Win tickets and join us at The Gadget Show Live.

Experience Bowers & Wilkins P7 and see the new 600 Series at The Gadget Show Live, 9 to 13 April, NEC, Birmingham.

This competition is now closed.

We have a pair of tickets to give away for each day of The Gadget Show Live, one of Europe’s largest consumer technology shows. All you have to do is tell us in the comments box at the bottom of the blog why you need the tickets and which day you’d like to go no later than 4pm Friday 4th April. We will let the winners know on Monday 7th April.

The NEC Birmingham will host The Gadget Show Live in April, one of the largest consumer technology shows in Europe, with Gadget Show presenters live on stage, halls full of the latest technology and… Bowers & Wilkins.

Our stand (J60) is in the heart of the action, close to the Robo Challenge and one of the main ‘experience’ areas. You will have the opportunity to talk to Bowers & Wilkins staff and enjoy your own music as you try out our full range of Wireless Music Systems –the iconic Zeppelin Air, A5, A7 and Z2 – as well as our headphones including P5 and P3.

Taking centre stage, though, will be our latest hi-fi headphone, the award-winning P7. Pick a pair from our listening tree and plug in your own music to experience the P7’s unique combination of truly immersive hi-fi sound, luxurious comfort and impeccable build quality.

As well as the full range of headphones and Wireless Music Systems, the Bowers & Wilkins Gadget Show Live stand will also showcase our new 600 Series speakers – bringing the best in audio to everyone by combining audio performance and price; using new, unique engineering solutions plus technology taken from premium Bowers & Wilkins speaker ranges.

Our display will also include 800 Series Diamond, as found in some of the best recording studios on the planet, and our design classic Nautilus, the result of a groundbreaking, five-year research and development programme to achieve, as near as possible, the perfect loudspeaker. Nautilus is recognised worldwide as an outstanding loudspeaker which continues to shape the direction of the audio industry to this day.

From visual icons and design classics to the chance to try the latest Wireless Music Systems and headphones, the Bowers & Wilkins stand at The Gadget Show Live – 9 to 13 April, NEC, Birmingham – will be bristling with exciting products for anyone who appreciates the best in audio. We hope to see you there!



  • Martin Groom says:

    I would like to give my son and present he will never forget. I believe if i was given this opportunity I would be able to show my son what real speakers look like. He is coming up to his 18th birthday, therefore becoming a man and what would be a better way to celebrate his birthday, then giving him the opportunity to see the perfect craftsmanship of Bowers and Wilkins speaker systems. I also personally want to go and have a look for myself, as I’ve always been a huge fan of how fantastic this ‘British’ founded company are at producing a unbelievable range of manufactured products right here in the UK! This is totally unheard of and really shows that us Brits can still make a few spectacularly and magnificent products. Preferred Days 11th,12th,13th.

  • David Eglin says:

    I’d like to go on the Sunday to try out the P7s (I used to own the P3s. Cheers!

  • Simon Wallace says:

    Wow… I need the tickets so I can come along and see what I can give more of my money to Bowers and Wilkins for (in exchange for your wonderful products obviously……)

    Tickets for either the Sunday or the Saturday would be really great please


  • a Motta says:

    Being a proud owner of the P5 and having completely changed my views about headphones quality, it’s only natural that I follow headphone trends from a close distance. I need to be at the NEC in Birmingham to see first hand the amazing P7 launch.

    I would like to go on the 9th April please!

  • Phil Hanson says:

    Jeepeeeers, my wallet is starting to twitch already!

  • malcolm mc millan says:

    be great at see all the b w products give them more money for the wonderful products they make what more could you ask for weeeeeee

  • Ivor Davies says:

    I purchased 3 tickets some time ago but now find that my son and grandson are paying us a visit next week from Brighton and it would be good to surprise them with these tickets. Our 3 purchased tickets are for the Thursday 10th April.

  • David Buckingham says:

    I need the Gadget Show tickets to allow me to experience for myself the critics choice of mobile headphones ~ the immense Bowers and Wilkins P7 headphones! And via your listening tree!!

    Any tickets for Wednesday 9th April or Thursday 10th April will be very much appreciated by my ears.

  • Martijn says:

    I’d like the tickets because myself and my girlfriend are gadget freaks, and she’s a native brummie- a surprise trip to the NEC would go down a treat!
    I’ve had hifi from b&w for years- an elderly set of dm22is, (still standing in as front surround speakers with dm110i rears!) through to a couple of Zeppelins, 600 series bits, a pair of p5s, and even some ceiling speakers for good measure!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed.. :-)

  • J Keenlyside says:

    I’m desperate to get my hands on the new 600 series. Epic gear!

  • Jon Holman says:

    I have automated curtains, wifi lightbulbs, led temperature sensitive taps, geo-fenced light scenes, ifttt, motion sensitive switches, key free digital locks, wifi security cameras, airplay in every room and a 120″ drop down screen surrounded by 8 B&W speakers. I need to know what’s next in order to buy it and bore my girlfriend some more. Please let me come to see your stand and the show!

