Property” which is available exclusively via Society of Sound this month.

Below Mario shares some of the songs that have been important in his life; “Here is my list of songs that I love and have been inspired by in some way or another throughout the years.”

Eric Burden and War – “Spill the Wine”

Yes this song made a very big impression on me when I was a kid growing up in Los Angeles in the early 70’s. I heard it almost everyday for a couple of years on the radio going to school, it made me feel like I was in a dream, took me away for sure. It mixes talking with singing and a female voice saying something very sensuous, great dynamics and mix of rhythms and styles, Latin, jazz, pop and rock; everything I love about music, all in one song, killer.

David Bowie – “Space Oddity”

Another dynamic song that takes you for a ride to the sky, without taking anything strange. I really love the blend of the instrumentation and beautiful string arrangement, perfectly balanced and mixed. Bowie is a master of styles and he really created something different. Nothing sounds like this song before or after, it’s in its own class, much respect to producer Gus Dudgeons.

Harry Nilsson – “Lime In The Coconut”

I get hypnotized every time I hear this song, maybe because it’s only one chord? I would hear this song as a kid and it really stuck in my head, just keep looping all day. I love how simple it is, not much is happening, there is a lot space but very funky and syncopated beat, yet it’s very dynamic. It was produced by Richard Perry, who I had the pleasure of meeting, he’s a real character and he really enjoys life.

Baden & Vinicius – “Canto de Ossanha”

This song is so deep, it’s religious to me, like going to church; it really grounds me when I hear it. You can feel a spirit entering the room when it plays and whips around the room like the wind, gently touching your soul. The sound is very haunting but warm, I love the performance and production and it’s all live in the studio, it’s the real deal.

Augustus Pablo – “Park Lane Special”

One of my all time favorite Reggae songs, still rocking hard. The production is classic Lee Perry and King Tubby at their best and with only 4 tracks but sounding like much, much more, thanks to Tubby’s mixing talent and tricks: killer outer space spring reverb and tape echo, eq changes and phasing that only he has mastered in that way, no automation or help, just pure instincts and emotion, live to 2 track tape. Much respect to Jamaica, got to love and thank them for all their inspiration, for me and the world.

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