Seven tracks to sound amazing on P7 Wireless

The P7 Wireless are our best sounding Bluetooth headphones yet. They offer professional-quality sound reproduction, but with the added convenience of seamless streaming via Bluetooth aptX. To mark the launch we have put together the ultimate P7 Wireless playlist: tracks that were used by our engineers when tuning P7 Wireless but that also sound fantastic in their own right.

James Blake
Measurements – James Blake

This wonderfully spacious recording is reproduced beautifully on P7 Wireless. It opens deceptively simply, with a sparsely accompanied, beautifully recorded voicde. When the opening gives way to multi-layered vocals and deep, resonant bass notes it is a thing of beauty. However, it’s with the a cappella breath-enthused ending that the remarkable P7 Wireless show just what they are capable of – the separation between the different vocals is simply amazing on these headphones.

Gregory Porter
Holding On – Take Me To The Alley

It’s often hard to get past Gregory Porter’s simply sublime voice. But while the man himself certainly takes centre stage here, sounding as rich and wonderfully inflective as usual, listening closely to this track on P7 Wireless allows you to really get to grips with the wonderful music that surrounds him. The well-recorded double bass and crisp drums push the track along effortlessly, but the headline is the sublime piano, revealed in all its glory thanks to P7 Wireless’ amazing resolution.

Lhasa De Sela
My Name – The Living Road

Lhasa’s beautiful lead vocals remain the centre of attention throughout this amazingly wide recording; breathy, almost spoken, they are delivered with startling clarity. But with P7 Wireless the accompanying instruments also have a tremendous depth and separation to them. From the deep bass of the drum to the chimes that seem to arrive from somewhere several feet above your head, the whole effect is incredibly engaging.

Lou Reed
Vanishing Act – The Raven

This track features another beautifully rendered vocal from the master of the laconic laid back style – here his voice is so clear you can hear every lip-smack and fleck of spittle. Accompanied by only a piano for most of the track, it sounds wonderful when listening on loudspeakers but is in some ways even more engaging on these remarkable headphones. You get dragged into the darkness of the track as every subtle detail is revealed in all its glory, and when the rich strings rise up at the end the effect is goose-bump inducing.

Scout Niblett
Gun – It’s Up To Emma

The remarkable Scout Niblett always sounds amazing. Whether on her Steve Albini engineered offerings or this more recent self-produced recording the clarity of the sound is always blisteringly, sometimes painfully, real. This excellent track therefore sounds amazing thanks to the professional-grade clarity of P7 Wireless, with the drums, vocals and powerfully over-driven guitar combining to create an incendiary listening experience.

Djuma Soundsystem
Les Djinns (Trentemøller Remix) – The Trentemøller Chronicles

While on an initial listen it may seem as though this track is going to be all about the bass, there’s a lot more going on here beyond some admittedly very deep bottom end. There is a wonderful sense of ambience to the whole thing making it sound as though it is happening outside of your head, and when after a couple of minutes the Middle Eastern sounding stringed instrument comes in it seems to arrive from far out on the horizon before taking up residence centre stage.

Songs: Ohia
The Black Crow – The Lioness

This is a favorite test track of the engineering team at the Steyning Research Establishment and with good reason. The resolution on offer in this fantastic recording is well served by P7 Wireless’ bespoke drive units. The headphones also do a grand job delivering the full breadth and vista of the sound stage, which makes the experience a much wider one than you would imagine headphones being capable of.

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  • Christopher Byrne says:

    Bought the P7 wireless a couple of days ago and have just listened to the tracks. First of all, what a great taste in music! All of the tracks sounded fantastic, especially with these headphones. I actually bought the Sennheiser momentum wireless 2 as well as the P7’s but I have sent the Senn’s back. These are officially my favorite headphones.

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