  • Philip Wilkins says:

    The kid’s are old enough now they won’t damage the hifi system, so I need to experience the hottest sound systems Britain can offer. I need them tickets !!

  • David Wilkins says:

    Need to see the 800 series in the flesh! If they sound as good as they look I may be significantly poorer very soon after!

    Any day for me!

  • Diane Parslow says:

    Have had a Zeppelin from the very beginning and the headphones all suit me too, but it would be nice to meet some of the people behind the products.

    Thank you!

  • Lisa Benham says:

    With Gadget Show Live tickets I’d come and try out the full B&W range. My P3s and the 2 pairs of P5s I got for family members are awesome, but my Bose in-ears are dying, so I’d take the opportunity to try out the B&W C5s as a replacement… I think my boyfriend’s angling for some P7s too so the listening tree would be interesting! Tickets for Saturday would be great, but Friday or Sunday would also work! Thanks!

  • Janine Elliot says:

    As a B&W devotee and writer on Hi-Fi It’s essential I am there to witness the best in gadgets around, including the new P7, a major contender for best in personal music experience.

  • Rick McEvoy says:

    I already own P3 and P7 headphones, plus a Zeppelin Air and Mini, and would love to see what the A7 is capable of, plus the P600 series. I am also fanatical about my gadgets, and have a real interest in seeing the wider aspects of the show.

  • Warwick Dean says:

    So where else would I go to see/touch/enjoy all the latest from B&W to identify the next item on the wish list? And with a full bag of glossy handouts start the planning on where to site those next speakers..

  • gulshan seehakoo says:

    Having been the proud owner of the p5 for over a year – I am curious to see,feel and hear the amazing
    Sound of other B&W products!! The 13th would be best otherwise any
    Dates except for the 12th! Thanks :)

  • Steve Robertson says:

    We went to the Gadget show a few years back and not really had a chance over the last couple of year, I would love to try out the A7 and P7’s also the MM1’s !!

  • Kate Knowles says:

    Please can I have a pair of free tickets so that I can come and stroke the Nautilus speakers, as one day they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine (provided I win the lottery….)
    I would like tickets for the Sunday if possible

  • Simon Bell says:

    Ever since embracing your equipment speakers , sub woofer and zeppelin air play I would very much like to view all your products in one room so to speak. I’m a lover of perfection hence my loyalty to you. Thank you.

  • Simon Bell says:

    Ever since embracing your equipment speakers , sub woofer and zeppelin air play I would very much like to view all your products in one room so to speak. I’m a lover of perfection hence my loyalty to you. Thank you. Any day will be fine.

  • Shaun Richardson says:

    Bowers and Wilkins expertise in sound
    Can not be matched by anyone around.
    Beautiful aesthetics and products to delight.
    Match by immersive sound with thunderous might.
    I want to touch and feel the products on show
    And absorbed the information so I’m in the know.
    So please invite me to your stand of technical acclaim
    To miss out on such an event would be a crying shame.
    So with that in mind a day what suits best
    Would be Saturday or Sunday,
    So I can put your products to the test.

  • Steve Armstrong says:

    I would love to attend the show to try out the P7’s and compare to the p3’s and c5’s I already own, and can’t wait to hear the new 600 series as I considering an upgrade in the near future.

    Here’s hoping I’m successful.

    Saturday or Sunday would be fantastic.

  • Ricky Ng says:

    Currently I have two of B&W speakers, Air Zeppelin and Z2. I love both the systems. Thinking of further purchase of another one to add to my collections. The Garget Show I hope is the only place I can see and hear the whole range in one place.

  • Luke Radford says:

    I need the tickets for a saturday please so I can come and try the fruits of your trees.
    Also, I’ll bring my cassette deck I bought from Argos my old gameboy and really test out the sound.

  • Gary says:

    Saturday please – really want to see the new speaker range…

  • Emma Whitehouse says:

    Music to my ears,…….can’t wait fto see and hear the 600 taking music to a new level, like having the artist in the room! Also about time our iconic Zepplin had a friend.

    Either day would be truly amazing :)


  • Raul Marquez says:

    I am sure the 800 series will sound great, but I am looking to hear the 600 series as I have been working in convincing my wife to upgrade our 7.1 system for those beautiful speakers. Weekend tickets will be great, but any day will do.

  • steven godfrey says:

    I really want the tickets to the gadget show on Sunday 13/04/2014. I have a zeppelin I bought many years ago and it now needs upgrading. I also have a set of P5 headphones. I am looking at spending money on more bowers and Wilkins equipment, as the sound is out of this world.

  • Gareth davies says:

    I would love the tickets so we can see if Rachel Riley is as good presenting live as she is on the show and if she’s as good looking in real life as Suzy perry!!!

  • Adrian Hanbury says:

    Tickets for Saturday or Sunday would be great.

    I am a great fan of B&W products and love my Zeppelin Air.

