The Lake Poets – Marty playlist

To accompany the release of The Lake Poets self-titled debut album via Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound, singer, guitarist and songwriter Marty Longstaff gives some insight into a few of the songs that have influenced and been important to him.

The Middle East – Blood
This song made me realise the devastating power of truth and heartfelt sentiment in songwriting. The lyrics hit me like kick to the throat and make me want to hug my loved ones.

Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes
The lyrics in this song are the best description of true and all consuming love anyone has ever written.

Warren Zevon – Carmelita
Such a beautiful yet wry song about the hardships of addiction and poverty.

Rival Schools – Good Things
A song that makes think everything is going to be ok.

Bob Dylan – Idiot Wind
The most vitriolic, yet self-mocking and ironic song out there.

Frank Sinatra – They Can’t Take That Away From Me
This song reminds me that no matter where I go, or what I do, whether I fail or whether I succeed that I’ll always have good memories of happy times.

Richard Thompson – Vincent Black Lightning 1952
The pinnacle of English story telling and English guitar playing.

Peggy Lee – Is That All There Is?
The lyrics describe exactly how I feel most days, in a way no other song ever has.

Patsy Cline – Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray
The most painful song about betrayal sang in such a way you can’t help but feel the pain.

Bruce Springsteen – Walk Like A Man
A song about the confusion of adulthood, and the process of becoming a man that makes me cry uncontrollably every time.

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  • Tran manh tung says:

    thanks toi dât yêu thich âm nhac va cac ban nhac quoc te that la tuyet voi

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