Loney dear: Emil Svanängen playlist

Loney dear’s performance at the Bowers & Wilkins Sound System stage at WOMAD 2017 was a stunning display full of electronic wonder, captivating vocals and consummate songwriting. But where does such a unique sound draw its influences from?

Emil Svanängen has created a playlist of tracks that give a little insight into his musical world outside of Loney dear, the project name under which he records and plays live. This is an eclectic selection where almost all musical genres are catered for, but, the list is subtly held together by threads of clever songwriting, emotive uses of electronics and an over-arching mood of emotional fragility that reflect many of the tropes of Svanängen’s own music.

You can discover more about Loney dear, and the driving force behind it Emil Svanängen, as the new Loney dear album, the first for six years, is this month’s Society of Sound release.

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