    I want to see the full range of B&W products playing flac quality music, especially the P7 headphones.

  • John phillips says:

    My wife and I As proud owners of a B &W CC6 series 2 centre channel speaker , p7 headphones and the zeppelin air speaker I would love to audition the latest products B &W have produce.
    We would be available for any of the available dates.
    John and Wendy Phillips.

  • Chris Mead says:

    Never been to Gadget Show l=live – would love to. Especially if I had free tickets!

  • Chris Mead says:

    Never been to Gadget Show l=live – would love to. Especially if I had free tickets!

    Tickets for either Saturday or Sunday would be great.

  • Kevin Marriott says:

    I desperately need to get to the show so my girlfriend can finally appreciate that great technology has inherent beauty, especially on stand J60! Hopefully she’ll allow me to purchase a pair of much coveted B&W P7 headphones for myself and as a treat I might surprise her with the gorgeous sounding C5s!

    We’d be available on Friday, Saturday or Sunday

  • Jay Adewale says:

    I’ve just bought a new pair of headphones Bowers & Wilkins P5, of course! I just love the way they are built with design and quality. To be honest I didn’t really know much about Bowers & Wilkins until I bought the headphones and started using them. From the time I put them on my head – WOW!!! Comfortability was the word, then I plugged them into my iPad and turn them on, and the sound was out of this world!!! So I need the tickets to find out what else in store to spend my money on! Either days would do.

  • manfai tang says:

    Kids have always wanted to go so it would be nice to take them on Thursday 10 April

  • David Stacey says:

    I need the tickets so that I can sample the undoubtedly outstanding quality of sound through the revelation in the celebration of on ear music you call P7. If and I don’t doubt for a second they live up to the rapturous appluad and plaudits of the World Wide Press, then my son conor will become the proud new owner of my current pair of gorgeous P5’s. I would also like to sample the wares of the Z2 ( of which to date Iknow nothing about) to see if it could replace my current A7 and then my other son Coel would become the new owner of my ageing but no less rewarding original zeppelin..
    look forward to seeing you all there, sat or Sun Please with sprinkles, Hundreds and thousands and a cherry on top.
    Dai stacey

  • Sam Trott says:

    Because I do!

  • David Pinder says:

    In the past 6 months I have purchased 2 Bowers & Wilkins Z2 AIRPLAY SYSTEMS
    I am very impressed with these & would like to see & hear the latest full range of products.

  • James says:

    I want to go to any date! I really want to go to see the new 600 series speaker, I don’t know where else I’d get to hear them!! Plus, I’m a bit of a fan boy in regard to gadgets, I’d be in heaven.

  • chris says:

    I want to go because i love gadgets and actually its my birthday next week! :)

  • Tim says:

    Like most people this would a ‘kid in a sweat shop’ experience! I don’t deserve to win over anyone else but it’d be nice to go. Afternoon of the 12th April would be good, keep SWMBO happy!

  • Amos Johnson says:

    Hi Bowers& Wilkins
    I’ve just bough a B&W ASW608 as I read on your website tha the hub of a great movie theatre system is a great subwoofer, I’m sure I’ve started at the right place and now it would be nice to see first hand where to follow and be guided to compleat the system.
    Thanks Amos Johnson.

    12 of April would be extream.

  • Sue Pinder says:

    Never thought I would like anything better than my Bose sound deck but then my husband purchased a Z2
    and I am hooked!

  • John says:

    I <3 Bowers & Wilkins, gadgets and beer. Three fantastic things that have made my life wonderful.

  • Simon miller says:

    1 I love bowers and wilkins and want to see all there stuff
    2. Am a gadget fan

  • Martin coleman says:

    I need to hear those legendary 800’s and how they compare to steinways. I would like tickets for sunday please.

  • Donald Lee says:

    I would love to go to see all of the new stereo components; I am dying to find a new speaker setup for home and need to see all of the options in one place!

  • Scotty says:

    Have a zeppelin air and sound quality is superb
    Best buy yet.

  • Dave Thompson says:

    Simply P3s are the ones for me!
    11 Apr please.

  • eric says:

    cant go wrong with this comp, listen to whats on offer by b@w, whatch a great show by the second greatest tech wizard on earth? and try and win lots of cool stuff, shall say no more………

  • Mary Dunlop says:

    My Mummy –

    I came into the world, just last year,
    With great joy and many a tear.
    For eight months now, I have grown
    With many a cry, and a little moan.

    I have thrown my food in every direction.
    While Mummy looks for any protection.
    My collection of nappies is growing fast.
    But will my hobby ever last?

    I sleep at any time I choose.
    When I awake, Mum’s having a snooze!
    She has large bags under her eyes,
    Looking after me, it’s no surprise!

    My mummy has seen this every day,
    Yet her love has never gone astray.
    I wish I could repay her everlasting love.
    Maybe ‘A trip to The Gadget Show’ can answer the above?

    Lots of Love
    Baby Kirsty Dunlop

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