The Superimposers cinematic Top 10

The Superimposers have provided a wonderful cinematic top 10 for our blog. Described by Q magazine as “sunshine pop from the south coast of England rather than the west coast of America. Sounds like some classic 60s pop band you somehow missed out on.”

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

1. Various – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Soundtrack)

Wes Anderson, along with Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) always manage to compile and compose colourful soundtracks. Australian composer Sven Libaek’s ‘Inner Space’ underwater documentary soundtrack is used to great effect, bringing his name to many more people (including us) than probably ever saw the original 1974 TV series. Seu Jorge’s wonderful acoustic brazilian versions of David Bowie songs are also standout choices. We love the film too!


Ennio Morricone

2. Ennio Morricone – L’Assoluto Naturale

Ennio Morricone should have a Top Ten all of his own. The master of soundtrack composition outshines many of his films and this long player is another exceptional recording. The repetition of the main melody line is a key trick that gets you hooked. ‘Sempre Più Verit’. Possibly perfect in attitude, melody and composition. A positive sonic delight.


Alfie3. Sonny Rollins – Alfie

Sonny Rollins perfected Michael Caine’s London strut in the theme music to this cult movie (or was it the other way round?). Listening to this track draws imagery from an innocent West End London and England lost to chain stores and food chains. Strange that the film leaves you with a slightly darker imagery so the chipper contrast of the soundtrack bodes well.


The Cincinnati Kid4. Ray Charles – The Cincinnati Kid

Ray Charles pulls no punches with this title track from The Cincinnati Kid. The tense gambling tale is squeezed into this soulful R&B big band groove fit for any dancefloor or headphone bus journey. If you get the chance make sure you watch the movie with your headphones on.


Michel Colombier - Ce Sacré Grand Père5. Michel Colombier – Ce Sacré Grand-Père

Driving through France en route, chasing the sun, there was a pit stop in Lille. A bowl of mussels, French Fries and a lot of rain held us there for sometime. We found ourselves in the local CD store and this is where this gem of a soundtrack was discovered and listened to on rotation for hundreds of miles. Years later we played this in a DJ set and a French guy came up to us and sang the whole main theme song. A beautiful OST from start to finish.


The Kramford Look – Shoebox at Sea6. The Kramford Look – Shoebox at Sea

The Kramford Look are signed to our label Wonderfulsound and they are aficionados when it comes to soundtracks, Library music, incidental music and the way sound is recorded. This LP was recorded in 2011 and references it’s past but if you listen closely, nobody could have made recordings like that 40 years ago. It is a truly unique and modern soundtrack recording. Now somebody has to make the film.


Popeye7. Harry Nilsson & Van Dyke Parks – Popeye

Although the film at the time was not well received we have vivid memories of it’s colourful and weird comic strip feel, and subconciously the soundtrack seems to have stuck. Standout track? ‘He Needs Me’ which is classic Nilsson, easily stands up against anything he had written previously. We love you Harry!



Chris Watson - El Tren Fantasma8. Chris Watson – El Tren Fantasma

A soundtrack of the mind, not the eyes. Chris Watson is a sound recordist who has taken his everyday job and expanded the unimaginable into the imaginable. The impossible to the possible. El Tren Fantasma is an audio train journey through Mexico from the Pacific to the Atlantic. A soundtrack journey that everyone should try and fit in at least once.


Dirty Harry9. Lalo Schifrin – Scorpio’s Theme

There used to be a cassette tape in our Wonderfulsound studio that simply said ‘Soundtracks’, and before the wild world of Shazam, YouTube, Discogs, or even SoundHound, we never knew who or what a large majority of these tracks were. It wasn’t until Dirty Harry was watched late one night that those haunting synths and choirs jumped out of the screen. Plus it has a drum break to die for!


Adrian Corker – Way of the Morris10. Adrian Corker – Way of the Morris

Way of the Morris is a film about the country folk of England and the legend that is Morris Dancing, and Adrian Corker provides a soundtrack that captures the feel of this world. Part Pentangle, part Jack Thackray, part Moondog meshed together with space echoes and church bells. A truly English record.

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  • Mr C. says:

    Just listen to the music score for the 1950’s film ” The Belles of St.Trinians “, the film in which a teddy boy made his appearance as “arry ” which introduced a young Arthur Daley ” George Cole ” to the world.

    Sir Malcolm Arnold wrote the music for this and many more films including “Bridge over the River Kwae”

    One of his Cornish dance tunes is used for the Rick Stein T.V. cookery programs

    Check this musical genius out on Google and watch the St.Trinians clips on You Tube .

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