Ten uplifting tracks that sounds great.

Bowers & Wilkins PR Shaun Marin choses ten tracks that sound great and are guaranteed to get him feeling perkier. Feel free to add your own uplifting tunes to the list.

This has not been a great start of the year for fans of popular music. Many of us have been brought a little low with the deaths of David Bowie, Glenn Frey and for fans of the heavier aspects of rock, Lemmy. And we all know January is often a gloomy start anyway, so what to do as we approach February!

Well, as an antidote we have chosen ten tracks to get us going, and feel positive about what the world has to offer and also sound fantastic. We are convinced that great sound is the perfect antidote to beating the blues!

All ten of these are personal to me – everyone has their own tastes! – so we’d love to hear what your own favourite feel good tracks are in the comments section at the bottom.

Bruce Springsteen – Out in the Street
You have to love a going out at the weekend song, and few people do them better than Springsteen. This is a fantastic eulogy to putting the week of work behind you and getting out there and making the most of what you have earned during the week. Play it loud, it deserves it. And this great video clip from 1980’s legendary River Tour is also well worth a watch on its own.

Faithless – God is a DJ
In a genre that can date pretty quickly, Faithless managed several timeless classics, of which God is a DJ is my personal favourite, especially on vinyl where the bass just seems to reach out from the depths and grab you around the middle. It’s a massive, soaring tune with fantastic lyrics to match. And don’t just stick to the original three-minute single, many of the remixes are well worth checking out, too.

Primal Scream – Movin’ on up
To be honest, I could have picked pretty much any track from the genre defining Screamadelica; this track certainly stands out as uplifting, for me, but I still feel it works best when listening to the whole album. It’s only an hour long, so what have you got to lose! The production also sounds full and deep, so another great vinyl album.

Taylor Swift – Shake it off
A slice of perfect pop from possibly the biggest artist on the planet around now. How could this not lift your spirits. And for those of a more melancholy disposition there’s always the Ryan Adams cover version.

David Bowie – Heroes
While many people are still mourning the death of David Bowie, we can always take the opportunity to remember the joy he provided us with over five decades. Heroes is the track I go to. Beautiful lyrically, and a wall of sound production that sounds simply massive at times.

The Impressions – People get ready
A track doesn’t have to be fast, furious and pumping to uplift you. This is one of the most uplifting, spiritual pieces of music in my collection – and it never fails to get me ready for life. There are countless excellent cover versions of this track too, although it’s hard even for the likes of Marley and Dylan to better this original Curtis Mayfield led Impressions cut.

Beach Boys – Good Vibrations
Possibly the most feel good song of all time! Close to 50 years old but still sounding fresh and completely on its own in terms of style and instrumentation. Even if you are not a surfer, then there’s something wrong if you don’t feel better coming out of the other side of this classic three minutes.

Arcade Fire – Wake Up
From relatively niche indie collaboration to festival-closing show shoppers, it seemed like quite a rapid rise for Arcade Fire. And the fact that this song was written with rooms of 100 people in mind makes it performance at the likes of Reading and Bonnaroo even more astounding. It was as though they could already see the mass sing-along! A great way to start the day!

Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now
Very few words, but it’s all in the feeling with this massively uplifting Big Beat Classic. There’s something almost meditative about the repetition as well. And it sounds just fantastic when played loud.

Public Enemy – Harder than you think
This track has the lot. A great beat, fantastic tune and an abundance of attitude. Hip Hop isn’t always known for its great production values, but on the right system this sounds just amazing. Plus, it’s a great track on a pair of headphones if you want to add a little strut into your step!

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